Friday, June 25, 2021

Holy cow!

 "Lynn, what are those black and white creatures?  Large cats?"

I really enjoy the pastures and farms I bike past. 
These young Holstein heifers are out to pasture for
the summer.  I expect they will soon be old enough
to breed and then go into the milk house with their 

I was doing a 60 mile ride on this day.  I only am able
to do this a couple times a year.  Too much work and then
I'm too tired for the next day to do much of anything.
But I do like the challenge of it.

" I have my own challenges, Lynn. Like getting you to feed
me anytime I ask and giving me a comb and a lap."

Dames' Rocket is a phlox plant that is not native
here, but in all areas around road sides and the
bike path.  So beautiful and fragrant in the late
Spring and early Summer.

You just can see great expanses of these flowers in
every direction.

"Yeah, yeah, only they are not a pretty or sweet smelling
as me, Lynn."

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

In Crisis Mode

"Lynn, please make them stop. I can't take to noise. And what

about all my birdies?"

Oh, my gosh.  The 2 acres of woods directly across
the road from us is being clear cut. There will then
be a new house built.
I am devastated about wildlife. Especially the birds.
Right now the migratory birds are just feeding their 
young who have not fledged from the nest.  They will
be instantly killed.  And it is too late for the birds to try
for a second nest.  With thousands of miles to fly away for
the winter, they have no time left.

They start work at 7 am or sooner and don't stop until
6 pm.  So Precious no longer feels safe in the top of  the
clothes closet. And now she is under the bed.  I don't know
how she will make out with months of noise.

And I can no longer have open windows after they arrive
to let in bird song and cool air. No sitting on the front or 
back porch due to noise and dirt.

I understand a new home, but it is not good news for a 
lot of us.

This 100 year old tall oak loaded with a million-million acorns, which
fed the herd of deer and dozens of squirrel will soon be just a piece
of lumber.

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Friday, June 18, 2021

Playing with Food

 "I want to help myself.  I just need your thumb for opening

the jar."

Actually, I am playing with Precious' food myself.  She
never takes food out of my hand and she much prefers
not to use a bowl.  

So I am teasing her by putting one crunchie at a time
on the lid of her food jar.  

She's quiet receptive to sniff test and then wait impatiently 
for me to place it on the lid.

"Ok already, Lynn.  you've had your fun at my
expense.  More photos of me that I don't want
shown.  It is embarrassing for a cat to have to beg
for morsels of chickie.  Just dump the handful on
the floor and move out of the way."

This funny looking creature is actually 2 moths mating on the
pavement of the bike path. There can be dozens of them at the
same time. I hate to hit them with the wheels so I dip around
as best I can.
I've been adding the miles to my bicycle this year
already.  It is such a relief from the winter blahs.

And I'm the proud mama of the first Black Swallowtail Butterfly
caterpillar this year. I found the egg 3 weeks ago. That's a 
popcycle stick for comparison.

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Consolation Prize

 "Wow, Lynn.  I love this new bed."

I decided that Precious deserved a consolation prize for all that has
happened here with stranger and puppy for company. And I also
thought as she gets older, especially in the winter, that an orthopedic
bed might be just the ticket.
You may have noticed the Chewy box in the last post.

This one was not exactly expensive, but at $42 I guess that
is the most I have spent on any one thing for her at a time.
It is 4 inch memory foam with a removable washable cover.
And it truly is quality foam, as I sleep on 8 inch memory
foam and know just what it should feel like.  I could use this
bed for a chair cushion if no kitty ever sleeps in it.

Peepers was always happy with a soft fluffy blanket to knead her
paws in.  And Seney was the coldest cat on earth.  She wanted
heat nearly year round.  But as the skinniest Maine Coon ever,
it is no wonder she was never warm.  So she had a couple
fleecy thermal cat pads and her own heated fleece pad and they
were used almost year round.

Precious has always been Miss Goldilocks and slept here, there, 
and anywhere she feels like.  And of course, in the evenings I 
prefer she be on my legs instead of on the floor in front of me.

"Lynn, mostly I do want to be on your legs in the evening.
It makes it easier for me to see the TV."

Iris in my flower bed this Spring. Thank goodness
they are not deer food as they are one of my favorite flowers

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Friday, June 4, 2021

The Dog Days

 "Lynn, don't ever do that again."

Well, I have to say, once I spent 2 days cleaning,
grocery shopping and cooking, it all went well on the
3rd day.  Folks arrived about 1 am Wed. morn and 
left by 1 pm Wed afternoon.

This is 10 week old, 15 pound Mora.  She was as quiet as a
mouse the short time she was here. And the ride to and 
from the vet, she took it on the lap of her new mom quite
well.  The truck does not accommodate a dog crate, so
Emily had to lap hold her 20 minutes each way. 
We did stop at the local family owned small pet store
and Mora was carried in and out nicely.  I would not
have let my new pet walk on filthy parking lot either.
And the puppy was so sleepy and worn out, she really
didn't have her heart into shopping.  She's got to learn
the girl thing about the fun of shopping sooner or later.

 I understand Mora only threw up once in the van on the way here.
  Then Emily gave her motion sickness med and it did not occur again.

I did wash the doggie bed so it was ready for the trip 250 east to
meet her new dad and spend the week camping with a group of
around 40 slingshot folks.  Mora has a lot of noise and late
nights ahead of her.

Precious spent the Wednesday night from 1 am until Wed. 
afternoon under the bed.  She finally ate her breakfast there,
about 10 am out of desperation.  She usually starts breakfast at
5:30 am.
I am thankful, by the time she knew I was doing up the guest
laundry and opening windows to air out smells, Precious crawled
out from under the bed. About 3 pm.  And when she inspected
all points of the house to be sure we were completely alone,
she was back to normal.
We had hair brushing at 5:30 pm and legs by 6.
We have just girl time from Wed. afternoon until late
Sunday afternoon. Time for me to right the house back
to normal and for Precious to stop jumping at every sound.

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