Friday, May 27, 2022

Hissy Fits

 "Lynn, you always come up with the most scary pictures and 

stories to tell when I'm trying to sleep."

In case you have never experienced the wrath of a goose,
I tell you, leave them wide berth when passing on the bike
path or else where.
Years ago I thought Canada Geese were a lovely bird,
not realizing back then we have millions of them now
living rather domestic lives. And they are so very very
protective of their young.
I actually was bitten through a very warm wool winter
coat sleeve.  The bruise lasted for weeks!
So, every day for 2 weeks that I have been back to bike
riding close to home this family of six is in the same spot.
The path is now poop covered and the parents come out
hissing and spitting. I peddle as fast as I can without causing
a wreck for me or them.  If I were to land on the pavement,
I imagine they'd eat my face off!

Now on the other hand, this 4 foot Milk Snake is just fine by me.
It was sunny but still very cool.  The snake was trying to warm up.
I wanted to move him to the side of the path he was headed,
so I picked him up.  He was still cold enough to be stiff, but not
cold enough to let me do this. All of a sudden he flipped around on
me and I dropped the poor thing.  He would not have bitten, he
is not poisonous.  Just wrong of me to drop him.  So then he was
awake but not really wanting to move to safety.  I encouraged him
with my foot.  
I much prefer holding a harmless snake who may pee on me and
make me smell like a garbage truck than have a goose
attack me.

"Just how am I supposed to not have nightmares?
Eaten by birds, my natural instinct is to EAT birds.
And twisty hissy tongue lashing snakes slithering
around under the bed with me!"

Sorry Precious.  I get quite excited about wildlife.
I just hope other humans get a laugh and not be scared like you.

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Friday, May 20, 2022

Talk about Hills!

"Lynn, you deserted me!  You are lucky I am a forgiving kitty."

Above is the Cleveland skyline and a bit of Lake Erie.
All of these photos were taken while having a bike ride up north.
I had no idea Cleveland was steep and hilly.  I did a good job
of riding my bike up all the hills headed north and 1/2 of
them headed south.  However, I admit I did have to walk a few
on the return.

My bike path here, which is a section of where I was,
is flat.  So I do not have the legs for much hill climbing.

This is a 640 foot long Great Lakes ship that hauls ore, gravel,
sand in and out of port.  It was incredible to be feet away and
watch it manueaver the narrow and extremely curvy Cuyahoga

This is a Russian Orthodox Cathedral.  I love the spires, all
copper turned blue and so ornate in style.

I had planned on spending the night after biking the inter urban
32 mile round trip in Cleveland so I could then go south on the
Cuyahoga National Park tow path along the old Erie Canal.
However as the day got up to 90 degrees on the paved trail
through homes, and industrial areas and the river route,
by 4 PM and back to the car, I decided to come home instead.

So Precious was not home alone for the night, which in 9 1/2 years
I have never let her be.  She even gave me late leg time, 6:30 PM
instead of 5:30!

"You ever try to pull a stunt like that again, Lynn, and you
will find out how sharp my claws are fur sure."

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Friday, May 13, 2022

A Ride on the Wild Side

 "Lynn, tell me it ain't so, you did not SIT on a cat!"

Recently I drove to Mansfield, Ohio. This is my
large city 45 miles away for shopping.
I went to the Richland County Carrousel Park.

This carrousel is fully restored from the very early 1900's.
Any repair and painting that was needed, was done right there
in Mansfield.  There is a wood carving shop that makes new
full size replacements for other carrousels around the country 
and for people who just want one for home decorating.
I think that would be a pretty big knick-knack.

I took two very expensive rides.  At $1 each, it
is a fun way to spend a few minutes.
The first ride was on one of the 4 cats.  And my
second go-round was on a jack rabbit with the largest
ears ever.

"Me, I'll just take a ride on your legs, Lynn.
In hopes for a nap while I'm at it."

I won't charge you for the ride or the nap, Precious.

I was so excited to actually see the Eastern Blue Bird
babies fly out of the nest box on May 7.  Mom built
the nest in March with all the ice and sleet and snow.
Laid her eggs and kept them warm during April with
bitter cold nights and sleet and rain storms.
Then the poor things flew out while it was a cold
rainy day.  Now I see them about in the trees and
mom and dad are feeding them meal worms I put
out as fast as they can.

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Friday, May 6, 2022

Simon and Seal Puzzler

 "Really Lynn, I'm sure a picture puzzle of me in my all grey 

onesie would be much harder than this one."

I was in a JoAnn Fabric store very recently and found a 
lot of jigsaw puzzles.  I have been watching Brian's Home for
some time and I really could not believe how the likeness
of this puzzle is to the two of them.
I would have loved to buy and work this puzzle, but I
just don't try for the puzzles with so many pieces.  Tries
 my patience too much.

"Surely you can see the challenge in doing me
up in a puzzle, Lynn."

Yep, you are a challenge in all respects, Precious.

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