Friday, January 27, 2023

Hot Seat

 "I'm just trying to stay warm. Make the furnace keep blowing

hot air."

Dark and dreary winter mornings. 
After her belly rubbin's, breakfast and
then frigid fresh air, Precious likes a bit
of heat.

If you recollect some of the words from a song in
"The Sound of Music" that go like this:
"snow flakes on my nose and eyelashes",
this has been Precious every morning this week.
We have 15 inches of snow since Sunday morning
with 3 more expected on Friday.

This folding camp chair just fits in the nook of
the wall and dresser in the bedroom.

"Lynn, you know I'll jump down the second the
warm air stops.  I'll get under the bed on my
blankie next.  See you at brunch time."

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Friday, January 20, 2023

New Blanket, wrong place

 "I love this blankie, Lynn."

I know Precious.  I learned my lesson on buying
you toys.  So this time I splurged on a plush blanket
for $15 at our only large "box" store before Christmas.

My intention was for Precious to have it on the 
tiny living area floor for napping on in my sight.
She did inspect it there, but would not actually use it.
So I folded it into quarters, for thickness and put
it under the bed where she has been sleeping the
top half of each day.

"I love it here.  The furnace pipe is right under the bed.
The heating is purr-fect and the blankie lets me knead my
tootsies.  Now drop the bedspread and let me sleep!"

So, in the end I am foiled again by the cat.
I really don't get to see much of her until 5 PM for brushing,
then 3 hours of leg time.

I'll never get to decorate our tiny house the way I would like.
However, as I love the color blue I will browse the photos
and pretend.  After all, Precious and I have a blue recliner
with a blue blanket.

And I'll never be able to plant the flowers in this book
because of my lovely deer herd. So I'll just do the same
kind of pretend for flowers.

These are books from the library to try to keep myself sane
during Jan. Feb. and March.  
So far the weather is not bad up here, but I miss my
bike freedom and now I have to bundle up like and Eskimo
for walking.

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Friday, January 13, 2023

Clariol Nice 'n Easy

 "Oooooh Noooo! My grey onesie is ruined.  I'm too young.

Get the tweezers fur your browsy things and use 'em on me."

Poor Precious, I just informed her that she has a few
white furs growing midst her grey coat.
The oddest one is actually in her ear, of all places.
And it is about 1/2 inch longer than normal grey ones.
I think it is also tickling her and she tries to scratch
her ear often.
 This is the same ear one and a half years ago that
I took her to the Vet to see if she had skin cancer.
It is the ear with the old age spot! How fitting.

"I'll tell you what is fitting, Lynn. That you got your
white hairs long before me!  Take that to the bank!"

On the weather note, after the nasty Siberian weather bomb
raced through and left we have had warmer weather and rain
days at a time.  New Years weekend was wet for days,
and this week it has been our usual dark days, but over freezing.

Tonight it is to end again, and we are expecting snow back.
I doubt it warms over freezing again for the rest of winter.

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Sunday, January 8, 2023

10th anniversary of Gotcha Precious

 "Lynn, I am so glad I got got.  It was a difficult life for me in the orphanage. I am such a loner, all those friendly felines were overwhelming and I 'bout starved myself to death 'fore you found me."

Precious arrived at home on January 8, 2013.
She had been in the orphanage only a couple months.

Precious was maybe 13 to 15 months old when she came home here.
And she was grossly under weight. Less than 5 pounds. In this
photo she had been with us a few weeks and was eating well and
gaining a bit of weight.  The vet wanted her to be 7 pounds very
very soon.  

She took to life with us very easily, once we figured out that
her name was Precious and she answered to it.  We thought
that was just an orphanage "handle" and tried a few new
names on her and she ignored us completely.
She came with a few other problems soon corrected by the
meds we had to apply.  She had a cloud in her left eye the
vet was concerned was cancer but gave us eye drops of some
sort to use for a couple months and it finally just disappeared.

She has a crooked left hind leg from a break not attended to.
And she had ear mite debris so bad that it took 3 trips to
the vet to wash her ears clean.  The humane society of
course, had quarantined her and deloused Precious before she
was released into the general cat population.

She gives me much comfort and love even when she is under 
the bed!  I give her hair brushing every day and I get 3 hours
of leg time every evening (even on the day of a vet visit).

"Lynn, this place is OK with me, but I really need my sleep and
all this clicky clacky 'puter stuffy is interfurring. Give it a rest."

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Three for Tea Please

"Lynn,  if you and Dolly git tea and crumpets, do I get tuna juice and salmon patties?" Precious and I had one of those quiet week...