Friday, January 26, 2024

Good books about good cats

 "Lynn, are you going to read to me during leg time?  I love a good story about great cats."

"Homer's Odyssey"  is one I bought when I first found
out about Homer.  Don't remember how, actually.
I usually do not buy books,  but when I saw this
one I just knew I'd enjoy it.
And there was also a blog for him that got
updated fairly often.

I just found this non-fiction that is about 5 of
Gwen's cats.  I enjoyed it a lot.  My library
had it displayed one day. 

This one is her only cat fiction book she wrote
after Homer died also.  It is a fun story told 
through the eyes and ears of a cat, instead of
a human. 
I read all the time it seems.  Winter brings
out the reading in me even more.  

"We kitties must come over in the stories as the bestest
and the smartest.  Otherwise, the book would just be
"I have not been in my catio fur a month of Sundays. I
kinda furgot about it and only look out there when the herd
is beatin' down the door fur apples. But Lynn is not a 
happy camper. Furst it was too bitter cold to go out. She
even took the bird baths down 'cause she wouldn't go out
with a hammer and hot water ev-furry hour. So no walks.
Now we have the floods, so the birds got the water but
still no walks.  Me, I just sleep and dream."

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Friday, January 19, 2024

Never enough with the brushings.

 "Lynn, I just love it when the sun and the wacky weed and the chin comb all come together at one time

"Make sure to get my brushing in soon."

Precious is lying on her sheet that I use
to put dry catnip on for rolling around on.
And at her window seat and stool to look out
the window.

Once she passes out from being wacked out,
she's also trying to catch early afternoon sunlight
in the few days we have some in winter. 
She's gotten so she wants to be brushed 1/2 dozen
times a day.
I don't mind too much, but it means crawling on 
the floor and sometimes these old knees are
not happy.

"That's the purr-oblem with you hoomans, you are too tall
and stand on 2 legs.  Git on down here with me where
it's better."

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Friday, January 12, 2024

Sharpen those claws

 "I am so lucky.  Some one here made me 3 sisal scratchy posts when I moved in.  2 of them are on table legs and one is nailed to a wall stud in the basement. "

"I am in need of them as hoomans here insist on
cutting off my sharp claw points about ev-furry month.
When Lynn opens a fresh bag of crunchies, she says I 
have to pay up with loss of sharp hooks.  Me, I think
this is totally unfair, but I love my scratchy posts."

And I love to not have my legs shredded every evening
when you wake up and stretch out your paws on my

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Monday, January 8, 2024

Gotcha Day

"Lynn, I have been with you 11 whole years. Where has all the time gone?"

"I was so embarrassed that the orphanage only gave me
the clothes on my back.  I had no new grey onesie fur my
new home."

"I was such a skinny unhappy orphan. And you found me.
You told me my onesie came with an elastic waist band and
extra deep leg hems fur letting out as I would some day
grow bigger."

"Now look at me, fat and sassy.  I think
I may just stay on fur a while longer."

Precious turned 12 years old this past November.
I hope she is here with me another 11 years.

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Friday, January 5, 2024

Doll from the time of Dinosaurs

 "Lynn told me another one of her long long tales.  It seems that if I had been born when she was, in the days of dinosaurs, I had a  Great Gran'maw."

"And  Great G. had this little dolly she
dressed in a frilly dress and kept on her vanity fur years.

"But I guess Great G. grew wings and flew away,
and someone took the dolly away, when they
should not have."

"After 50 furry long years, they got a guilty
conscience and mailed her to Lynn a year ago.
It's original dress was in tatters, (not kept as 
neat as my grey onesie).  So Lynn got rid of
the dress and decided to make some clothes fur
the poor girl.  Her Gran'maw taught her early on
how to crochet and this is how she looks today fur
the new year."

"I slept through much of the stitching, but I heard
ev-furry word of her story.  I let her sit in the living
area and sniff her once in a while."

"As long as she does not interrupt my usual
doin's, she is furry welcome.  Lynn says it makes
her happy to have her."

This 8 inch craft doll used to be found easily in
any store selling crochet thread and cloth.  but the
dolls have also gone the way of dinosaurs and can
no longer be purchased.  People have moved on
from this kind of crafting, I guess.

My maternal Grandmother was born on this date,
January 5, 1900.  She'd be 124 today and I often
wish she was still here. She was to only one
in my family to have the patience to teach me
needle crafts.

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Just one neighborhood kitty

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