Friday, March 29, 2024

Tea Towel Time

 "Lynn, did you buy one of each?  They are furry funny."

Nope, Precious.  However I did get a good laugh out of them.
Some times that is the best thing.

"Just as long as you are not laughing at me."

Nope again, Precious. Even though you are in the
bag, the towels did not make it into my bag.

Happy Easter to one and all!

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Friday, March 22, 2024

Same old, same old

 "Lynn said I have control of the blog today.  I am using voice command with cat language interpret to hooman as I have no thumbs."

"Furst thing to git offa my chest is that Spring has
not sprung and that's why Lynn is not writin'. She doesn't
want to rain on yer purrrade.  She is cooped up in the house
with snows and high winds and bitter colds.
Me, I'm comfy warm inside where I belong."

"My complaint is time change.  It's been goin'
on 2 weeks and Lynn is using the new time to git
up at 5:15 in the pitch dark and wakes me up.
Yeh, I like my breakfast, but I don't like to be woke.
And then she goes out in the 20 F weather in the pitch
dark and feeds those burds."

"Now, I have been watchin' the burds feed, and 
the deer prance and eat the apple peel ev-furry day.
And we have a mama squirrel that I have Lynn take
burd peanuts to ev-furry morn so she can have a good
breakfast. Then she runs back up 50 foot tall cherry
tree to her nest of babies.
And seein' the dry leaves beat on the back door and make
me think they are comin' in to play.  But they never
make it inside and Lynn won't leave the door open.
So I guess we are not the best company this week.
We'll think about this come next week and be more 

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Friday, March 15, 2024

Angel Seney's International Trip in 1999

 "Lynn,  Seney must have had one heck of a trip. Please do not

try to take me on one!"

In the 1980's I had been to Seney (see-knee) a few times.
It is in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  And I had always
mispronounced it  "say-knee".  So that is how I pronounced
Seney's name when she came to be with me in 1993.

Until 1999, Seney had always stayed home on our vacation times.
We had a reliable pet sitter those first years. But in 1999 that changed and
from then until 2009 Seney traveled with us in a camper van.  Sometimes
just for long weekends, sometimes for a week at a time.

In 1999 her first trip was in the Spring and we were gone just a short
week.  But in late June, we were lucky enough to have 6 weeks to
travel.  And we started out going north to Canada. But getting there
took us right by her mispronounced namesake.

Seney traveled fairly well.  She always got car sick the
first hour or so of the ride,  poor girl always drooling.
But once under way, she quickly enjoyed looking out the windows.

She had a few of her very own hidey-holes when she needed
a nap or rest her eyes.

We entered Canada at Portal, Manitoba. I had called a 
lovely helpful woman in Saskatchewan, Canada for a guide
to sites to see from Manitoba to British Columbia.
At least for me, this long distance call for info in paper
packet form was the only way I could find out road maps
and sites.
We had slight trouble with the climate control fan while
we were going through Swift Current, Saskatchewan.  The
auto dealer there was kind enough to call ahead to Medicine Hat,
Alberta to arrange for a part to be available the next day.
There Seney had to stay in her travel box for an hour or more
while we were in the waiting room.  But everyone working there and
other customers seemed to enjoy seeing just a peek of her. 
Nice that she was not vocal, though.

We had a very memorable trip.  But when we 
carried Seney's travel box into the kitchen at home,
after being gone so very long, and her totally confined to
the van, she was bewildered.  It took her more than a 
few minutes to stand there and just look around in complete
shock her "home was still here" after all this time.

I have never tried to travel with Precious. The time to
have started that was as soon as she came to live with us and
was only 14 or 15 months old.  Not going to teach an old cat
new tricks.  I just stay home with her and am grateful for her

"That's as it should be, Lynn.  You are a lucky woman
to have me stay home with you, instead of me traveling
all over the world."

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Friday, March 8, 2024

You have started with the leaving me!

 "Lynn, winter is not over!  How could you take off fur the whole day and leave me to sleep it away!

"Do you not feel guilty?"

Believe me Precious, I was not expecting a dry and 
sunny day with 70 F temps!
So I did take off for a drive to ride a new path to me,
about 50 miles away.
It is along the Muskingum River that flows into the
Ohio, which flows into the mighty Mississippi.

The lock no longer works as you may see the
gates are whopper jawed.  On the up river side
they have piled a wall of huge rip rap to 
try and save the lock from washing away over time.

Boats can no longer navigate up and down this river
as all the locks are out of use.  Most of the river
sections between dams is about 10 miles or more.
In between dams, you can put your boat in though.
The rail road bridge in the above photo
is now part of this 10 mile paved path.
It was fun to be on the bridge looking down on
the river.

This small paddle wheeler is from the early 1970's and they keep
it afloat and offer short river cruises between 2 dams.  It's been
decades since I have seen it and rode on it.

"It is just a furry good thing you got home before it
was my supper time.  As it was, I had my brunch at 3:30
instead of 1:30!  I thought I'd starve to death by then."

I think we made up for it just fine Precious.
Now with rain coming and a 30 degree drop in temps
it will not be bike riding for me for quite a while.

"Lynn, don't you always say these mini daffs
"multiply like rabbits"?  Why don't you take
pictures of rabbits?"
I would if I could see them.  Instead our first signs of
Spring in our yard is hundreds of these daffodils.
Which I am tired of thinning and planting elsewhere.

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Friday, March 1, 2024

Full Figured Gal

 "Lynn, I hope Brody likes full figgered gals like me."

Before at 5 pounds and 15 months old.

Now 15 pounds and 12 years old.

For those who remember actress Jane Russel,
full figured gal for the 18 Hour Playtex Bra

For younger folks, think of Marie Osmond
making Nutri System commercials in
reverse!  Skinny first,  fat second.

"Lynn, I am NOT fat, just a bit heavy on the bottom
when sittin' down. Standin' up I'm skinny in
the hips where it matters.  Does anyone think
my grey onesie makes me look fat?"

Our first native wild flower blooming on Feb. 24.
This is Colts Foot.  The flowers come up now,
but the leaves do not show until it has set seed.
This is actually about 10 to 15 days sooner than I normally
find the flowers on my walks.  Maybe an early Spring
will be true.  This has been up and down weather winter.
We've had flooding rains with tornado warnings
followed by snow and 20 degrees this week.

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Nutty Squirrels

  "Lynn, what are those crazy skweerls doin' in my catio! I must git out there and defend my property!" Back in late February ...