Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thankful Thanksgiving Birthdays

 "Lynn, you get to celebrate your big 7-0 today on Thanksgiving.

 And I am 11, so I am just a baby compared to you!

You could share the turkey with me, you know.  But keep the


Really, Precious, you did not have to tell everyone how
ancient I now am.
However, she is right, there are years when my birthday 
falls on Thanksgiving Day. 

Precious and I celebrate our birthdays on November 24
as I only know she was born in the Fall.
Precious is now 11 years old and with me soon to be 10 years.
And we always include Seney in the celebration
in heart and in memory.
Seney was born November 11, 1992, and almost exactly 
40 years younger than me.

The photos above are old fashion camera paper
pictures that I have taken a picture of with my phone
camera.  Seney was about 5 or 6 when these were taken.
She lived to be a bit over 20.  I lost her in 2012.
I do not ever have a day when I do not think of her.

"I guess I will get extra Greenies and crunchies, right?
And more time on brushin's?  I'll give you an extra hour
of legs tonight."

Those last two things are actually my gift from you, Precious.

"Lynn,  did you see I spent some of today's holiday
in B.C. Canada with the kitties and wolfie of
Catsastrophic?  Jo Jo and I went to see the live
turkeys.  I was impressed.
And I did get another gift, from June of Zoolatry.
Look for my new header next week when we
switch holidays.  I'm a lucky kitty."

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Friday, November 18, 2022

Approaching Birthday Time

"I thought I'd try the camera on my own, Lynn. Maybe I

can take my own birthday picture."

"Since we don't know just when I will turn eleven,
maybe we can just spend all of November eating
like it is Thanksgiving every day."

"I'm not hard to please.  Just extras on everything
you got. And tell that v-e-t I am NOT fat."

A bit of art work for Precious' upcoming
birthday celebration.

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Friday, November 11, 2022

Caught Red Pawed

 "But Lynn, you know I love my fresh water!"

Caught you in the act, cat.

I keep 6 bird baths and one small livestock
tub full 9 months out of 12.  When the real
freezing weather comes, and I can no longer
keep them open with a hammer,  only one
for the birds stays out.

So for now this means a bucket brigade every
day, as the birds bath a lot year round.
Then the squirrels and chipmunks and stray
cats drink a lot.  The hawks and crows use 
the livestock tub for baths.
And last of all the herd of deer know this is
the place for water.  They lick every thing dry
 So in Precious' bathroom I have been keeping
2 extra buckets at the ready for the early morning
fill ups.  Plus the metal bucket outside by the

But Precious loves a new spot for drinking and
has been using these buckets for the past month or
so they have been inside.

"I've been might thirsty lately, Lynn."

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Friday, November 4, 2022

3 Weeks later goes the story

 "Lynn, I think I finally feel better."

After 3 full weeks, Precious has finally stopped peeing
5 or 6 piddly times a day.  Always in her box but way
too many times.  She's just now back to her twice daily
large pees.  (Would like to know how she can hold it
and I'd learn too, lol.)
Last year I understood her anxiety over the invasive 
older feline exam with too many hypodermics. And
then 2 weeks later her tooth cleaning.

This year was the first in time in a few, that she was
physically examined in front of me.  I did not see
how "invasive" the hands on exams were.  I do not
know if she has still been that nervous or if all
the squeezing of her bladder and kidneys and intestines
bruised somehow and that has led to this constant
litter box use.
He really spent some time listening the her heart
and said it was too fast at 225 beats instead of resting
160. However he conceded it could have been from
stress of the visit.  Well, yes. My hear was racing by
now, too.

I do realize the doctor was trying to be as careful in 
his exam as possible since I willingly choose not to have
her be stuck all over with needles this year.  Just her
rabies.  And that I am disappointed in because she
now must have one every year as they changed something
about the med.  She used to get it only every other.

I can see I am coming off as a neurotic cat person.

"Hey Lynn be sure to tell folks they can order
the 2022 Fancy Feast ornament now.
It's a real cutie for only $3, which is a donation
to Red Rover for feeding animals in need."

"Lynn, Lynn, come quick.  She hatched
today!  I thought you said I'd have to watch
over her 'til Spring!"

Thanks for the reminder Precious.  Just look up
Fancy Feast Ornament 2022 and it'll pop right up
on your screen.

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