Friday, January 29, 2021


"Lynn, I didn't think you saw all the 'naners in the kitty posts

we visit!"

I had noticed all the cats going bananas for a  'naner, as
we call 'em here.  And I never gave it a thought to try to figure
out where to buy one.  Precious is so bad about using new
toys that it is a waste of money. Better spent on her food!

It was by chance I saw it when I had to go to our only
big box dept. store to buy cat food. I keep 2 sacks at all
times nowa days, and when my big grocery did not have it
I had to go else where. And both big chain stores only have
small versions of the "big" store in our little city.

Anyways,  I found the Purina One Indoor and was glad
to see they had lots. So I got greedy and bought 2. I did this
in case we have really bad weather this winter.  I glanced
around at the lack of Fancy Feast, which we don't use and
saw the small display of cat toys.  Lo and behold, a
BANANA was hanging there and not the kind I eat.
So I quickly gave in to the urge to buy, got the bags
of cat food and quickly checked out and headed home.
Going into any store is just no fun anymore. 

" I know, Lynn, the bananas you eat stink. They make my
nose curl every time I sniff them. And I always ask to have
a sniff.  This 'naner is perfectly ripe and smells great."

As a side note, those interested in the Ash trees decline,
25 years ago there abouts, the Emerald Ash Borer from
Asia was imported accidentally on a shipment of living
non-native ornamental plants.  They lay their eggs in the
bark and within 2 years, the larvae kill the tree eating
the soft under tissue.  The ash in Michigan, where they
entered port, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois are losing the
trees by the millions. Eventually they will be completely
gone across the Americas.


Friday, January 22, 2021

She took to her Bed

"Lynn, what is that awful noise? How can I get
any sleep?"

Poor Precious trying to get her beauty rest during the day in her tent-bed.
And the neighbors are having their spare lot cleared of
briars and multiflora and dead trees. All Ash trees here 
are now dead.  We have thousands of skeletons standing every where.
There were some on our property alive
until 2 years ago. We had 15 dead ones removed.

This is one trailer I can see from the bedroom window.

It was a sunny but cold day. But I am sure the Amish in the stove pipe
hat was not cold with all the work he and another man did.

"I need absolute peace and QUIET. Doesn't anyone hear me?"


Friday, January 15, 2021

Late Package Delivered

"Lynn, the mailman left a box on the porch. You know I

don't like him close by."

I know, Precious,  it is a good thing you growled loudly,
because he did not ring the door bell or knock to let me know
I had a box.
And this box had my Nala's World tee shirt and carry bag in
it.  And if this box could talk it would have a story to tell.

It was ordered November 24, 2020.  And it was shipped
out of the UK on Dec 3, 2020.  However, our postal system never
indicated it was in the US at all.  The package must have flown into
the Bermuda Triangle to never be heard of again.  But USPS finally
admitted to having it on January 1, 2021.  It was in Chicago, Illinois.

Here's the trail from, Chicago, Illinois to me on Jan. 8.
Chicago west to Des Moines, Iowa 334 miles.
Des Moines, Iowa east to Indianapolis, Indiana 475 miles.
Indianapolis east to Columbus, Ohio 175 miles.
Columbus north to my tiny town 60 miles.

It traveled 1041 miles to be delivered to me late. As the crow
flies, it is 343 miles from Chicago to my town! I am glad it
arrived and as you can see Precious has a new bag to try out.

"Lynn, I don't know who Nala is, but I like the green eyes like mine."

I guess it is fitting the box went long way round about to get here. Nala and
her human wanted to bike around the world, pre-covid, and I guess
the trip the box took just represents that.

Friday, January 8, 2021

8 wonderful years

 "Lynn, it's my 8th anniversary today. I try to remember

how it was before, but I really am only interested in today."

"Is that really me back then? I must have grown up."

And maybe a bit out, Precious. But that just means there is
more of you to love.

She gets into the sink today only to drink. She can get
her front paws in, but she'll never get herself in to lie down.

When we brought Precious home, she spent 3 days straight
laying at the foot of the bed on a thermal cat blanket. She'd get
up to eat a tiny bit, potty and go right back to bed. Even
though we were strangers, and who knows how much tossing
and turning we do at night, she slept right there for nearly
72 hours.
Then on the fourth day, she did her usual routine of eating
some and potty. But she did not go back to bed.  She looked
up at me in my recliner, jumped up on my lap, gave my face
a complete inspection, turned around and laid down on my
legs. She started purring and was there for a few hours. I was
so amazed, but I think she was just recuperating from the trauma
of being abandoned and unhappy with the stress of the humane
I'm glad to say, that starting right then she was a new girl. Unhappy
when she had her first of 3 vet visits soon after. But forgiving when
she came home.

"I just knew you were going to be good to me, Lynn. It's a good
thing I can't keep track of time, or I'd be sorry so many years
have gone by."

I am sorry that 8 years have passed. Where does life go?
I am getting old older and wish it would just stop on a  good
day and remain there for just an extra week or two.

Just one neighborhood kitty

  "Lynn, does this kitty have a name fur me it call it?" It is lying on the padded glidder above.  A bit hard to spot sometimes. I...