Friday, March 26, 2021

Checking out a soft spot

" I like to help on the bed occasionally. However, once
   I get things started, I usually leave before all is straightened

                                               Precious is more of a looker than a helper. She's waiting
                                               for her bed tent to be erected so she can go to sleep.

We have sun today, and I never understand her need
to go to bed on a lovely day. But I'm not a 9 year old
cat and she reminds me that I simply do not have
the brain matter to figure this out.

" Once Lynn gets that camera out of the way and straightens
out this mess of clean sheets that need folding, I'm ducking
in for much needed 8 hours of nap."

As a side note, we have had days of sunshine and all the way up
to 60 degrees!  I feel relief just having a few of these days now.
And I do have some miniature daffodils that are starting to bloom.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

The Table is gone

 "Lynn, sunshine and my window seat!"

This set up is one of many sets of stairs that
were built in the early 90's for Peepers. That sweet
girl lost her hind leg to a second round of cancer
in 1992. But she never stopped climbing with her
stairs all in place.

In 1993, Seney came to live with us as a tiny kitten.
For the next 15 months, she followed Peepers every
where, including up and down all the stairs. So Seney
was accustomed to them the rest of her 20 year life.
Seney grew to be a very tall but skinny Maine Coon and
she did very little jumping because she had learned to
climb instead up and down.

When she died, we left a few in place for plant shelves,
and then Precious came in for a permanent stay a month
later. And to her, the stairs are just furniture to be used
as an ends to a means.

"I really don't miss the long table now that I'm back in
the sun here."

I'm glad, Precious, as the table spent too many months
in the living room, with the bags, and the box, and the
toys, and the...........................

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Not Much Help

"Lynn, I'm not sure what this is to be. But you know me

I'll walk on anything new on the floor."


I've been working on embroidery kit of a pair of pillowcases
for almost one year. I pull it out and get in an hour of work on
the days when I can not stand to look outside at the bad weather
and am tired of reading. I enjoy both things, but when a person
can not have a bit of a change up, these things then become more
like work than fun.

Precious really doesn't have a use for anything that is not
food or fun, so she is only posing for me because I asked her to.

"Lynn says my crunchie and lap time is about to change. She says
she is supposed to reset the clocks this weekend. Humans, what
is the kittie world coming to?"

This project will be months longer at my speed. I'm going along as
if I were the one sleeping from 7 AM until 2 PM. 
And to think 20 some years ago, I was able to work full time,
maintain the home completely, garden, can vegetables, and do
needle work a lot.  Now I maintain the home, and feel like I'm
beat for the day, wishing I was sleeping with Precious.

"Lynn, it's personal how long I nap. A girl must be well rested just
in case you come up with something more interesting than this."

Although, I have been able to take walks up and down our hill
here for the past week almost every day.  Still putting on way
too many clothes just to stay warm.

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Friday, March 5, 2021

Tickle me with a Feather

"Lynn, who gave me this great feather?  It doesn't seem to be

attached to a birdie but it is flying all about."

Precious will sometimes be tempted to play "catch the bird on a stick".
Only if we have not done such for quite a long spell. I have the short
end of a fishing pole with the string on it and the feather attached.
The feather is a free donation from one of the Red Shoulder Hawks
that live in the area and nest. As a matter of fact, I bought a black
rubber water tub, meant for small live stock like goats, and use 
it for a deer watering hole.  The Red Shoulder often baths in it.
When he does, during the molt I find feathers.

I keep this is the TV credenza and pull it out occasionally.  Of course,
she has to inspect the drawer to the max before we begin the game of
flying bird.  The table is still up and the quilt is still on it, but it
must be put away before the sun makes it's way West and and shines
on the cloth.

"Lynn, I'm in motion, catch me catching the Feather."

A couple of "whew, glad that's over" around here.
The foot of frozen concrete melted on Sunday Feb. 29
when we got 2 inches of rain.  And I got my first dose
of covid vaccine on Wed. March 3. They have been trying
once a week since Feb. 8 to do us that are between
65 and 70.  

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Time to move the cat tree

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