Friday, June 28, 2024

Snakes are not sticks

 "Lynn, you must warn folks that this is a sneaky snaky post. Some hoomans do not like 'em.  Me, I don't know what you are tryin' to show off.  They look like sticks."

"I know you just have to show off these crazy things furom yer
bike rides but I just don't see the point.  After all you got 
me to show off!"

I know Precious but I really do get excited about these 
critters and all the rest I see of fur and feather too.

Look close and you will see I got a twofer in this top photo. 

These top two photos are close ups of the 5 foot long
black snake.  From one direction it looked as if she was 
a white spotted zigzag. And from the other angle
she just looks black.

The small snake above is about a 20 inch long brown
garter snake, which is pretty big for it.
They were both sunning on a rather chilly morn on the
section of Amish shared path.  As usual I am afraid of the
snakes getting killed by traffic on the bike path so I always
move them along.  The large black snake was so cold still
I had to pet it a bit to wake it up.  I'm good with them coiling
and striking as I am always ready to jump back.  Non poisonous and
not too toothy.  The garter was warmer and by the time I
bent over it, she said "adios and good bye".

Now this tree stump is actually a 200 year old
headstone in a Catholic cemetery.

I come across some unusual things as I enjoy my
rides. The paths go through small villages and
I try to tool around the streets if there are no hills.

The Virgin Mary alcove was built in 1932 but the
church was built in 1830 out of local quarried

Unfortunately for the congregation, the church closed in October
2023 due to lack of priests.  Nearly 200 years of Masses.

"Well, you've bored me out of my gourd.  I bet most hoomans have
nodded off if not run off screaming to their graves.  First killer snakes and then
cemeteries.  Java Bean, I am furry sorry fur this post. I hope
you do not have to go back into therapy fur this."

Java Bean at The Oceanside Animals was bitten by a 
rattler earlier this year.  

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Friday, June 21, 2024

Witchy Woman, she got the moon in her eye

 "Lynn, no one wants to watch the bouncing ball and sing along with you.  They are here to help me keep an eye on you."

"I nevfurr know when you are going to git up
and maybe give me a scrap of food.  I feel
like I must always watch out so you do not furgit 
about feeding me."

Precious, like you are going to let that happen!

"Well, maybe I can relax a bit and do some 
sun bathing 'til later."

This would be me if I had two cats, I am sure.
Thankfully with just a lap full of Precious, I get
to sit in the chair instead of on the top of it.

Pink lilies for Seney.  But with 98 degrees here
in north central Ohio, I do not expect them to last long.
What weather!

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Friday, June 14, 2024

Nutty Squirrels

 "Lynn, what are those crazy skweerls doin' in my catio! I must git

out there and defend my property!"

Back in late February we realized that there was a 
nursing female gray squirrel trying to supplement her
food intake with any and all dropped bird food.
We soon realize what tree she was nesting inside of
and watched for her all the time.

She ended up with 3 babies that now have learned 
that bird food found is easy pickin's.

Precious was sound asleep about 6 PM in her usual
state of the evening.  All of a sudden we both heard 
this clawing on the patio door glass and other odd 
noise.  The vertical blind was closed already as she
and I were spending a long weekend alone and I have
to get the house closed up before we sit together.
This 15 pound girl with all her sharp claws launched off
my lap and flew to the back door.  I ran with her
and we managed to open the blinds just in time to see
one of the baby squirrels run up and down the screen door.
Then it ran around all the patio flower pots trying to figure
out how to escape.  It finally found the place where it's
head would fit under the wood fence frame and ran like
it's tail was on fire.
I scooped Precious up and we got back in our usual
position until 8:30 PM

"I will have no introoders in my catio.  It's bad enough
when those deer hang their heads over the fence."

One of my 3 astilbe.  I have an all pink perennial flower bed
for Angel Seney, and things come on one at a time.

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Friday, June 7, 2024

Restin' my brain

 "I am goin' to take a nap. Unusual fur me, you say, as I dictate and Lynn uses the thumbs fur typing.  I will let her show off some photos fur-om her biking lately."

Hi everyone.  I have had a few rides each week between
rain storms and high wind.  The picture above is so beautiful
looking, however it is the evil dreaded multiflora rose that
was introduced into Ohio by Louis Bromfield.  He 
brought it over from Europe after WW I when he started
his farm Malabar in Ohio in the 1930's.
He was an author and a screen writer in the 30's and 40's.
Lauren Bacall and Humphery Bogart were married
at the farm.  Which is now a state park.

He was the first to introduce terrace farming and used the
rose for fencing.  It is now so wide spread it is unreal.

The female snapping turtle had traveled no less than
200 yards from the creek bed to try to find a place in
the bike path berm to lay her eggs.  She was here on 
May 20.  I have never seen them out laying so early.
I usually see them in June.

The two above are of Giant Angelica.  I love these plants. 
They grow to 6 feet tall, the flowers are the size of 
cauliflower heads and the leaves are just gigantic.
They only bloom for a few days as so many of the native
plants in the Spring.

I have no idea what this fungi is except beautiful
I found it May 1 when I had my first long bike ride.
I have never seen one like this before.  What color.

"I didn't want to leave y'all without showing myself
just a bit.  I am sleeping in the living area on our chair
this afternoon. See my water glass and my brush
near by?  Gotta have my essentials."

Precious and I thank for your help and interest in
allergy relief for Precious.  If she eats the Greenies
Chicken pill pocket, broken in 1/2, and then 1/2
again with 1/8 piece of pill in each, then her
itching stops for 24 hours.  But some days she
just knows the bitter taste is in the middle and will not eat.
I have gotten her to eat out of my hand a few times.

"I had Lynn add the popup comment window, and
hope that makes it easier if you wish to purr to us.
If it interfurrs with anythin' make sure you purr it 
to us."  

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Just one neighborhood kitty

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