Thursday, August 31, 2023

Thankful for Team Basil and gifts

 "Lynn, Lynn, lookie what the mail man gave me when I

opened the door fur him!"

"I could have opened the color coordinated
wrapping paper faster with my uncut claws
than one handed Lynn."

"But she made me wait it out one pack
at a time."

"Melvyn picked out the bestest turquoise color
ev-furry thing to make my green eyes glow.
With matching nippy toys, bouncy balls and
grey mousie fur my grey onesie.
I took one of the bouncy balls onto the catio
the next morn in the dark of 5:30"

"He and the B Team even sent Lynn many fancy baubles. a bead
bracelet, socks, brocade coin purse,  that Lynn says I can NOT
put my dry treats in."

" I even got a journal book and ink pen,
fur Lynn to use, to write down the story of my
life with her.  The journal is truly a publication
by the B Team's P.A."

"All this just because I was at Melvyn's birthday
pawty eating noms and drinking tuna juice.
And I got the gift!"

We can not thank Catherine enough for her lovely
and truly unexpected gift.  She is a talented
crafter and more.

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Friday, August 25, 2023

One Small Village

 "There you went off again without me, Lynn.  I should have a 

inferiority complex by now. But I'll just sleep it off."

"You went off on your bike again."

This small town on my bike path has little to offer in
big town living.  That is what makes it a fun place to 
visit. No hustle and bustle.

This marker indicates the high point of the rail trail between my big
little city and this small town.  It is a small incline coming and 
going, but nothing serious.

And I always enjoy seeing such lovely and well painted
murals.  This one has held up very well.  It was painted about
15 years ago.

To see all this when I start from my usual bike route, I am
going 60 miles round trip.  I try to do this at least two times
a year.  About the most these legs will do any more.

Full disclosure I took this trip and photos
before The Big Fiasco.

"Well, your legs would not get tired if you stayed home with
me where you belong.  So what if I am asleep 8 hours of
the day when you are gone."

I did get a 12 days after the wreck
and the 3 bone pieces are staying in place.
Now for more patience.

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Friday, August 11, 2023

The Big Fiasco, bee stings are better

"Lynn, how many times do I ask you not to go anywhere?  When will you listen to me!"

I know Precious.  We were having 7 whole days of
just us girls.  With me bike riding after you had breakfast,
patio time and then off to bed.

I don't want to gross anyone out, so scroll quickly by.

And I'll spare you my face!
Needless to say the concrete bike path and I
had a falling out over a crack.
My eye glasses were destroyed and my helmet
saved my face some.  The one day I decide not to
wear safety glasses.  And my Cho-Pat knee braces
Saved my knees from worse, too.

Now my left hand is a different story.  Broken hand bone.
 I knew as soon as I got up and lifted the bike something
serious was going on.  My left fore finger had shrunk 1/4 inch
and when I tried to pull on it to hopefully just have it
out of the socket, I heard and felt the crunch.

I was 100 yards from a public park bath and carry a
thick absorbent towel with me.  I was able to wash the
knees.  There was no mirror, thank goodness but had
blood running down so I washed my face.

I then had to bike 16 miles one handed back to my van.
2 hours later I was home cleaning up.  I saved the
trip to ER until the next morn.  If that was not enough
they made me an appointment for the next day to see a
"real" doctor to get the temp cast replaced with a 
"real" one!

Rock hard fiberglass for 10 weeks for a
compound break.  
All this while home alone for 5 more days, lol.

"I'll try to be sympathetic.  But you have just
messed up my schedule."

  and she hatched in the midst

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Friday, August 4, 2023

Guarding the plants

 "Lynn, I'll just sit here a bit and see if the deer come to eat your


"If they come up to the winder, I'll growl real loud.
That oughta do the trick."

Here's one eating my dogwood tree.

Second yearling.

Mom watching me watch them.

"Leg time is over and your bed time is coming up, Lynn.
So I'll sit here until I get my bedtime treat."

Precious, you do a great job looking out for the flowers.
However, those hungry deer really aren't too worried
about you growling through the glass.  And in the dark,
they can't really see you for the dark grey onesie.

I plant deer "resistant" plants, but one or more always
has to make sure they don't like what they bite off.
I find flowers lying about on the ground and short
plants after the herd goes thru.

Note to self:
Do not use Miracle Grow fertilizer on catnip.

The reason I leave it bloom is for the bumble bees,
to whom I hold no grudge. And the Gold Finch
love the seed.  But I'll pay the price in the 
Spring when I have to weed out baby plants.

I had to use the Bug Bite Thing again.  This time
to suck out juice from a deer tick. 
The tick was attached to my ankle for maybe
a few hours.  It had fattened up some. So far the
bite area looks clear,  so I am hopeful that I 
do not have Lyme Disease.  New tool and had
to use it 2 times!

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Three for Tea Please

"Lynn,  if you and Dolly git tea and crumpets, do I get tuna juice and salmon patties?" Precious and I had one of those quiet week...