Friday, September 29, 2023


 "Lynn, that does not look like our Christmas tree."

No Precious, it does not. This is a Fall Tree that my
friend saw at her Visitor Center of a State park.
I must say, I do not want to even think of fall color and
least of all Christmas yet.
I prefer the color green on trees indefinitely and of
course the rainbow of color on flowers and shrubs.
But if a person were to decorate for Fall this is
decidedly a great way to do so.
I do like seeing all the Fall decorations come out
after October first,  but mid September is just too soon
for me.

"I am thinking about what kind of tree ornament
that Fancy Feast will do this year.  They never do
one that has a grey onesie, they just do that floofy
white cat!"

"Lynn and I had a furbulous week at home alone
last week. And she did not break anything! 
She did treat herself to this tiny blue lapis kitty and
I am not jealous as it is just stone still.
I spent extra hours outside in the dark of morn
until maybe 8 AM, and upon waking from my
siesta at 2, I went back outside until brush time."

Yes, Precious we had a great girls week this time
starting with cast removal.  And lots of brushes
and leg time in the evening.
Now the mornings are colder in the 40's and
Precious has a thick rug to sit on.  I go out to
look up and star gaze.  The bats are gone onto
warmer climes.

Other bits,  my last last 3 Monarchs raised indoors
flew away Sept. 26, 27 and 29.  Long wait 'til next year.
And condolences to our blog friend in NZ of
My Threadbare Life.

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Friday, September 22, 2023

Don't try to adjust your screen

 "Lynn, take a picture quick, of me getting my moths."

This is exactly what I see Precious, when
you are outside at 5:30 AM.

"But Lynn,  I've got moths to catch.
And did you see that bat flying over my head?
Now why is that deer standing right outside
my fence, stomping it's hooves and snorting?
I have not growled at it one time.
Blackie is out here yowling at me.  Just look
at him!  How dare he."

Precious, I am sorry but my human eyes can not
see any of the fun you are having.

Hard to believe, but Precious is willing to give
up belly rubbin's and most of her breakfast to 
go out at 5:30.  Me, I fix my pot of tea and sit
at the door inside of the screen and try to listen
for her.  I have to open the door often for the first
30 minutes or so to make sure I see what flower pot
she is behind.  It is dark enough that she is often
just off the one step!
As it lightens she comes in for a bite and a drink
and then demands to go back out. 
I like to bat watch when it is finally light enough
to see a patch of whitening sky.  I can see two
distinct size bats.

"The moths and bats left me, Lynn.  I guess
that means I need to come in and scarf down my food
and go to bed.
It's a good thing you gave me a warm rug to 
sit my tushie on outside.  The concrete is cold."

Required but removeable.
I'll have this one a lot until mid November.

My hand should be right as rain by Spring.

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Friday, September 15, 2023

Animals along the way

 "Lynn, you better not bring home any of these creatures.

There is only room for me!"

This a nice size garter snake in the heat of the summer.

This is slightly smaller garter snake. Can you
tell I like snakes?  Of course, I have not run into
a poisonous one.

And the Llama lives with 6 cows and a few
goofy looking ducks and a few chickens.

And of course, the snapping turtle laying eggs.
I saw a couple of these in early June.  I only
wish their eggs were not so susceptible to robbery.
The 'coons and skunks love egg for meals.
As this photo shows only one week after I found
the turtle laying her eggs,  all dug up and eaten.

And this handsome man-cat is a regular at the same 
hobby farm as the llama.  He was in the midst of 
taking his morning bath on the trail.

And these 2 horses are for the enjoyment of 
the Chan clan at Poupounette blog!

The United States Postal Service has provided a 
hitching post area for Amish drivers.  It is 
conveniently situated in front of an automatic
car wash.
Sadly, the Amish do not clean up the spent fuel
deposited by their vehicles.  This job is left to
the unfortunate postal worker, paid with the monies 
from millions of stamps.

"Pictures are one thing Lynn, but live fur and scales
are not welcome here.  'Cept fur mine of course."

I am grateful to have seen all these before
the bike wreck ended the possibilities.
I am now waiting for the bone to knit and next 
year for biking.

Happy Birthday Willie, 9/21/23.

Two more animals for you.

Waiting for Monday Sept. 18 for good news.

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Friday, September 8, 2023

Better Things to Watch

"Lynn, I have too many other things to watch. These

wannabe butterflies just don't move."

I have found as many parasited
chrysalis as I have healthy ones.

I had 2 babies I raised indoors.  Then I found
18 caterpillars on my plants.  They all stayed
outside.  They actually ate themselves out
of house and home.

I put a couple onto plants I thought were too far
away for them to find.  They had stripped off 3 large
plants.  I am glad I know where a few are hanging.
Something to watch while NOT riding my bike.

"I've got nip to eat."

"Chippies and birdies to keep off my new playground."

"Boxes to check out. And of course my list
of things to do just gits longer.  You watch the
pokey things Lynn. That's better fur your paw."

I'm glad to Precious, I hate to interrupt your busy schedule.

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