Friday, September 8, 2023

Better Things to Watch

"Lynn, I have too many other things to watch. These

wannabe butterflies just don't move."

I have found as many parasited
chrysalis as I have healthy ones.

I had 2 babies I raised indoors.  Then I found
18 caterpillars on my plants.  They all stayed
outside.  They actually ate themselves out
of house and home.

I put a couple onto plants I thought were too far
away for them to find.  They had stripped off 3 large
plants.  I am glad I know where a few are hanging.
Something to watch while NOT riding my bike.

"I've got nip to eat."

"Chippies and birdies to keep off my new playground."

"Boxes to check out. And of course my list
of things to do just gits longer.  You watch the
pokey things Lynn. That's better fur your paw."

I'm glad to Precious, I hate to interrupt your busy schedule.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and a comment.
It is much appreciated.


  1. Goodness! Me! Precious...What a great BIG yawn...! :).
    Are you off to sleep, or just waking up...! HeHe! :O).

    And..All the lovely little insects in the garden, my Virginia
    Creeper is starting to have spider webs over it, so that
    means Autumn is on it's way...spiders catching their
    last food before winter....Usually a lot of BIG ones to...!
    And butterflies flittering about, mostly Cabbage Whites,
    here to~day, gone tomorrow..! Bless! :).

    And Chippie still about...Ah! Bless the little fella...He
    looks lovely...! :).

    Hope Mum is healing better now with all her injuries
    and scraps...but then, she's had an excellent nurse...! :).
    ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕

    1. Willie, I can not wait for Sept. 18. The cast comes off and an Xray, with fingers crossed, lol.

    2. Ah! Bless! Three days before my Burfday....
      I'll send you some cake..not a very big piece...
      So you can get yer finger around it....then let
      Precious lick the cream..! good luck..! :).

  2. I'm pleased to see that you're keeping busy, Precious, and looking after Lynn as well. The butterflies are just beautiful and the chipmunk is so cute.

  3. Precious, you are VERY busy these days!

    Lynn, you're a good soul, to be tending the "wannabee" butterflies. They certainly would be fascinating to watch!

    I saw your reply that you go in on September 18th to have your cast removed and an x-ray done. I will cross my fingers too, that all is well. Follow "orders" about how much you can do right away; you don't want to have any setbacks! ♥

    1. Thanks, I know I should probably be better about it now, but I am an impatient person, lol.

  4. Dearest Lynn and Precious,
    Wow, two busy, busy girls but both with interesting things!
    That yawn picture is captured at the perfect time—impressive teeth shown there.
    Precious will manage the catnip without any problem—while Chippie is being kept at bay.
    So glad that your 'off' time with the cast is coming to an end!
    Patience is something that we all lack...

  5. You are very busy, Precious! Not only that but you have to keep an eye on your mom too.

  6. Oh goodness, those wannabe butterflies are just too much! At least the adult wingy versions are beautiful. Is it the caterpillar or the butterfly, or both, that consume hour plants. At least Precious hasn't been compromised.

    I hope your hand gets better soon so you can cast off into a pain-free existence.

  7. I LOVE the raising of the caterpillars your momma does, and I am proud of her for doing that and helping the as much as she does. And are so patient (?) and understanding...(well)about it and het to see this miracle happen.

  8. It is fun to see a butterfly emerge. Brody would love to cuddle in that box with you Precious. XO

  9. You sure do have a lot of interesting things to see sweet Precious!

  10. Thank you for your most astute critique on Dani's art. I see Precious is as precious as ever.

  11. Oh Precious, you do look so bored. Glad you have lots more interesting, fast moving things to keep you busy. You're a sweetie pie. Smokie sends a hug.

  12. Precious just isn't into nature very much, I guess - unless it's birds or chipmunks to watch...

  13. Butterflies are lovely, and of course if you want them, you have to let the caterpillars eat and eat and eat some more. Every plant has a pot, as my mother says.

    Precious, I'm glad you are taking care of your Lynn.

    Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

  14. Precious mew are so busy, and we loved seeing all the meautiful photo's today! The flutterby's are just incredible, we adore flutterby's and love to see them in the garden.

  15. Hi, Precious! It's nice to meet you. I"m Lola and my sister is Lexy. We hope to visit again soon.

  16. Such characters these felines. Always up to something. Busy all the time until we try to rest and then that energy kicks into high gear!

  17. Oh, Precious! You have such a lot to do! Yes, leave the flutterbys to Lynn.
    They ARE purrty though!

  18. Es un lindo gato y las mariposas también. Te mando un beso. Enamorada de las letras


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