Friday, February 23, 2024

Singing Prairie Dogs Somemore

 "Lynn, I just don't understand why these lil' doggies do not

come out of the screen and play with me. They keep singing

my name!"

"I know it is not Christmas anymore, and they sing
"Jingle Bells", but they are just so jumpy and hoppy
and happy."

Precious seldom pays attention to the boxed
noise from the computer or the TV. 
She does sometimes pay attention to PBS Nature
shows if the animal life noise catches her attention.

But she loves watching this short video and I 
show it to her just enough she has not lost interest yet.

"What is this giant animal in my video? 
An overgrown prairie dog?"

No, just a wild bison trying to not step on the
tiny dogs.  They actually make his world a better place.

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Friday, February 16, 2024

Silvervine, the movie

 "Lynn, finally you got me some silvervine.  'member when Miss Ellen and handsome Brody sent me some fur Christmas?"

"Lynn ordered this from the Amazon Rain forest area,
but 'cause we are not members of the Prime tribe, we had
to wait fur it to float here fur-om the Amazon River, 
at least that's best I know."

Once Precious spent quite a few minutes rolling and sniffing
and slobbering about, she simply fell over in place and
zonked out for 20 minutes of  dinner time.

"I didn't know this had knock out drops.  I really missed
a few minutes of begging time fur food.
But I quickly made up fur the lost time."

And now she has the fine powder all over the carpet by
her comb area and she makes a trip or 2 a day
to roll around.  I'll not have to give her fresh until I
run the vacuum.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Happy Valentines Day

 "Lynn and I want to say Happy Valentines to ev-furry one

who stops by."

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Friday, February 9, 2024

O'Dark Thirty

 "Lynn, look out behind you! I see the turquoise eyes of the herd!"

"Watch were you step too.  You do not want to
step on Petunia the Skunk.  You can not come back
into the house if you do."

"And now I see the pink eyes of the rabbits.
They are almost ready to start cavorting fur making
baby bunnies!"

The routine here every morn in the winter is
Precious and I are up at 5:15, and by 6 breakfast
is over for all.  Precious gets about 15 minutes of
frigid open window time before I go out.
I take 10 bird feeders out by 6:30 and hang them up
so when it is finally daylight, the birds can start feeding
immediately.  If the Cooper Hawk is not perched
close by.
I have to take them down at night as the deer will
stand on their hind legs and knock the seed feeders about.
And last year a raccoon, most likely,  tightrope walked
out 20 feet to swipe a suet feeder, knock it to the ground
and eat the whole block.  At least this time he left me the
wire cage.  A few years ago he did this and hauled the
cage away.
 I wear a headlamp and am often surprised by the
nocturnal wildlife here.  We even have had
years when there was a Screech Owl in the yard
at that hour.

"Lynn, I'd love to see the owl swipe yer tobaggan off
yer head."

"I even got some sun puddles this week fur a few afternoons."

And I got in 4 walks in the sun, too!

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Friday, February 2, 2024

Ground Hog Day

"Lynn, you better not wake me up on purr-pose like those poor groundhogs,  Buckeye Chuck and Punxsutawney Phil just to see what if Spring is springing anytime soon."

3 hours of evening leg time.

"Those poor things are hibernatin' 'til it is
time to come out fur a girl or boy friend."

I know Precious.  The two that live inside with us
sleep from Feb 3 until next year Feb 2.  So they get lots
of rest.

Buckeye Chuck

Ohioans are nick named Buckeyes. And BC
only lives 60 miles from us.

Lil' Phil

Last year PETA locked BC in his underground
bunker and he was NOT permitted to give us
a weather prediction!
But BC issued a statement 2 weeks ago from
his bunker by way of Chipmunk, I believe.
It clearly states PETA will not be interfering
with BC's right to come up for the day.

This melted 12 days ago

However we have had non-stop darkness and
rain, snow, sleet.  I doubt if BC will be
able to tell us the weather is going to quickly change.

I had to drive to the "big" city the other day, and
was I ever surprised to see baby calves already. They
had to have been born during the worst of the weather.
Usually I never see any until into February.

Starting today we do have a one week reprieve from
normal winter weather and I am looking forward to
actually seeing sunshine!

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Just one neighborhood kitty

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