Friday, February 2, 2024

Ground Hog Day

"Lynn, you better not wake me up on purr-pose like those poor groundhogs,  Buckeye Chuck and Punxsutawney Phil just to see what if Spring is springing anytime soon."

3 hours of evening leg time.

"Those poor things are hibernatin' 'til it is
time to come out fur a girl or boy friend."

I know Precious.  The two that live inside with us
sleep from Feb 3 until next year Feb 2.  So they get lots
of rest.

Buckeye Chuck

Ohioans are nick named Buckeyes. And BC
only lives 60 miles from us.

Lil' Phil

Last year PETA locked BC in his underground
bunker and he was NOT permitted to give us
a weather prediction!
But BC issued a statement 2 weeks ago from
his bunker by way of Chipmunk, I believe.
It clearly states PETA will not be interfering
with BC's right to come up for the day.

This melted 12 days ago

However we have had non-stop darkness and
rain, snow, sleet.  I doubt if BC will be
able to tell us the weather is going to quickly change.

I had to drive to the "big" city the other day, and
was I ever surprised to see baby calves already. They
had to have been born during the worst of the weather.
Usually I never see any until into February.

Starting today we do have a one week reprieve from
normal winter weather and I am looking forward to
actually seeing sunshine!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and a comment.
It is much appreciated. 


  1. It is misty and dull here so no chance of seeing any shadows today, not that we get groundhogs here anyway!

  2. There was summat on the early news this morning...
    About Groundhog Day...Hang on..l'll go and Google..
    Oh! Yes! Look...
    Groundhog Day is a tradition observed in the United
    States and Canada on February 2 of every year...
    It derives from the Pennsylvania Dutch superstition
    that if a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this
    day and sees its shadow, it will retreat to its den and
    winter will go on for six more weeks...
    If it does not see its shadow, spring will arrive early...
    Ah! Bless! Wonder what there like to eat...??? HeHe! :).

    The sun's out again over here...temp up to 10...
    getting warmer, nice sunny forecast for the weekend,
    and next week, down here in the South anyway...! :0).
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

  3. I wish we had groundhog day. I don't know which animal would stand in for a ground hog, though. I don't think I'd like the unending cold. I hope you get some sunshine soon.

  4. If we actually see our predicted sunshine I think I'll fall over in shock. It's nothing but endless grey, with a glimpse of sun (sometimes) late in the afternoons, that's it.

    I don't know why we bother with Groundhog Day in Canada. It's CANADA, we'll have at least 6 more weeks of winter no matter what.

    I think I like your groundhogs better! 😁

  5. Lynn and Precious 3 hours of leg time Oh my CATS...that is ultimate joy. Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have been on a rampage lately.
    I cannot imagine days and days of dreary and cold and freezing precip
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Dearest Lynn and Precious,
    Oh, the urge to hibernate comes around every winter...
    Poor souls living out there in nature, left to the cold and freezing or wet periods...
    It sure is not yet spring time. With sunny but very cool days...
    Kitties are happy with a few sunpuddles though!
    Mariette + Kitties

    1. I meant to say last week that I was indeed glad you got out for a walking push about! Hope you have had more time out and lots of sun. A friend of ours lives in Salem Virginia and she constantly reminds me of how warm and sunny it is there in the winter.

  7. We don't have Groundhog Day in Europe, so we just take things as they come. We have nobody disturbs your beauty sleep, Precious!

    The Chans

  8. We think Phil predicted an early Spring. We go right to summer here in Florida.

  9. How cool that you live with groundhogs Precious. XO

  10. precious....may bee next yeer we will inter veewz BC coz PP NEVER
    agreez ta talk with uz !! de gurl bee a born and raised buckeye, sew
    may bee that will help de inter veew procezz ;) !!! ♥♥♥

  11. We don't have Groundhogs over here in New Zealand. I've just read Willies comment about the "tradition" behind Groundhog day - most interesting. They are rather "cute" looking creatures. Though not as cute as you dear sweet Precious. That snow photo looks amazing Lynn - tho' probably not amazing to You who has to live with it. We are having a cooler day, a few rain showers in the night thank goodness, Madam Pip is curled up in my underwear drawer (!!!) - looks like she is there for the day! Hope you have a lovely weekend & manage to stay warm x0x

  12. Wow you has your own groundhog to tell you when winter ends? That's cool. And there is a farm near us that found a calf born overnight in the field just last week. Spring is here.

  13. Your groundhog stuffies are adorable! We had 87% cloud cover in January, but the sun is supposed to come out this weekend and all of next week too!

  14. We saw Phil on the TV today, he looked awake. I hope you get lots of warm sunshine!!!

  15. Wow, you certainly have wintry weather there; nothing like what we have. I don't know that our spring-like weather is good, since we need moisture very much. Maybe we could both have something that's between what you have and what we have. Your Lil Phil is awful little next to his pal...

  16. Well, Precious, I hope you get a good dose of sunshine. It's supposed to show its face here this weekend, too. Paws crossed. This gray, wet stuff makes me feel drab. Happy weekend!

  17. Precious! Your weather is worse than ours here and I didn't think that was possible!!! Mom and me...we love your stuffies! And 3 hours of leg time? WOW! Make sure you give your mom a reward other than the pleasure of your sweet paw to the face. Warm pads make mom just smile all over her face.

  18. That's some yoga sleeping position on the legs, Precious.

    Enjoy your sunshine. If your early February weather was nasty, winter is "spending itself out" now and may not last much longer, making for a milder spring.

    1. And I forgot to add, Thank you for linking up with Feline Friday!

  19. So much bad weather of late across the globe; I bet those groundhogs will sleep till June to ensure missing it.
    Have a great, and hopefully warm, week to come.

  20. Spring does, indeed, seem far away, doesn't it, Precious? Even with a brief reprieve from Winter now and then...

  21. At least we are on the upward slope away from the deepest part of Winter, no?
    Thanks for visiting our blog!


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