Friday, June 30, 2023

Her Wacky Weed

 "I have my very own catnip plants.  Lynn keeps some growing 

all the time."

"This one is my very large plant outside in the
flower bed.  As you can see, Lynn keeps a metal
cage around it.  Otherwise the neighbors come for
a party and break it all down.  Then it is wilted
and no good fur eating."

"She started me a new one from a slip of plant.
It is now on the patio just fur me.  I only ever sniff
on it so far, so it can grow.  I eat the leaves from the
big one when Lynn picks them fur me every day.
She has to pick from the highest top, as the boy 
kitties around here are rather naughty.  They turn
their bee-hinds to the plant and spray!"

I have always grown catnip for my cats at home.
Here in this yard since Precious came to live, the 
outdoor cats seem to be more aggressive and 
chew and roll around than I have seen in the past.

Pink lilies. I have one perennial flower bed and I only
have pink plants, and they bloom in varying time
stages.  This will be replaced by pink tall and short
bee balm next.

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Friday, June 23, 2023

Up to the highest height

 "Lynn, neoooow, pulleeze go fly a kite, no you do not sound like Mary Poppins. Stop with the singing. I have had a furry traumatic evening."

"I'm up here 'cause yesterday at leg time,
exactly 5:30 PM, some hooman sales person
pounded on the front door with both hooman fists.
And she was selling pest control.  She was the pest.

That scared me off legs fur an hour of valuable time.
Then at midnight a thunder boomer struck out of the
dark night sky and sent me out of our chair to under
the bed. I always sleep in our chair and Lynn checks
on me at midnight.

So I gets up here fur the morning wind down and stay
as high away from hoomans, after my belly rub and
breakfast of course.  And what happens?!?

The mowers come!"

"I tell you, I am not under any circumstances
comin' out from under the bed.
Until time to eat."

It was not good for me either, Precious.
This woman rode up to the front porch on
a segway and rapped quite loudly on the
glass storm door.  The inside solid door stood wide open,
and who would not be home with the door open?
She yelled at me thru the glass she had not seen 
me, at the very moment when Precious growled and
launched off my lap with all claws unsheathed!

Some of my astilbe blooming. More pink.

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Friday, June 16, 2023

Wall Eyed

 "Lynn lets me go out onto the patio as much as I want. Except

for the following conditions:  too hot, too noisy outside, too wet,  too cold or if she is too busy."

                                               We did get 2 1/2 inches of much needed rain.

"She mostly stays inside at the kitchen sink or
if she has time for a read, in her comfy inside chair.

"She operates on the "I've got one eye on you"

"You might be acquainted with the famous and
 furry handsome cowboy actor, Jack Elam.
He was furry wall eyed.  So you see, Lynn must
be wall eyed too as she keeps one on me and one
on something else."

Precious, now that you have told the world how
beautiful I must be, I am not sure if you can go
back outside or not!

Our first baby of the year!  A white tail deer fawn.
Probably 2 or 3 weeks old.  Mom leaves them in the
thick brush around our house and they soon start
moseying about. 

He made it clear 'round the house and into one
of my front flower beds.  They are only nursing now, so
the only damage they can do is with their hooves. 
And it is a boy only because looking right down onto
his tiny head, I can see his buttons!  The good thing is,
he can not have fawns himself, lol.  I like seeing more
bucks than does.  

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Friday, June 9, 2023

Face Off

 "Lynn, he's here, he's here!  Let me at 'im."

Chippie survived the winter quite well.  3 years in 
a row. And you wonder how I know it is the same one.
His normally straight stripes on his back are not straight.
On one side only, the left, 2 of the stripes intersect into
an X design.  And do I know it is a boy?  Absolutely.
You know how bovine bulls are obviously boys,
well, the same principal applies to 6 inch long
male chipmunks.  If you get my drift.

"If he dares to enter onto my patio, breach the
barricade of my fence, I'll get him fur sure."

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Friday, June 2, 2023

Ask Madame Lisa

 "Do you really think this person can see into my future?

Maybe she'll know if I live to be 50 and will get lots of


I hope you live to be 50, Precious. However, it may not pan out
for either of us to last that much longer.  I'd be 120 and too old
to scoop your litter box.  And at 50, you'd be more crotchety
than you are now.

"Well, I wouldn't ask much of you, Lynn. Except
to flip my frog, throw my paper wad, feed me,
brush me, buy my food fur me, clean my potty,
buy my litter, open windows fur me and give
me my wacky weed.  Let me in and out the
back door fur the patio.
Surely you'll be able to
do all that!"

I'm not sure, Precious.  I already feel tired just
hearing your request.

I found this by accident and bought it immediately.  
I am hoping it is insurance that I never get stung by a
bee, wasp, or hornet again.  But if I do, even if it
is on my lip or face, I'll suction out the poison and 
hope for less pain for less time.  I will be able to try
it on misquito bites as they chew me up and spit me
out in the yard when I am cleaning bird baths.
It works by one-handed suction and if the strong
suction I feel just trying it means anything, it will work.

Maybe Madame Lisa saw this tool in my future!

These are my iris and I thought a reader I know, 
who loves the color pink, might enjoy a peek at them.

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Just one neighborhood kitty

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