Friday, May 31, 2024

Vishus Deers

 "Lynn,  did you see how big I blew up my grey onesie!  I shoulda looked like a panther on my pink rug. That vishus

deer came right up to me and stuck his button buck head over my

catio fence.  Then he snorted!  And he stomped his front hooves!"

"I told him off immediately.  I growled my git-away-furom
me growl.  Like I use on Blackie when he is in
a bad mood."

"And the growl I use fur the mailman, and fur
the delivery hoomans.  It scares them all off evfurr
so quickly.

Yes, Precious you did a fine job on that poor deer.
His mom is now busy thinking on delivering her
next pair of twins and he is just trying to act like
he is a big buck.

On a different subject, has anyone used Zyrtec allergy
pills for their pets?  I had seen by a competent CB person,
who has 6 or more cats, say it is safe to use for cats with
itchy ears and runny noses.  I did research it and am
now giving 1/2 pill a day to Precious.  The vet confirmed
she has allergies and her ears drive her crazy.  I feel so bad
about the itching and the scratching.  
She is doing much less scratching now.  She mostly is 
just twitching her ears now and then.
 The vet wants to use
steroids and I have a personal issue with prednisone so I
really don't want her to have that.

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Friday, May 24, 2024

Sometimes just messy days

 "Lynn,  I do not think any of this stuff is really my fault.  Or that I should have to put up with getting my claws clipped!"

I beg to differ, Precious.  Just look at my ugly and
disgusting (any and all the time, by the way) leg.
Full of whole punches!  And whose needle sharp
claws sink into it every eve for our leg time?
I have not seen any other kitty in this house of ours!

"And I thought gittin' my brushies ev-furry day
many times over, should have kept the fur ball
out of my tummy.  I think you must have been doing it

There is good news and bad news about the fur ball
yak up.  The good news,  it was not on the carpet.
The bad news, it was on the lovely turquoise blanket.
The good news,  it was folded in 1/2 for extra sleeping
comfort and therefore caught all the spit with it.
The bad news,  I found the mess 10 minutes after I
had started a load of laundry!

And then I have this blooming, so it makes up for
the messes.  
Thankfully deer do not eat iris!

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Friday, May 17, 2024

Time to move the cat tree

"I haven't been climbing as much as I used to. Not on the tree, just up into the closet.  So let's move the tree Lynn.  After all you do not have to dig it up!"

Precious's tree has sat in front of our smaller north facing
window for our dining table.  She used to love to race up it
and get to the top.  Especially after a trip to the litter box!
But she had not been on it for more than a year I reckon.

I decided when we were home alone that I would move it
and see is she even noticed.  I put those flat slick plastic
furniture movers under it and just slid it right across the
vinyl flooring onto the carpet.  We just have one large open
living area. 

"I'm a smart kitty,  I found it as soon as I awoke fur-om a 
long morning nap and got right on it.  I did go to the top but
it does not give me a view and Lynn did not get her camera out
quick enough."

This cat tree is 30 years old.  We bought it at a cat show
for Peepers and Seney to use.  And boy did they both while
Peepers was still with us.  She always let Seney know that Seney
was just a whipper snapper and would not let her have top self.
This is very well made and heavy.  A vendor made them himself out
of wood for the shelves and heavy carpet cardboard covered in
good quality carpet.  At the time this 6 foot tree was $100 and
I had a hard time convincing my husband to buy it.  Now if
Precious will keep using it we will keep it in front of the living
room window.  If she gives it up soon, I may dismantle it
and decide what is to become of it next.  It is a part of our 
family history now.

"You just can't out think a kitty, Lynn.  Who knows how
long I'll use this now."
It has been an early Spring as predicted by the groundhog
on Feb. 2.  What he forgot to pass on was how much wind
and rain and even tornados would come in this way.
I have been able to ride my bike a couple days a week in
May.  April was mostly a washout.  I even have done two
32 mile rides.  The first one 2 weeks ago actually surprised
myself as I had not been out as much as I wanted and did
not think I would be up to it.  But by myself at my pace
and all was well.  Packed a lunch and enjoyed the day.
Got home early afternoon just in time for Precious 
brunch and lots of brushies.

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Friday, May 10, 2024

Back out and in the open

 "I wanted to tell y'all that I have stopped poutin' and sulkin'.

Lynn said I needed to clear the air.  Whatev-fur that is.  The air isn't too bad now."

"This is me at 8 AM.  I am still UP fur-om havin'
my breakfast at 5:30 AM!"

"And after my morning nap,  here I am back out
in the open keepin' our chair warm 'til leg time.
I have furgiven the man who rubs my belly fur upsetting
the kitty cart.  We are havin' good mornin's and rubbin's."

Yes, Precious, you just needed to settle back into regular
routine.  And don't forget you are getting your catio back, too.

"I love comin' out here at 5:30 AM.  The moths are
flyin' and it's still a bit dark.  I can't believe it has been
decades in winter-cat-months that I as able to be

Precious is eating breakfast slower as she
prefers to go outside as soon as she can.

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Friday, May 3, 2024

She's in the Pink

 "Lynn,  is this what you were doing to be whispurr quiet while I was sleeping off my anxiety?   Crocheting me a beddie by."

"I hope Willie notices the color.  We usually 
do all the blue colors, but this is purrfect."

"Stuffie Peepers tried it out before me?
She looks a bit small so I'll just take it 
fur-om her.  She can go back to the bedroom."

"I furgive ev-fur one fur upsetting the apple cart.
And I even got back my catio!"

I found 3 skeins of this soft super thick yarn, like
rope, at the Sew Special Network run by volunteers
and filled with all things sewing crafty.  It was $7.50
for all 3 skeins.  People and stores donate anything
from buttons to yard goods to be sold and the money
goes into projects for needy families and  seniors
in nursing homes.  I love shopping there.
I do usually go for blues but this yarn just called out
to me for a cat bed. 

We have had such hot weather this past week. 
The migratory birds are back for the summer.
My resident Eastern Blue Birds started their nest
March 1 and the 4 babies flew out April 24 while
we still had below freezing mornings.  Mom and
Dad are still taking them meal worms and Mom
has now decided nest #2 will be in the front bird house.
She is already taking in nest material!

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Nutty Squirrels

  "Lynn, what are those crazy skweerls doin' in my catio! I must git out there and defend my property!" Back in late February ...