Friday, February 26, 2021

Table Time

 "Lynn, I'm getting a sun tan."

This is the folding table I use for the Christmas tree.
That's right, clear back in December and it is still
up. Precious has decided for me that it must stay.
She has her carpet covered step/window seat,
but with the crochet bed and the quilt, she is not wanting
to use her seat.

Instead, she looks out the window from the table,
and uses the protection of the quilt to jump and hide
when she thinks she may be attacked by us.
I'm not pleased that my very small living space is
now occupied by the table indefinitely, but she will
tire of it one day soon and down it will go 'til the 
12th month of 2021.  In the meantime, you can see
I am a sucker for her pleasure.

She doesn't mind scratching her ears while
ensconced there.  She quickly overtook the table
when I was silly enough to put the cat bed on it for
what I thought was just the day it was sunny. And 
since I have few sunny days in the winter, I never
dreamed she would want it every day. So thence,
I covered it with the quilt.

"I'm looking for birdies flying, Lynn. I don't
pose for such nonsense as purrsonal things,
the likes of scratching. Not lady like."

I leave you with a weather update. We have had sun for 3 days 
straight and above freezing each day. The 12 inch thick frozen
snow is now down to about 5 inches, like a fallen cake in the
oven when someone slams the door. You can not imagine
how I feel better with sun, as we easily have 10 to 14 days
in a row of no sun at all.

Thank you all for stopping in for a look and a comment. It means a lot.

Friday, February 19, 2021

Put and Take

 "Where has this 'naner been hiding? I thought it got too

ripe and you threw it out."

One month of having her own 'naner, and she is still
playing with it off and on. The offs are when I put it away
in a plastic baggie to keep the scent in and let her forget
she has it.

Precious received a box one day in January and it now has
3 windows with sills and a front porch with roof.

"Who put this fruit on my sill?  I still want the house
painted and wall papered. Can't do that with trash around."

"I'll just have to get it off the sill. Lynn, you are
not helpful to me."

"I'm whapping it with all I got, Lynn. If it
isn't already over ripened, I'll make it a mashed

This beautiful frozen snow is about 30 inches from over the past 3 1/2 weeks.
It looks to be only a foot deep and it is, however it has settled with 
each additional snowfall and frozen. So much that I can walk on
it without breaking through.  I am so over February. Today's
storm is to bring in 6 to 10 more inches. Tomorrow I will be
shoveling off that clean driveway, again.
 And I realize
how lucky I am that we only have snow up here and not the devastating

"Whew, Lynn, now the 'naner is done for I'm thinking I 
could really go for a hot chicken dinner. I see just
which one I will pick out."

Thank you all for stopping for a look and a comment. It means a lot.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Gentleman Caller

 "I hear Blackie. Open the door. What's he doing here?

Is he bringing me a Valentine tuna?"

I hope I have better pictures this time for you.

It was 7 AM when Precious knew we had company.

I really should learn to just keep my finger on the
camera button and just take a 100 shots then sort them
out.  The reason is because Blackie was in a very
aggressive mood.  He lunged at the door 4 times,
hitting it full force with his mouth open in a yowl.
The fourth time, he landed back on his haunches and still
had his mouth open, I think he was seeing stars. I quickly
closed the door, as I was afraid he would break a tooth,
get a bloody nose or worse.  It looked like he was trying
to pop his jaw back into place!

In all this Precious just sat and stared. She never once
raised a paw or jumped.

"He used to be nice to me, Lynn. Why is he such a
grouch these days? And now lookie, he's eating my
wacky weed again. That isn't romantic."

The below picture is the most recent with a foot of very frozen snow
on the ground. They are searching for apple peal I put out every
evening in an area on the grass that was shoveled a bit so
they can also eat grass.

"I'd rather look at these quiet deer than that grumpy Blackie."

This is part of the herd of 17 we have regularly in our back yard.
The does, fawns and the 1 1/2 year olds. The bucks are now all
out of site as the girls no longer of an interest to them.  We saw 6
mature, distinctly different bucks this Fall.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Usually my chair

 "Lynn, I think I need your chair for a nap."

Precious usually sleeps in my chair when I am
in bed at night.  But this particular dark and dismal
day, she decided there was nothing to watch outside
and wanted a nap in the open.  Mostly she
naps in the deep dark of her many hideaways.
I don't use the chair until around 6 pm when I decide
to unwind in front of the TV with an entertaining
DVD playing and Precious on my legs. 

 I really got to enjoy seeing my girl out in
the open during the day. Her nap lasted about
2 hours.  I feel she has vulnerability  issues, so
I have to think that is why she has to sleep only
when she is safely hidden.

"Keep it down, Lynn.  I'm trying to get my
beauty rest. It's no wonder I sleep under
the bed or in the closet,  geesh!"

"oooh, lookie what Lynn did to me.
This picture is when I was svelte."

"Jo Jo's mom told her to paint me and she was finally
able to figure it out.  With my brains and her thumbs."

Time to move the cat tree

"I haven't been climbing as much as I used to. Not on the tree, just up into the closet.  So let's move the tree Lynn.  After a...