Friday, May 26, 2023

Baby 'coons caused Lynn to be late!

 "I just want to tell the whole furry world that Lynn left

me fur an entire whole long lonely day."

"I'm still shaking my head over this fact of being
neglected, under fed, late brushing, and late legs.
No kitty should have to endure such goings on."

I know, Precious. It was so bad of me to abandon you safely
at home in your hiding spot under the bed, with full tummy
and no interest in getting up for hours.

However, my childhood girlfriend drove 300 miles to
spend the day with me before she drove on north to
see Lake Erie. I drove 60 miles south to the big city
we decided to meet up in.

We had a good visit and lunch and walk about the 
metro park botanical garden in the area.

As we were going to the parking lot, I spied theses two
tiny baby raccoons.  Still nursing they were so tiny.
And no sight of mom or other babies.

I did a shuffle walk to get them back to the grassy
area away from the park road.  Oh, how they cried,
and squeaked and rattled and hissed.  I wanted to
pick them up by the scruff of their neck and make
this ordeal for them go faster, but I would never pick
up an animal. Fear of bites and scratches is a good fear.

Eventually with the help of my girlfriend we got
them onto the park path.  Then they actually started
following me!  They had sniffed and rubbed my shoes so
much I guess they now thought they were with mom.
I stopped dead in the path and they did too.  After a minute
I started walking and they went into the rough grass area.

"Well, that is all good Lynn, but I did not get my supper
until after 5 PM and my brushing at 5:30!  So legs were
1/2 hour late!"

Yes, snookems, but we got in a few hours of rest
and relaxation, didn't we?  Just hope mom raccoon
found her way to those babies.

"Psst ev-furbody, did you see silly Lynn with the
skinny legs?  Makes it uncomfortable fur me to sleep."

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Friday, May 19, 2023

"Don't Fence Me In"

 "Lynn, this is purrfect fur me.  How did you get the man who

rubs my belly to agree and do all the fence work?  And could

you stop singing Gene Autry's song!"

Well, Precious is took a bit of convincing, however he wanted
you to join us safely outside too.

But this is just when I am right there with you even
though I don't think you can escape, I have to know you
will not jump over the fence.

"Lynn, tell 'em how it is made."

Precious, it is made with 2x2's and 25 feet of chicken
wire.  The wire was meant for keeping the deer off
the young sapplings I have planted.  But they are
now protected with black drainage pipe.

It has a small "gate" on one side so I can easily go
out and in for bird bath fill-ups and getting into the
back yard.  But it sits right against the house so you can not
squeeze out.

"Maybe the deers won't come and eat the patio
flowers in pots this way, too? But how will chippie
make it onto the patio so now I can snag him?"

There is plenty of tiny space for a fat chipmunk to 
slink under and will he be in for a surprise when he
sees you sitting there fat and sassy waiting with
baited breath!

Of, course I'll be making sure Precious is not too
curious about the plants as they grow.  So far this has
only been in place a week and she is very bashful
about stepping out.  If I move or even try to talk to 
her, she dashes right back into the house.

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Friday, May 12, 2023

Sights to be seen from the bike

 "Lynn, are you going to bring any of these babies home?"

I don't think I can get a calf on the bike, Precious.

They are nowhere as small as you, and I don't think I could get
you on a bike either.
I just love seeing the pastures of cows with their calves every
Spring. And watching the little ones grow all summer long.

And I always enjoy seeing and saving a snake from
death by bike.  This skinny fellow is a milk snake,
probably born last year from it's length.

There are two donkeys in the above photo. This farm used to have
a white one for years.  I have not seen it the past 2 summers.
Maybe these two brown ones are the new grazers.

"Lynn, maybe you could hitch us a ride on the burros.
I think that might be fun fur a bit."

"Well, do you think you could do some Precious
looking now you are home?  And what about a 
bite to eat, I'm starved after your long ride.
All these strange animals better not show up
at my place setting. I'm too hungry to share now."

And the amazing Eastern Blue Birds have now
built a new nest in the front yard box while feeding
the first 5.  Can't wait to see how these go.

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Friday, May 5, 2023

Curio Kitties

 "Lynn tells me stories all the time. I've come to realize she is older

than the Sphinx Cat so is most of her stuff.  Here's all the un-live

kitties she has collected in her 100 thousand years."

"The tiny slinky looking grey one is fur me.
Maybe you can see the similarities."

"The tiny wolfie you see belongs with the
Nativity Scene.  But he lives here the rest 
of the year, under strick cat rules."

"The one with the feather is in honor of Angel Seney.
She loved carrying large turkey and hawk feathers
ev-fur where with her.
The black and white is fur Angel Suzy Q."

I started my curio collection in 1972 and it was
to be cats with ceramic bows and roses only,
but as I found few of those over the years,
I started expanding.  I am not on the hunt for 
more, just if I'm in the right place and one is waiting
for a new home it may find it's way here.

And we have had the good luck to see our Eastern Blue Birds
raise and fledge 5 babies.  They started the nest in the cold of
March and I feed them meal worms.
We offer 2 bird houses and year to year they switch out.
Now they are out in this down turn of weather.
In the 30's at night again, with lots of rain.  About
6 inches in the past 5 days. I am just sick of it.

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