Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I often wonder what kind of life Precious had the first year of her life.  I know
someone must have seen the best in her to give her such a fitting name.  One name used
often since I quickly found out that she answers to it.  But I also realize that there are
issues Precious has.
She hates to be picked up, and once I do and she is on my legs, she
appears to be content as she quickly falls asleep.  Just don't let me
try to carry her for any length of time! And she hides from every
odd sound made in the house. I mean, runs and really hides for
hours.  Then there is her crooked left hind leg.  Now how was
that broken?  The 2 different vets we have used in 7 years both
agrees it is from a fracture not properly taken care of when she was
younger.  And eating, oh yes, she loves her food.  But she does not
want to eat out of a bowl.  The first year I did just let her eat off a 
plastic place mat.  But I finally found a plastic tan color picnic plate
that I insisted she use.  I have finally gotten her a small very short
sided dish and she eats from it, but would rather have her food on the
floor.  Did someone just throw her food down?  No care given to any
cleanliness for Precious or themselves?  And Precious really does 
not like my husband except at 6 AM when it is time for the rest of
her breakfast.  Once again she runs and hides when he gets up and 
moves about if she is not actually prepared for the movement.  Not
me though, she seems to like being with me and sometimes I wonder
just what she is trying to tell me with that look of hers.

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