Monday, October 31, 2022

I'm coming for Treats


" Lynn, little June of 

 treated me to this Halloween outfit.  I've never worn a 

hat before. 

 I'm all dressed for pawing at your door for Trick or Treat."


"I just hope humans have Greenies  and chicken crunchies."

Thank you Ann and June.

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Friday, October 28, 2022

Getting Ready Halloween

 "Lynn, do you like this one?"

Happy Halloween Every furbody.
(thanks to PhotoFunia)

"Lookie Lynn, I'm electrifying."

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Friday, October 21, 2022

Belly Rubbin's Continued

"A little more to the left, Lynn.  No, I mean to the right.
No, I changed my mind and I just want the belly."

Precious is a bit forgiving from her vet visit.
She's only eating part of her breakfast and then
hiding under the bed way too soon.  A couple 
mornings she did come into the bathroom and
have window time after my breakfast.

And in the evenings,  she is still demanding her
standard hair brushing time at 5 PM, then eat
part of her dinner.  And then I do get leg time
for 2 to 3 hours.
But she does not forget even if she forgives.
And then I've had to cut her claws this week,
that did not go over well, let me tell you!

"All my belly rubbin' and ear scratchin' must be done at my
blue bag and frog-on-a-stick.  A girl must have special areas
for her needs.
I only allow belly rubbin's first thing in the morn after
I have had some of my morning breakfast. It helps
me burp rather loudly, then I can continue eating.
What, you think you humans are the only ones to burp!"

Six frozen bird baths on Thursday morn 10/20.
Now for a week of Indian Summer.
I apologize is this is not PC,
but at my age and upbringing, everything
I say may not be PC.

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Friday, October 14, 2022

Vet Visit and their Mural

 "Lynn, I am so glad to be home again. You know how going

to the dreaded V-E-T makes me a nervous nellie for weeks."

Don't I know it Precious.  I am so very sorry you must go
through this every year.
And this year I only let the nice doctor give you the 
rabies shot. No blood letting or urine sample.
He did not really agree with this short version, but
that is my decision.

Precious goes to the first appointment of the day. And she gets
an immediate room regardless of who else is waiting.
That's because they want her to stop caterwauling quickly.
Any glass shattering opera singer would be envious of how
long Precious can sing without taking a breath.

Precious is down to 15.6 pounds and to this he says
"13 pounds would be ideal, but losing weight is a concern."
pea-pickin' MIND!
She was 17.2 in 2020 and 16.6 in 2021 and
with strict monitoring of Precious' food she is 15.6.
I feel like he was telling me that 2 years ago she would
have been young enough to lose 4 pounds in one year.
Now he doesn't like it she lost one.

I could not show all of the high mural the office has unless I
would have take 4 or 5 photos.  
Cats are well represented even though the dogs are a bit
more obvious.  And then there are also the rabbits.
I enjoy seeing this every trip, otherwise the event is
so difficult for Precious.  She just gets so worked up.

"Psst, Lynn, just slide my food under the bed."

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Friday, October 7, 2022

Trying again for the Oscar Nomination

 "Lynn, you know I have to have my belly rubbed just right.

And in the midst of eating my breakfast.  Yours can just


Precious is very demanding of getting her ears and 
belly rubbed just so-so at 5:45 AM every day.
Right in the middle of gobbling down her crunchies,
she stops and lies on the carpet and waits for the

I don't often get this great job.  I'm usually doing up the
hot oatmeal.  But when we girls have days at home alone,
I do have to tend to her needs before mine.

" Lynn got her influenza and BA4 and BA5
vaccine Saturday.  She drove through the
fairgrounds and they stabbed her arm because 
she had the window down.  Not me, folks,
I'd have kept that window shut tight!
She whispurred in my ear, like it was a securrt
that she did not feel very peppy this week.
Purr-sonally I think it is a cross betwixt shot and old age.
But I'll not tell her that, she'd only give me one
meal a day!"

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Time to move the cat tree

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