Friday, April 30, 2021

Sights to be seen

 "What's with the houses Lynn?  Where have you been

when I'm home sleeping?"

I thought folks might like a look at the big little city, Precious.
The house below has a doll house in the upper window. I felt
that was just a fun thing to see. And the dog on point is concrete.
The house is green, lilac and purple. How colorful it that.

The city was established in 1812 and so many many
homes are Victorian or Georgian or whatever all
those fancy kind were back then. I'm not an architect
just an observer of beauty.

This brick house is complete with postman walking up the steps
to deliver mail.

I thought some might enjoy the walking tour I took one
day this Spring while it was cold enough for a coat, but
warm enough for the redbud and crap apple trees to be 
in bloom. And below is a birds foot violet in the woods
close by home.

"Well, ok, as long as you are now home and I can get
some much needed attention. You humans with your thumbs,
at least you can open my chickie jar."

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Friday, April 23, 2021

other cats

"Where'd ya see these kitties, Lynn?"

Precious, I missed getting a picture of the cat on the 
doggie fountain in the big little city last summer.
You can see it has that giant dog well under control.
And no water in April yet.  Too likely to freeze still.


This water color painting
                       of three beautiful kitties is in a store window.  This store is a co-op
                        for local juried artist.  They have all manner of art work for sale and
                        I understand there are 39 people involved with the co-op.


One of the local store fronts.

"How about this painting of me, Lynn. Is it your
favorite? It can be bought for a song and a
crunchie from the local artist."

I'll buy this one any day.

Did I mention that our local library branches are
open again for walk in browsing.  Oh, my, I have
gone in and just stood looking at the shelves of books
like I have never seen one before!  Here's hoping that
the doors can stay open this time and people do practice
And one more incredible item from me, one of my
2 Black Swallowtail butterfly chrysalis hatched on
Monday! Just before the killing freeze and the 4 inches
of snow on 4/21.

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Friday, April 16, 2021

8 years of Sundays

" I needed a new place to drink. And I want it to be
fresh and cold."


My regular Sunday evening past time is to eat
a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie. I've done
this for years before Precious and now the 8 plus
years she has been with me.

I always have a glass of water sitting at the ready
for that time. And Precious is already on my legs
comfy for a few hours of sleep. 

She has never in over 8 years of Sundays wanted a drink
of water during those hours of 5:30 til 8 pm. Until just
very recently. Now a glass of water has to be on the
lamp table every day when she is up and eating and 
on my legs in the evenings.

"I need it to be cold water, Lynn. So you have to refill it
every few hours in case I have a thirst to quench. And
I have no idea how many Sundays there have been in
8 years and 4 months."

I figure about 428 Sundays that she has not 
noticed the water glass during popcorn time!

Here's a picture of a few more wild flowers just
showing up around my area where I walk.

This is Dutchman's Britches.

Wild phlox

And Toad Shade, a species of trillium. 

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Monday, April 12, 2021

She's not speaking

As of press time, Precious had nothing to say to me. And now that

all is over and done, I don't blame her a bit.

She was forced to go to the doctor the other day. Completely
unplanned by either of us. The end result it was an
unnecessary trip that only aggravated Precious.

Just recently I realized there was a large black spot
the size of a pencil eraser on the inside top
triangle of her shell pink ear.  I ignored it for
a couple weeks, but did not forget about it.
Then one day she was laying with her head 
upside down in the sunshine and I really had
a good and scary view.

I immediately called the vet and they got us in the
very next day.  Precious was wisked off to the back
room out of site for inspection.  I had already told
the vet tech they had my permission to do blood work,
biopsy and anything else while in the back room.

Amazed was I when the doctor actually brought my
girl directly to me in less than 15 minutes.  And the 
result of the inspection, you ask.  Well it appears
that cats can get "old age" spots like us old humans.

I was so relieved that I was almost in tears, as I had 
expected on the worst.

So when evening came and Precious still insisted on
her hair brushing and then hours of leg time, I was
thinking I may have been forgiven.  

She has since
expressed that I am to make no sudden appointments
without serious consultation with her first.

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Friday, April 9, 2021

Up Up and Away

 "Lynn, see me climb to the top of my world."

"First I gotta get up off the floor."

"And moving right along I get up a bit."

"Now pulling up the lower 1/2 of my tubby
tummy is a bit of a challenge."

"And then I'm almost to the finish line."

"So here I am on top of Mt. Everready- Cotton- Pickin'- Est.
What the heck is that spot on the wall? Bug, spider web,
DIRT!  I'll try to get while I'm up here.
I thought I would spot a hot air balloon.

Thanks Precious, for showing off your keen eye sight and
seeing I need to do house work.


This wild flower is a deep blue Hepatica.

And this is a sweet pink Spring Beauty, that the
bright sunshine on Easter Sunday washed out.
No complaints about the sun, I guarantee you.

And this is Colt's Foot that started blooming in late
March.  The leaves will not emerge until May or June.
These prove to me that Spring is springing up.

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Happy Easter

"I am wishing everyone a Happy Easter. May all
kitties get surprise Easter treats. That's what the
rabbit is for, right?"

Precious is just glad for the late afternoon sun puddles we
are now getting a few more days a week.  Months of darkness
and cloud cover off Lake Erie are coming to an end.

Today is Good Friday.  I remember when I was a youth, 
stores closed at noon that holy day.  And we could go to church 
For me, it was Holy Mass.  And then on joyous Easter Sunday,
stores were closed because at that time in life stores were never
open on Sundays.  For me, it is still a joyous day.
Precious and I wish everyone a wonderful Easter. 

This is a yard of thousands of crocus blooming a short time ago. Our
first flowers in the area and they were in a front yard of a
home in our big little city close to the library (which is still only
able to offer curb side pick up).

I took a long 3 mile walk that day in town to go past homes and
yards with the flowers, visit a couple shops that were open and
just enjoy the coldness of winter being gone. I still needed
a coat, as the wind was 40 MPH at the time and the
ground just thawed out.
And then here is what happened on Holy Thursday, it snowed!
And it was 20 degrees F/ -6 C Wednesday and Thursday nights.

"Hey, where is my Easter basket? I don't even see
it laying about!"

As a side note, I have now had my 2nd covid shot. 
Absolutely no side effects felt from the Pfizer vaccine.
I'm still wearing my mask everywhere.

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Nutty Squirrels

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