Friday, April 16, 2021

8 years of Sundays

" I needed a new place to drink. And I want it to be
fresh and cold."


My regular Sunday evening past time is to eat
a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie. I've done
this for years before Precious and now the 8 plus
years she has been with me.

I always have a glass of water sitting at the ready
for that time. And Precious is already on my legs
comfy for a few hours of sleep. 

She has never in over 8 years of Sundays wanted a drink
of water during those hours of 5:30 til 8 pm. Until just
very recently. Now a glass of water has to be on the
lamp table every day when she is up and eating and 
on my legs in the evenings.

"I need it to be cold water, Lynn. So you have to refill it
every few hours in case I have a thirst to quench. And
I have no idea how many Sundays there have been in
8 years and 4 months."

I figure about 428 Sundays that she has not 
noticed the water glass during popcorn time!

Here's a picture of a few more wild flowers just
showing up around my area where I walk.

This is Dutchman's Britches.

Wild phlox

And Toad Shade, a species of trillium. 

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  1. Now the weather is warmer, l sit outside
    on the patio for my meals..
    Fudge who lives a couple houses away, pops
    round for his milk, every day, so when l
    sit outside to eat, up he pops, to see
    what's on my plate, yesterday, l was finishing
    off some chicken from Sunday, l cut a little
    piece off for him, he takes it, and still
    sits nearby to enjoy it, after several pieces,
    he waits until l finish, and he finishes of
    some gravy that l leave him..! :)
    Last Sunday l had some wine, he took a few
    sniffs..NO! So he stuck to his milk..! :).

    The first pussy~cat l had on my return to
    this country in 1973..Darlinga..she loved
    human food, pasta..was a full thing to watch
    her eat, it went ALL over the place, and she
    was a pure white pussy~cat..! :).
    But, her favourite was Chinese..She loved
    Chinese food..! Bless!

    Your Mum ought to put a goldfish in the glass
    for you Precious..Now! That would be fun..! HeHe! :O).

    1. I really enjoy hearing about other kitties everywhere. Glad
      you have the current company of a couple outside.

  2. You don't owe your human any explanations, Precious. After all, it's a cat's job to keep their human confounded by their actions! :-)

    It's lovely to see all the wildflowers; spring is such a glorious season.

    1. Spring is slow warming up. Couple of hot days last week
      to confuse everything, and now too cold to go out much.

  3. Has Precious taken to licking the salt & butter on the popcorn -or has she just been lulling you...

  4. Precious. You are absolutely THE boss around there. And I like your opening statement about wanting water and fresh and cold. When you want it. Good girl! Tell your mom I love seeing what she does on her walks.

  5. Hee! Hee! We have been known to take drinks out of Mom's glass. Queen Nellie was the real water drinker. When Mom sat down with her laptop to blog, Nellie had to have a glass of water while she sat beside Mom. She told us it was because she was dictating, but we never heard her talk...(only snore).

  6. pero que bonito bebiendo desde su propio vaso

  7. Your Sunday evening is my Saturday evening: movie and a bowl of popcorn. But I have a glass of pop with mine, rather than water. Only Renn likes to keep me company through the movie, and he sleeps through it. He's never wanted anything from what I eat or drink during the film. In fact, none of my cats has ever drunk from a glass of water I'd had for myself. That's strange, considering how many cats do that. But feline habits change suddenly; it looks like Precious's Saturday night routine has taken a turn. In another month or year, it may turn back...

  8. That is a delightful photo of Precious drinking from the water glass Lynn. Well done capturing that. The garden is looking very pretty - such a wonderful time of year with all the new things coming into bloom. xx


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