Friday, April 29, 2022

Tail of the Chipmunk

 "Chippy, Lynn, Chippy's here. Let me at 'er."

No way Precious. You are not going outside.
And this is a nursing momma chipmunk.  You'll want
to see her babies one day soon.

I hope the video is not sideways when you
watch.  I never know what the phone camera will do.
There was a lot of tail swishing going on.

It was sunny and very warm here for 4 days straight.
Hasn't done that since September.  I actually rode my
bike 3 of the days in high wind.  A few times I was
able to stop the bike, feet on the pedals and hands on the
handle bar and just sit without fear of tipping over. What 
a work out.

Toad Shade and Bloodroot

Spring Beauty and Trout Lily

Just a few early native flowers I saw.
Then this morn it was 28 degrees and the bird bath was
frozen.  What a cold and wet April. Not really a 
Spring to brag about this year.
But it did not hinder the chipmunks it appears.

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Friday, April 22, 2022

Still going strong

"I'm going to do this nanner in sooner or later, Lynn. It just

can't get the better of me."

I put her 'nanner in a plastic baggie with fresh cat nip
occasionally, and it seems to still be a toy Precious
will play with for a day or 2.  I keep it up for a few
weeks at a time, as then she seems to think it is a 
completely new toy.

As I have mentioned recently, she's not impressed
with many new toys and it seems that the way
they are factory saturated with catnip is much 
stronger than me just taking one and sealing it in
a bag of dry nippy. 

"You can't fool me, this smells and tastes just
like it was new from the store."


Above is a recent photo of our catnip, wackweed,
that survived another bad winter.  I keep the hardware
fence around it to save the plant from destruction.
Once it is about 15 inches tall, the outdoor visiting cats,
how many who knows, are welcome to sniff and chew and
eat.  But I must preserve the plant for Precious year round.
She loves fresh green leaves for salad.

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Friday, April 15, 2022

Cats on Beds/ or Not

 "Lynn, you know purrfectly well, I am not like regular cats."

Believe me, do I know it.

What I do know is I see lots of kitty blogs
that show off lovely cats, like you are Precious,
sleeping out where they can be seen.

There is Poppy Q, Jo Jo, Derry, Miss Tork,
Miss Pippi and Blackie, Katie, all of Dr. Bellen's
cats. These are just a few. They sleep on top of 
lovely beds. 

But here you are again. In the bed tent.

"So what, you can peek in and see me. Though
I would rather you just let sleeping dogs lie"

Of course, I do get to see this sleeping
cat lie every evening for 3 hours on my legs.
Just not in day light hours. 

I do hope Precious has no Count Dracula blood 
in her veins.  All this cave time worries me.

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Friday, April 8, 2022


 "Where have you been hiding this sun, Lynn?"

"I've been asking every day for you to open the

I know, Precious, I am sorry that up here they take
the sun away from us for months on end.

We lose sunshine about November first,
and the cloud cover from Lake Erie takes
over 'til warmer weather gets here.

The front door faces due West, and this time of 
year, as it gets up to the 50's in temp and the
sun is moving farther north, I can sometimes 
open the door late afternoon.

" Now I can sunbathe and get a good tan, Lynn."

Hard to see the tan on that grey fur, but go for it
while the sun lasts a couple hours, Precious.

March came in like a Lamb, so of course it
had to go out like a Lion.
The last weekend of March we had 18 degree nights
and 25 degree days and 3 days of driving snow with sleet.
Now it is easing a bit but back to dark with rain and 50's.

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Friday, April 1, 2022

Girl's Weekend

 "I love our girl time alone, Lynn. You know I am just a one

person kitty."

Precious and I have just had a lovely six day
staycation.  Only us girls. 

Precious is or has lots of Russian Blue in her,
and one strong chararistic of a Blue is they choose
the one and only person they want and all else are
not wanted or necessary in their mind.

I am grateful she chose me, but it does make living
with her a challenge day to day with my husband.

She lets him feed her breakfast and give her 
ear rubbin's and belly rubbin's every day at 
5:30 AM.  Any time after that she is out of sight
and hands off except for me.

So these past 6 days I have had the pleasure of Precious'
company many daylight hours.  
I also had the fun of borrowing this crazy movie from
the library.

Precious and I had a couple hours together
having a great laugh at these antics. 

"I found out Lynn got rid of my unwanted toys.
But she let me lie on her coat on the floor for hours."

Now, on a human note.  Am I the only person left
who enjoys handwriting (poorly) letters to friends and 
family on real stationary?  I mean the pretty and colorful
kind.  I have used all my old and I find nothing in the
big box stores.  Is texting and email the only method
left as an option,  or using lined school paper?
Shows I am getting too old for the modern world.

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Just one neighborhood kitty

  "Lynn, does this kitty have a name fur me it call it?" It is lying on the padded glidder above.  A bit hard to spot sometimes. I...