Friday, July 29, 2022

Bath Time

 "Hey, Lynn, I'm taking a bath, don't bother me."

It isn't often I'm quick enough to catch Precious in motion.

Normally, as soon as she sees the phone come out,
and I'm trying to quickly get it on and focused,
she just leaves or lays down with her back to me.

How can she even know what I'm doing?

However, blurry or not, I got her washing and sticking her tongue out.

" Really Lynn, do you think these people care about this at all?
Can't I have a bit of privacy out in the open?"

Just a $1 find at the Dollar Tree Store. And pretty much
Precious is my boss.  I'm grateful not to have a human
kind of boss any more.

"Princess Jo Jo had her mom take me thru the cat-port
for Marv's marvelous birthday and Canadian citizenship
celebration.  Lynn refuses to fly any where ever in her
life again.  So she sent me off on my own.  I had a 
most marvelous time in B.C. Canada."

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Friday, July 22, 2022

Bike Path Art

 "Lynn, do humans stop their bikes and paint pictures?

After all, you don't want me doing art work. Sprinkle my furs in geometric designs, leave lovely claw

marks on the recliner to enhance the fabric, or the purrfectly shaped hairball splats that add to the carpet."

No, Precious,  these first 3 pictures are manufactured somewhere
and placed at one of my rest stops.
Just a bit different than cat art.

I just thought they were enjoyable to see.

They just represent the fun of biking for us humans.
And I often see puppies large and small, old and young
in handle bar baskets and being pulled in baby tag-a-long

Now this beautifully painted metal pole barn, meant for the
braying donkey in the paddock, is incredibly lifelike.
I do not know who the human was, but they are a true 
artist.  If only the barn were closer to the path, I would
have gotten a close photo.
This barn is 100 miles from home, on a path I have only
biked a few times ever.

"Well, I guess it is Okay stuff.  I just hope you
take the time to put a picture of me in this post.
I get tired of playing second fiddle.
And please stop by to wish Marv Happy Birthday
on Tuesday July 26.
Lynn's going to let me go to visit that day."

And I dedicate this art to all cat lovers everywhere.

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Steppin' Out

 "Lynn, I want to help you out side here."

"You spend a lot of time on the patio watering
all those pots of green things."

Precious hated being in the puppy cage even though
she has expressed interest in stepping out a bit.

This is absolutely the first time in her 9 plus years
with me that I have let her.  First, when she was younger,
I was afraid if she bolted that would be that and I'd
never see her again.
Then there are the ticks and fleas and parasites that
I do not want her to have to go through.

She went no further than you see in the photos and
was on her way in before I even got the watering can
filled.  Which I am glad she is just happy inside
where she really belongs.

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Friday, July 8, 2022

Art and Feed Store

"Lynn, you said this feed store sold all foods for all animals.

Where is the cat food?  Whadda ya mean you couldn't carry 

it on the bike!"

The feed store is in a small town 30 miles southwest.
I cheated on the bike ride and did not do the 60 miles.

I parked close to home but only rode 44 miles.

The morning start very chilly for early June, but
clear sunshine and hot by the time I finished.

From last summer until now, this beautiful
local painted art work was added onto the outside
of the white metal pole barn.

They sell cat, cow, chicken, goat, sheep, pony,
horse, llama, alpaca, bird and dog foods.
The classic old red checkboard advertising
Ralston Purina is still on the original barn.

"I think the painter did not have the right colors
for the kitty and the puppy, Lynn.  I've never
seen ones like that!"

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Friday, July 1, 2022

Outdoors not all it's cracked up to be

 "Lynn,  I do not understand this."

Sorry Precious.

She loves sitting at the patio door with the screen door only
between her and outside. So I thought Precious might enjoy
being outside on the patio with the smells and bird song
even closer to her.

However, as she sat in the puppy cage we had to get a year
ago for the overnight poodle, she was most vocal about the 
situation. Almost a noisy as she is when I have to bundle her
up and put her in PTU for the vet.

Of course, I was sitting right beside her on the step. So she
never was alone and did look around a bit as birds flew
quite close. After 20 minutes I opened the screen door first,
and then the cage door and made sure Precious came directly
into the house.  She did not have any glance back.

"I have never gone outside for any reason in the 9 1/2 years
I have allowed you to live with me, Lynn.  Why would I
ever want to start now?"

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