Friday, July 1, 2022

Outdoors not all it's cracked up to be

 "Lynn,  I do not understand this."

Sorry Precious.

She loves sitting at the patio door with the screen door only
between her and outside. So I thought Precious might enjoy
being outside on the patio with the smells and bird song
even closer to her.

However, as she sat in the puppy cage we had to get a year
ago for the overnight poodle, she was most vocal about the 
situation. Almost a noisy as she is when I have to bundle her
up and put her in PTU for the vet.

Of course, I was sitting right beside her on the step. So she
never was alone and did look around a bit as birds flew
quite close. After 20 minutes I opened the screen door first,
and then the cage door and made sure Precious came directly
into the house.  She did not have any glance back.

"I have never gone outside for any reason in the 9 1/2 years
I have allowed you to live with me, Lynn.  Why would I
ever want to start now?"

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  1. Oh! Poor Precious...and is that a rubbish bin Mum has put
    you near..! :(
    I don't know if you have one Precious, but, perhaps Mum might
    get you a pussy~cat harness..then she could walk you in and
    around outside..! :).
    I don't like cages for any animals, and that includes birds....
    Though you'd probably be happier with a couple in the
    cage with you Precious..keep you busy at least..Bless!x

  2. We're with you on being confined, Precious! Oh, you should have heard Nicki, even when closed in one spare room because of renos! If you had a spacious catio, that might be different, but screen doors are just fine!! 🙂

  3. Oh was well meant. It was.

  4. You tried ~ she tried! We all get kind of set in our ways as the years go by ... my little June is not even age 3, but never has a chance at the "outdoors" even tho I know this is the time to try it ...

  5. Seeing the outside from the safety of your home is one thing.
    Being outside is another. Depending on how close to the road you are, it can ne scary too. At my other place I went outside only to eat grass.
    It was not near the road and mum watched over me. I am more nervous in this new place.
    Purrs, Julie

  6. Wow! I had forgotten what being in a cage was like! When I first came to live with Mom, we only had a catio (cage on the deck). Kozmo and Jo Jo were quite disgusted that they could not go out and play in the bushes and the grass and would sing the songs of our peoples. But I Marv loved that I could have the fresh air all around me. We shall have to get you to come and "visit" us in the backyard while Mom is helping us post this summer and you can feel the virtual grass between your toes. Purrs Marv

  7. Our good intentions aren't always appreciated by cats. I tried taking some of mine outside on a leash and harness, and only Parker ever liked it. The others were scared and uncomfortable. They would probably grow to like it - as Precious might - but is it worth the transition? It was a good try, though.

  8. Staying an inside cat is probably for the best Precious...especially if there is AC !

  9. oh mi cod!!! da cage, dat wood freek me owt!!!!!

  10. Precious! She put you in a CAGE? We wouldn't like that at all! Not one little bit! You poor darling! We hope she gave you plenty of treats to make up for the trauma you expurrienced!


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