Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thankful Thanksgiving

"Lynn and want to tell our friends Happy Thanksgiving.  Sweet Jo Jo of Marvelous Marv at Catsastrophic is with me here."

Tomorrow we will be taking a break to be more thankful.

Lynn will be celebrating number 71.
If you can not tell which one is her, that's OK.

Angel Seney will have been 31.

And I, Precious,  still wearing my original grey onesie,
am now 12.

Though I am not happy there are some whites
mixed in with the colors. Even my whiskers are

Lynn's birthday gift to herself.

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Friday, November 17, 2023

Leaves Leaves Leaves

 "I don't know which one to grab first, Lynn. Look at 'em all."

Actually Precious, I'd rather not see brown leaves.
That means the trees are bare and I have to rake and
rake and rake. Just look at that brown on the grass!

Look to the left.

Look up to the sky.

Check over the shoulder.

"Hey, Lynn it fell right in front of me!
I can't catch 'em all fast enough."

Hmm, let me see if I can find a rake you can
handle Precious.
Short video of one doe.  I was putting out fresh
water and we were maybe 20 feet apart. She did not
care, she came quickly for a drink.


The water dish is on the tree stump to the left
of the black plastic tree protector.  To keep
the bucks from scraping.

The above is only a minor amount of leaves I have moved.

Unbelievable in north central Ohio in November
that we actually had 5 days in a row of blue sky.
Too dry, also not normal.

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Friday, November 10, 2023

Hanging around

 "See Lynn, I still have it in me to power up the tree."

I see that Precious.  It has been quite a while
since you've done a running leap like that.

"I just wanted to impress you before I drop
down and go back to bed."

The deer were a small herd of 7 right outside my kitchen window.
Two mom does with 4 fawns and one born in 2022.
Precious was inside looking out the door at them and
of course I couldn't open it for them running off.
The buck showed up in the exact same place one day later.
On the search to find the girls no doubt.

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Friday, November 3, 2023

The Rest of HER story

 I'll tell the tale this time.  First I thank each and every person who sent helpful information on what to try to help Precious be less nervous.  I am not sure if the Calm Cat helped or not, but Precious soon decided they did not taste bad, so I am still giving her 2 a day.  That is all a 15 pound cat is to have.

  I even swallowed a few of the stinking things, but being 85 pounds heavier, I am sure I felt no benefit or unpleasantness.  

  The doctor is quite caring for his patients.  I trust him even though I do not like Precious to have extra needles thrust into her, as in drawing out urine.  They did offer to give me some kind of cat litter to bring home that would have captured the urine for testing.  I declined as she is healthy.

  The doctor also told me that cats do not have to fast for the blood work.  That cats do not get pre-diabetes that would show up in the test.  They either have diabetes or they do not.  He apologized for the advice of the dog groomer.  I made it clear to him, that she seemed just very interested in helping.

You may wonder why I did not have the blood results yet.  We live in Po'Dunk, and if you don't know what kind of city that is, it is one 100 miles from any really large city that may have the test labs needed.  If Precious were sick I am confident the results would be over night delivery.  I received the results Tuesday and she has no real issues yet.  Her thyroid is fine but the number has changed slightly from last year. I am not worried.

Thankfully,  Precious got home in just an hours' time.
She did calm down as she found all her bedroom doors open
and could explore to be sure it was safe.
She did give me legs that eve and fell fast asleep.
Tuesday was the day she decided that things might
repeat themselves, so she got under the bed very soon
after a bit of breakfast and fresh air.  Probably thinking
I'd close off the house again.
But that eve she was back to hair brushing, and
5:30 leg time.

Unfortunately, it has been a bad weather week for
her to get outside as long and as often as she enjoys now.
We had 3 days of rain this past weekend, and she would
sit on the top step under the eave. Then the temps dropped
in the 20's in the morns so her ears were like popsicles when
she ran in every 2 1/2 minutes as my ankle froze with
the door open and shut 30 times.

I'm probably the one who needs tranquilizing every year.
She may need her teeth cleaned next year and that'll put
me over the edge, I know.

"psst, ev-furry one, I woke up enough to tell you to
do the googlie thing fur yer ornament."

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Three for Tea Please

"Lynn,  if you and Dolly git tea and crumpets, do I get tuna juice and salmon patties?" Precious and I had one of those quiet week...