Friday, February 25, 2022

New Fancy Feast Ornament

 "I wish this cat cookie was edible, Lynn"

I know you do Precious. But is is my newest Fancy Feast 2021
ornament.  When we ordered it in Nov. they said it would come
well after Christmas. It came the first of February. But that's
OK with us.

I knew when I saw this one, it was cute enough to
add to the collection.  I haven't gotten one for
a couple years. For only $3.00, and that is actually
a donation for food for shelters.

"Let me know when you have something I can
eat, Lynn. Otherwise I'm bird watching and leaf
peeping out back."

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Friday, February 18, 2022

Greenies and Yogurt

 "Lynn, I love my new treats.  Too bad you think one tastes

bad and one stinks. More for me!"

I am surprised and pleased Precious has lost weight since having
her teeth cleaned in November.
She has been a constant 15.6 pounds,  much improved over
her 17.1 in 2019.

I bought her Chicken Greenies in December and really do
not know if they will help keep her teeth clean. And I do not
know how many she should have. I give her 3 a day, and 
she swallows the first one and crunches the other 2.
If anyone knows just how many are good for keeping
her teeth clean, I'd appreciate the info.
And they taste awful to me.  I always try my cats food,
because I am a bit kooky that way.

Then my husband wanted some yogurt for awhile this winter.
We are dairy free here, so I can tell you this stuff stinks to me.

He was eating Okos Vanilla Triple Zero. It is sweetened
with stevia and a bit of sea salt.  Who knows why, not me.
But Precious decided it smelled good and tastes good.
So she got less than a measuring teaspoon a day.  I saw
no problem from the dairy in her litter box, so I let her

Then when his supply ran out and he decided he'd had enough,
I now buy the small individual container for Precious.

"Yummy yummy. I love my new treats. Yogurt for breakfast
and Greenies for brunch." 

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Friday, February 11, 2022

Winter, Birds and Precious

 "I"m and indoor kitty, so I really don't understand winter.

Lynn keeps telling me there is something outside that is minus

degrees. I don't see them."

This has been our worst winter weather in a few years.
But my routine for feeding wild birds is always the same.
I have to take down the feeders in the late afternoon because
the raccoon will take the suet cages, as they taught me
a few years ago. 
The deer will gum the thistle bags till they tear holes in
them, as they taught me a few years ago.
And the deer will stand on their hind legs and knock the
sunflower out of the metal feeders, as they taught me 
a few years ago.
Deer only have lower teeth, like cows to browse and
chew their cuds.

The above photo is a summer photo, however this
is what Precious looks like at 6:15 AM after her
breakfast no matter the weather.  She demands an
open bathroom window every morn even if she pulls
her head in with icicles on her eyelashes.  I figure
some fresh air is always a good thing.

I probably have over 100 goldfinch in the yard
feeding at one time. However, I am sure as they
rotate during the day, I am feeding many more.
Also all the other colorful winter birds, with meal worms
out for the Blue Birds. And a lot of the birds are here
from Canada after flying over Lake Erie.

And at 6:30 AM I go out and put ten feeders up
for the day.  And I keep water out, so that has to be replaced
every couple hours as it freezes.

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Friday, February 4, 2022


 "Lynn, there's nothing to talk about today but me."

So I think I will entertain anyone who is taking valuable time
out of their day to look here with a store story, Precious.

I showed the outside of this big little city store front
of ours back in the Spring. 

I thought I would show some of the fun things they have
inside for sale.

It is a mix of new and vintage, hand made and imported fun

Wood floors and pressed tin ceiling from the early 1920's
when this was the Rexall Drug Store. Their name is in the
mosaic tiles at the front entrance still.

A couple years ago I bought a miniature grey cat figurine to
represent Precious in my curio cabinet.

"Well, it's a good thing something about this story includes
me, Lynn!"

And this Thursday morn we are having a serious ice storm.
It is to be followed with 8 inches of snow by Friday afternoon.
Hip hip hoorah for winter!

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