Friday, August 25, 2023

One Small Village

 "There you went off again without me, Lynn.  I should have a 

inferiority complex by now. But I'll just sleep it off."

"You went off on your bike again."

This small town on my bike path has little to offer in
big town living.  That is what makes it a fun place to 
visit. No hustle and bustle.

This marker indicates the high point of the rail trail between my big
little city and this small town.  It is a small incline coming and 
going, but nothing serious.

And I always enjoy seeing such lovely and well painted
murals.  This one has held up very well.  It was painted about
15 years ago.

To see all this when I start from my usual bike route, I am
going 60 miles round trip.  I try to do this at least two times
a year.  About the most these legs will do any more.

Full disclosure I took this trip and photos
before The Big Fiasco.

"Well, your legs would not get tired if you stayed home with
me where you belong.  So what if I am asleep 8 hours of
the day when you are gone."

I did get a 12 days after the wreck
and the 3 bone pieces are staying in place.
Now for more patience.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and a comment.
It is much appreciated.


  1. The mural is wonderful - a very convincing trompe-l'oeil.
    60 miles is a long ride - I applaud your stamina.
    I hope your hand is healing well and not causing too much pain - can't do anything about the inconvenience, sadly.

  2. You had a lovely bike ride before your accident! I'm glad you clarified that, because I was thinking, what??? You were biking with broken bones and a cast? LOL. I hope you're healing well. ♥

  3. Lovely photos up there Precious...
    Pity someone has stolen the clapper out
    of the bell...mind does have a ring
    to it..! :O).

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall..
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..
    All the kings horses and all the
    kings men...had scrambled
    eggs for breakfast...! :O).

  4. Dearest Lynn,
    Those are great photos and very fond memories for you prior to your accident.
    60 miles round trip is a lot! Our biggest trip has been 36 miles...
    We did bike the Virginia Creeper Trail for 17.6 miles. Keeping in mind that I bike with a 90+ heart patient husband!
    Yes, my broken bones have healed and post surgeries I've tried again to mount my 'new' bike. The accident bike got too compromised... and besides I didn't want to ever see it again due to the most painful memories. But the E–bike weighs more than half of my body weight as I'm still below 100 lbs... Not easy for crossing an intersection that also goes uphill. Went through my left knee once, did walk beside my bike till a friend's home where I sat down for resting and sipping water. Back home went okay!
    Oh, our kitties love to sleep and lounge—that's for sure!
    Lynn, are you using Strava? I'm on it under my full name as here in the comment.
    Big hugs,

    1. Good morning, I have been fortunate enough to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail from Abington to the top of white top a couple times. We used to spend many years in May at Mount Rogers National Recreation Area because we are added bird watchers and hikers. So glad to meet someone else who has ridden on this trail. Good luck with the new ebike I do know they are heavy. I certainly miss my lightweight bike for the rest of this summer. So I'm doing lots of walking. As a matter of fact I just finished having a bone density scan this morning. I've heard of Strava but I don't know what it is. Lynn

    2. Happy to read that you rode the Virginia Creeper Trail Lynn! is an app we have on our iPhone for tracking our walks or bikes. You can use it for more sports!

  5. Forgot:

  6. Great photos. We hope you are feeling better!

  7. Lovely trip and beautiful murals. I hope you are healing well.

  8. We had missed your weekly posts but hoped it was because you were healing up. Glad you and Precious are ok !

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to see us. I really appreciate that. I'm getting some wiggle back in my fingers have a few more weeks in the cast I guess.

  9. That mural sure is pretty! Dang, I can imagine going that far on a bike, I'd have to get an Uber home!

  10. Hello Lynn & Precious ... the mural is stunning. I too, love things like that. I was reading this & thinking Oh Gosh - Lynns wrist must be all better by now - that was quick. Then I read on further & realised this happened before "the big fiasco". I have been away to Mums again - another drop everything & rush trip. But am home again now & trying to catch up on some blogs. xx

    1. Julie, I hope that your Mum is doing okay under the circumstances. I am sure jumping in the car and having to rush off such a distance is very difficult when you're wondering what you're going to find. I've been thinking about her for a while as I hadn't seen you say anything.

  11. Glad you are healing. I am sure Precious is an excellent nurse. XO

  12. That cartoon cracks me up! Humans never learn where they belong, Precious.

  13. This would be a lovely place to ride.

    I pray you heal up quickly.

    Precious, people can't stay housebound, we have to go out to earn money to feed you, and then to go buy your food.

    Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

  14. I was wondering how you achieved the bicycle ride with a broken hand and other assorted injuries. Let's hope you will be able to achieve similar feats soon. And the murals are excellent; I thought they were real scenes at first.

  15. These are delightful photos, but my word- we're so sorry to read about the Big Fiasco! Hope things are healing.

  16. LYNN! I am delighted!!!! that you are well enough to go out on your bike and take such a nice trip on it! YES! And Precious, you have to allow your Mom to do this, as she left you with ample places to nap and foodies to nom on. She has to live too, you know.

    1. No biking Katie, broken hand will go on for a long time. These were from before.

  17. That mural is amazing. I love the scenes you capture for us!

  18. Precious, you and your mommy got me really laughing at your comment on my blog just now. And sorries for the misunderstanding XX

  19. Effurry cloud has a silver lining, Mummy says. Because Lynn can't go out biking, she has time to look over pictures from the past and show Us things We might have missed, because We haven't known you all that long, Precious. Also, of course, you have her safely at home with YOU.

  20. what you said about looking for bats and such is what ge=ot her smiling. She could just picture that!

  21. I just love small towns! That bell was dedicated on my birthday lol!! (Well I was born many years before it was dedicated). I have to read your other posts to find out what is going on!

  22. What a pawesome adventure, thank mew so much for sharing such an epic tour!


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