Friday, September 30, 2022

Whada ya mean, no refills

 "Just because it's not cat food? I love this stuff. Give me more."

                              Precious really does not have many human foods she

                                         wants or that I give her.  Her yogurt, tiny bits of brazil

                                         nuts and then this.  

This is Applegate deli turkey.  I don't buy it 
often at all.  Simply for my own personal
eating reasons.
But when I have this and even if Precious is
down the hall in her bed tent or up in the top
of the closet, the smell gets her in moments.

"Really Lynn, is that all I get?  You get a whole sandwich.
So unfair, us kitties are meat eaters, you humans munch
on all kinds of stuffs."

Sorry, sweetie pie, you're finished.
And last post you made me out to be the bad guy
since I measure your food only 2 times a day. 
But you forgot to tell you get to nibble all day long.

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Friday, September 23, 2022

Tales Told by Precious

"Let me tell 'em, let me tell 'em Lynn!"

Okay Precious. I'll put out the photos and
you tell the stories.

"I had to babysit 13 stinky poopy caterpillars fur
2 weeks, while Lynn did the milkweed grocery
shopping. She feeds them all day long while I just
almost withered away from lack of meals. I only get

" So I was so glad when these things flew away.
Lynn used her fingers to count that 12 of the 13
turned into butterflies about 2 a day fur a week."

"Then Lynn rode her bike one mile off 
the bike path to see these things called

"Lynn says local corn, wheat, soy farmer decided to
plant a massive field of sunflowers for the
bird seed industry.  All I know is she buys
hundreds of pounds to feed the birdies. 
Once again, did I mention, I get fed TWO times a day!"

"Then she got excited this 2 year old buck let her get
6 feet close to it.  Heck, at night I have them try to
nose bump me through the window."

"He was still with Mom and her yearlings
and her new fawns. There were 7 deer in this
tiny herd.
And they were eating all day long. 
Did I forget to tell you I only get fed 
TWO times a day!"

"Wait Lynn!  We have to say Happy Birthday
to Willie.  Are we sending him this tin of 
I bet he eats more than TWO times a day."

I don't think they are fresh enough, Precious.
I saw them in a restored Victorian house.

 "Psst, did I tell you only TWO times........."

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Friday, September 16, 2022

Biking past the past

 "Lynn, how do you do that?  Go past the past?"

I managed to do that by going on a bike ride
where the log cabins are and the antique cabooses are.

Mr. Paul Bunyan made his way down from Minnesota
for a visit.

And I was on a path that runs along the live line
for the Nelsonville scenic passenger train ride.

"Well, there you go leaving me at home alone all day
long. With nothing to do but sleep."

Precious, I headed home as soon as I saw this giant snow plow
engine.  I was afraid the weather was going to change from
sunny and warm to cold and snowy.

"Get on with feeding me already."

I'll get the crunchies as soon as I show off this 3 story tall
mural on the side of the Rocky Boot store.

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Friday, September 9, 2022

Beats the stuffin's outa me

"Lynn, what is wrong with this new toy?  I thought you

said it was the cats meow. Again, wrong."

So I buy another toy.  Of course, I have no
self control.  But this one seemed to be advertised
as very cat-nippy.

So when Precious gave it a thumbs (my thumbs of course) down,
I decided it was time for an autopsy of the blue thingy.
While I was at it, I figured I'd peel open the nanner and give
it a dose of new catnip.  After all, a good peel should be given
another shot at cat life.

 Well, if I'd had any idea what was in the new blue one,
I'd have had my camera ready to show you.  Disgusting,
it had maybe 1/2 teaspoon or less of catnip inside! Not
enough to catch the interest of any kitty. I'm here to 
tell you, (if your interested, mol) that a trained nippy-sniffing
hound dog could not have sniffed out this nip in an empty room!

I opened the nanner and found a whole bag of old un-fragrant
catnip!  So I filled it and stitched it shut.

The blue one,  I pulled a handful of polyester stuffing out 
and replaced it with 1/2 bag of fresh nippy and sewed it

"This better be good, Lynn."

"Lynn, I am CAT, I do not need a blood hound
to tell me if there is nippy in here."

So, human buyer, beware.  

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Friday, September 2, 2022

Cats along the way

"Lynn,  who are all these cats?  They aren't moving in are they?"

No, Precious.  These are just some of the friendly faces
I see when I bike the path.

This lovely and very very vocal kitty was on the
path right next to a small country plant nursery.
Don't know if that is where it lives and earns it's
keep catching the mice.  However, it was 
certainly quite friendly.

Now this lovely and friendly tortie was in a very
small rural town.

Unfortunately, it was not healthy and had
lost it's right eye.  Skinny beyond anything I
could imagine.  
I wasn't sure if I could bike 3 miles round trip
to the local tiny IGA and find any food to
give it and find it still in the same place.
But it was worth a try.  
I was lucky and found a 2.5 ounce bag of
soft treats.  Not knowing if the cat had any
good teeth or not, I really did not want to try
dry food.  And sharing my water bottle would
have been OK, but I thought soft food would 
be better.
Sure enough, it was hiding in the weeds and came
right out to me.  I put the food on the best place
I could find in the shade and the cat just devoured
it.  I offered it water in the lid of my bottle, however
it did not take any.  There was a small drainage
area close by and I figure it was drinking from there.
I wish I could save all these cats I see on my rides.
But there is no way for me to catch and carry them.

This clowder of kitties are from a grain silo on the opposite side
of the bike path.  They are always on this porch of this kind
person waiting for breakfast. Then off they go to the silos to 
hunt mice, I guess.

"Lynn, you make me cry.  I at least had the 
orphanage until you came along."

I know, I wish I could take them all there and
hope someone could adopt them. 

I almost forgot the big little city cat who I visit whenever
I can bike into town.  He says he is surrounded by the
Hounds of Fountainville.

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