Friday, April 28, 2023

Indoor Camping

"Lynn, don't put that sheet in the pantry.  I want it."

Precious, I am trying to fold laundry.
What are you going to do, go camping?

This bulge in the sheet is Precious.
I draped it over the basement stairs banister
for her enjoyment.  When she is finished camping in
a few weeks, it'll need a good washing.  All the
grey furs embedded in it will be unbelievable.

"What are you doing?  Trying to make me
look like I'm in jail?"

Nope, Precious,  I just wanted humans to see
the inside of your tent.  I had to raise the
"flap" to stick my head under  to get your picture.
Just don't try lighting a camp fire under there
just because it has turned back to winter.

We had extreme heat 2 weeks ago. And now
this week it is 30 degrees below normal every day.
The bird baths are frozen in the morns, and
we have had the "10" snows after the
forsythia blooms.  Oh yay, that is supposed to
be THREE snows.

"Oh my,  Lynn just read on The Poupounette that we have
spam folder on Blogger!  I have 74 comments and Lynn just clicked on 
many to load the comments where they were intended.
Thank you all very much and sorry Lynn did not see them earlier."

PS, I do not like computers at all and I am very
ignorant actually for this reason.

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Friday, April 21, 2023

She stepped out!

 "Lynn, this is a bit scary.  I like the warm air and sitting here with you but it is all so new to me.

Four or five times a year Precious and I spend
a lovely long weekend or even a full week at home
alone.  The first time this year it was in March and
the weather here meant staying inside unless I 
dressed like and Eskimo to take a walk.

The week after Easter, April 10 thru 16, we had an exceptionally
long week at home together.  And the weather was
picture perfect.  I biked 5 days out of 7. 
And had lots of weeding and pruning to do and loved
every bit of it.

So here I was sitting on the patio for a bit
in the shade as it was 79 degrees and hot in
the sun.  I have not put the screen door up yet
for the back but I left the glass slider open a few
inches so Precious could sit and smell the air.

She shocked me when she asked if she could come out and look
around.  She was tasting the air in this picture.  She never did
go all the way over to inspect the grass.  But she has never
been a grass eating girl.  Peepers and Seney loved to eat it.

Every time I moved a bit to get her picture
she started to bolt for inside.  Which is a good 
thing actually.

"Lynn,  I think I better go in and take a long
bath.  I must have gotten dirty just being out here."

The Ohio Wildlife Division has just issued a
warning statement that Lyme disease is up in Ohio.
I stopped to speak to a jogger while I was riding,
and he had stepped off the path just a couple feet
into some grass and immediately had ticks on him.
And this is just mid April.  One good reason
that I am glad Precious is not too interested in
However, on that note, she did go out 2 other
afternoons with me. I had my plants sunning
but they can not be planted until mid May
due to more frost will occur.

After a wonderful week, on Monday 17th we
had rain, sleet and snow.  Can't wait for real
Spring to get here and stay.

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Friday, April 14, 2023

Post-Easter Post

 "Lynn, what's with this bunny up here?"

"I'm shooting death rays at you with my eyes
fur the interuption."

Precious couldn't make up her mind to go upstairs
or not.  So I thought she'd get a bit jealous if
the rabbit was in her spot.  We had a couple mornings
when it was peaceful and not blowing gales and 
thundering.  She went up for her morning nap.

"I am not going to give that rabbit the time of day.
I just am tired of hiding out under the bed.  I thought
I gave it up a couple weeks ago when the furnace
did not need to run non-stop. But the Thunder
Boomers have been awful."

And as this week has been just shooting along, it is
super sunny and extra warm.  So I have had the
fun of being on my bike a few days in a row.
Loving it.

"Lynn, what's with the fake bunnies.  I saw
real live bunnies in the backyard in the dark
morning and they were cavorting around.  That's 
correct hoomans, this is the word fur girl bunnies
to decide if they want a certain boy bunny.  Soon
we oughta have babies."

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Friday, April 7, 2023

Brushing Up for Easter

 "Lynn, get the ears, chin, cheeks, and of course all the

rest of my grey onesie, please."

"That's about purr-fect."

This is the 5 PM routine every day of the week.
And if I am late, Precious lets me know she is waiting.
And this is my reward at 5:30.
Three hours of leg time.

"I am getting all groomed fur 
Easter Sunday this weekend."

Happy Easter, Sunday April 9.

Some of our furry feline friends are having Passover
this week. We wish them peace and blessings.

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Three for Tea Please

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