Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Santa delivered

"Santa brought me just what I wanted, Lynn!" 

"I can never have enough sacks to lay on."

Maybe you can pick out Precious's scratchy 
post in the top right of the above photo. It is
actually a cardboard tube wrapped in sisal
(coarse rope) and on the table leg, so no tip
overs of a free standing post and it is well
used this way.  Had to tip the table over to 
install this and every couple years, it has to be
turned upside down to even out the rope as it
gets scratched so much. 

"How did he know what size bags to bring?"

"How did he know where I live? And the paper
shopping bag from the bike store.  We can play
frog on it all evening long. Just get ready to
flip the frog, Lynn."

Precious is easy to please.  Me, I wonder how
many sacks I can have on the floor at one time. 
Just like having stepping stones in the house, but 
hey, she's happy and no one is coming here to visit
during these times. No pressure on my part to keep
every thing picked and and put away.

As for my gift, I woke up Dec.25 to 10 inches of snow,
and 13 degrees (-10C). It was to be 1 to 2 inches, but I
guess St. Nick needed more for those reindeer of his.
I spent a few hours just shoveling snow and part of it
was to clear paths to the bird feeders as you can see here.

Happy New Year from Precious and Lynn

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Traditions

"Lynn, let's decorate the tree with the Fancy Feast Kitties."

I have mostly cat related ornaments for the tree. Most are
the Fancy Feast ones I was able to get from 1997 to 2012.
You had to have dozens of can labels and a bit of money,
so I saved every label off every can of food Seney would
eat. Not that she usually ate a whole can! She was so 
picky and finicky her entire 20 years. 

When Seney died on Christmas Eve, 2012 that put
an end to tradition.  However Precious and I have
our own tradition of getting them all out and putting them
on a much smaller tree, as the years go by. Basically,
I believe Precious would rather have them for toys,
but that isn't likely to happen.

"Don't let Santa know I'm under the tree skirt.
I'm hoping to see him come in with my favorite
treats and wacky weed.  I've been very very good."

Merry Christmas to each and everyone. I have
truly enjoyed doing the blog this past year. And every
one of you who have visited are in my prayers for
a wonderful new year ahead.  Lynn


Saturday, December 19, 2020

Take sun where we can get it

She's a sun beam seeker.

Winter is here, not it's worse yet, but cold. And Precious
seeks out any sun ray she can find in the late afternoon
when the sun is coming in the front west facing window.

On days when it isn't too cold, after the sun warms up
the front door and porch, I'll open the door for a bit. Not
energy efficient, however, I think I can take the furnace
running a bit more for her pleasure.  It is certainly short
lived as the sun goes behind the bare trees across the road.
Then it is daylight a while longer but quickly too cold.

"Gosh, Lynn, were are the butterflies and humming birds?
They've all left me and now I just have dry leaves blowing
all about the yard! I'd love to catch them!"

We had a "snow incident" the next morning. Just ask me what
that means! It used to be called a snow storm when it was inches
deep, now the weather girl ( I know, don't call her a girl)
uses new terms for old weather patterns. And yes, I consider her
a girl, she looks too old to be my granddaughter, and so young
she'd could be the youngest child, if I'd have had kids.


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Trip to the Orphanage

"Tell me all about it Lynn. Was it like I 

I finally finished 5 cat beds and took them in to the Humane
Society for Christmas gift. I was very glad to see the changes
they have made recently. When I went in June, to drop off all
the toys and treats that were Precious's, I did not go inside. This
time there was only one visitor car in the lot, so I put on my mask
and went in. 
The above is the 'community" play room. They only put a few cats
in here at a time, and ones that they know they get along well. It
used to be full of cats, as this was just one of the 4 man size "cages"
that all cats had to live in. Regardless of how well they got along or
not.  Very stressful for cats to live like that. No wonder Precious
was less than 5 pounds at 14 months old. She was too shy to fight 
her way to the food and water bowls. Like so many cats.

I took some pictures of the cats and older kittens.

They keep the really small kittens in the basement
until they are fostered out or old enough to be introduced
to older cats.

I was really glad to see they have replaced 3 cage rooms
with individual cat cages. I believe that is better for the
cats. Not 15 cats using one litter box, that just can't be
cleaned often enough or group food dishes they may
end up fighting over.

"Gosh Lynn, I wish I had had my own cubby, with
private powder room, Limoges china dishes, and 
Eider down bed."

Well, Precious, I won't burst your wishful thinking
bubble.  Not all was just like that, but it certainly
was so much better.  And without the community 
bathroom, the house smelled so much nicer.

Of course, I would have brought 1/2 of the cats home
with me if only I could. One reason I do not go in to
see them when I drop things off and make a donation.
Too heartbreaking. But this is a no-kill home and they
do have a very. good adoption rate.

"I'll sleep better knowing the orphans are safe
and warm and I helped make the beds. But a good
thing, Lynn, you did not bring me home a mate!"

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Pause for the paws

 "Hey, Lynn, let me smell your paw."

Precious always has to sniff my hand many times a day.
I really don't know if she is inspecting me for cleanliness
or to see if I have been holding back of some flavorful
food. When she won't otherwise give  me the time of day 
(and she knows certain times of day!), 
 if I put my hand out she'll just spend minutes going
over it.

I thought I'd put out just a couple warm weather pictures, as
there are no summer temps now.

If you can make it out, this kitty is often on the bike
path at a farm I ride by. I have been seeing him since early
this Spring when he was so tiny. And friendly now, 
but not so I can get off the bike and pet it or get a better
picture. I love cats. They have dogs too, and not unusual
to see them with the cat. But as you can see,
 no dog picture!

A Hackberry Butterfly.  Their caterpillars only eat the
leaves of a hackberry tree, which here is related to the 
elm. I really do not see these often so I do not believe we
have many hackberry trees in the area. They are beautiful
in a subtle way with their more brown like wings and only
about 3 inch winch span.

One more for the road. A peacock at a lovely garden I
visit once a year about 40 miles north of home.I had
ridden my bike the 40 miles, all on Rail Trail. And
had a great time seeing the plants and flowers. He was 
very interested in my walnuts that I had for a snack.
However, it did not peck me and I didn't feed it.

"Well, Lynn, that wasn't your usually scary wildlife.
I'd love to taste some peacock for supper and chase
the butterfly if I could. 
Good thing you did not touch that outdoor cat. I really
would have given your hand a once over and a bite!"

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Oh no, snow!

 "Lynn, where is chippie? Why is the patio so shiny and yucky


Poor Precious. We have had days and days
of rain. So dark and boring and of course, chippie
is under the patio eating his stash. Why come out for
more in this? He'd need a rain coat.
I'm glad it is late November rain and not early snow. I
know our northern neighbors are dealing with much colder
and whiter weather.  I've already seen the influx of winter
birds. They say the most in 20 years due to food shortage
in Canada for them.

"Well, gosh Lynn, how do you think I feel? 
No sun puddle to lie in and chippie hiding
from me! You've got nothing to complain

And then December first came with 6 inches
of snow.

"What does this mean Lynn?  Where's my
chippie?  Dig 'im out, save 'im!"

Time to move the cat tree

"I haven't been climbing as much as I used to. Not on the tree, just up into the closet.  So let's move the tree Lynn.  After a...