Friday, July 28, 2023

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

 "Lynn, enough already, I know I make you happy when skies are

grey.  Can anyone out there hear this caterwaulin'?  I'm back already.

"If anyone 'members,  a few weeks ago this
Pest Control pest with hands the size of baseball
mitts, pounded on the glass door and scared the
bejeebers outa me."

"I have been hiding under the bed ev-furry evening
after my many hair brushin's and my very doled out
crunchies instead of giving Lynn her 3 hours of leg time.
 Then I finally decide a couple days ago that I have 
forgotten why I am doing that and got on her legs
fur TV and book time."

"Then what does she do but call some kind of
'puter geek to come fix a problem fur her. So of
course I'm back under the bed fur days again.
Then this 'puter person comes back with a new laptop
thing a ma jig and it has Windows 11 on it.  I do not
know if it has eleven windows or not.  I went back under
the bed.  But I think I may have forgotten and forgiven
her since it has been fairly quiet again.  We did have
a short thunder boomer this week that sent me flying
off her legs, but without me clawing on the way."

Dear sweet Precious, I am so sorry that all this has occured
on your watch.  I did not want any rat poison from that 
pest control person,  I did not want a PC failure, and
I did not want a new laptop.  But humans just don't
seem to live by kitty rules.  Hopefully we will have
some peace and quiet for a long time now.

I recently drove 15 miles to bike 24 round trip.
At the end of the 12 is a fantastic botanical garden
I try to visit every summer.
I was impressed by this garden artwork and will
show a few Lego giants as a blogging friend
1/2 way around the world and down under may
enjoy.  She takes her grandson to Library Tuesday Lego day.

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Friday, July 21, 2023

Nippy Video

"Lynn, I love rolling around out here on the patio."

Precious, I am just glad I caught caught you on film.
Of course, your head is out of sight.
But when ever you see me with the camera,
you stop what ever you are doing and I don't
get the pictures I want.

"I know, Lynn, we kitties are smarter than humans.
We know how we can get your goat."

I'll do orange flowers this week.  I have 1/2 dozen of
these butterfly weed plants and on the day I took this
photo, I saw my first Monarch for the year. And she
was laying eggs every where!  Add a few more butterflies
and I don't know the plants will feed them all. These
plants are in a different flower bed and I have a mix
of plants there.

So I brought in just one of the baby caterpillars one day
after it hatched.  I'll have to pick milkweed leaves from
ditch areas to feed it as it grows.  
The flowering plants I have will
have to support all the others.

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Friday, July 14, 2023

Childrens' Garden with Bee Sting

 "Lynn, a giant must sit in that chair. Maybe from Jack and the 

Bean Stalk."

I think it probably does belong to him, Precious.

When I start my ride from closest to home and go
15 miles down to the big little city, I am within a mile
of the Children's Garden.  The above mural represents
Johnny Appleseed.

And this one is for The Secret Garden.

The plantings and the miniature buildings were
all done by students of the local vocational school. 
The garden is on the school's property.

The tiny log cabin can be entered by an adult
from the side door.  The front door is meant for
little tykes.

The rose bed and the perennials and the annuals 
the students plant and tend are just beautiful.
Complete with a tiny waterfall for a frog pond.

I usually pack my lunch and stay a while.
Sitting at a table in the gazebo. 

"Hurry home Lynn, I am most concerned you
will go up the bean stalk and fe-fi-fo-fum,
you'll be done.  That'll mean my dinner will
not be served on time."

I'll post a pink flower photo from a walk around
my home area.  It is milk week with a 
Great Spangled Fritilary Butterfly.

And for those that may remember my fat lip when I kissed
the wrong end of a bee while biking. And Precious
would have nothing to do with me and my funny face.

I had another bike incident with a bee this week.
I was wearing my wrap around glasses and helmet,
and I saw I was riding right into a black and yellow
bumble bee or maybe even the larger wood borer.
He hit my glasses and then slipped in between the
helmet and goggles and got me good! Or bad.
So, the Bug Bite Thing really really does work.
If conditions are right.  I was 100 yards from a  restroom
that has a mirror.  As being stung on the left temple could
only be seen this way.  I sucked out the stinger and the
venom fairly quickly.  and thank goodness for that
as he must have stung me in a nerve, as I got an 
immediate major headache across my forehead and
into the right temple.  Within minutes of sucking out
what I could, the pain lessened as did the headache.
Once again, I was 10 miles from my vehicle and then
the drive home!

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Friday, July 7, 2023

Out 'er In, Make up your mind

 "I can't make up my mind, Lynn.  Just leave the door open."

"I might want to jump back in and get a nibble of food."

"And if the door stays open, maybe a bug or two will
fly inside.  Then I'll have somethin' to chase later.
Or you'll get a bug bite and use your bug bitey thingy."

"Even better, the chipmunk might run into the house,
thinking it is safer in since I am out.  Then I really will
have some indoor entertainment."

Oh no, Precious, you go out or in, but I'll not have that
chippie in the house.  Talk about a disaster in the making!

Bee Balm/Monarda.  Nothing pink after this until about the
first of August, then I have 9 pink sedums.
And I do not want to think of summer going so fast.

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