Friday, August 11, 2023

The Big Fiasco, bee stings are better

"Lynn, how many times do I ask you not to go anywhere?  When will you listen to me!"

I know Precious.  We were having 7 whole days of
just us girls.  With me bike riding after you had breakfast,
patio time and then off to bed.

I don't want to gross anyone out, so scroll quickly by.

And I'll spare you my face!
Needless to say the concrete bike path and I
had a falling out over a crack.
My eye glasses were destroyed and my helmet
saved my face some.  The one day I decide not to
wear safety glasses.  And my Cho-Pat knee braces
Saved my knees from worse, too.

Now my left hand is a different story.  Broken hand bone.
 I knew as soon as I got up and lifted the bike something
serious was going on.  My left fore finger had shrunk 1/4 inch
and when I tried to pull on it to hopefully just have it
out of the socket, I heard and felt the crunch.

I was 100 yards from a public park bath and carry a
thick absorbent towel with me.  I was able to wash the
knees.  There was no mirror, thank goodness but had
blood running down so I washed my face.

I then had to bike 16 miles one handed back to my van.
2 hours later I was home cleaning up.  I saved the
trip to ER until the next morn.  If that was not enough
they made me an appointment for the next day to see a
"real" doctor to get the temp cast replaced with a 
"real" one!

Rock hard fiberglass for 10 weeks for a
compound break.  
All this while home alone for 5 more days, lol.

"I'll try to be sympathetic.  But you have just
messed up my schedule."

  and she hatched in the midst

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  1. Oh! My goodness Lynn...Poor! Poor! You...! :(.
    Though l think the time has come..that you
    need to listen to Precious advice...!
    She probably thinks that your turning into a
    right 'HEEL'...a bloody heel at that...HeHe! Bless! :). can always wear a black hat, a black
    eye~patch, and carry a sword...and pretend to be
    a 'one armed bandit'...! :).
    Poor Precious, to have to put up with such excitement.
    At least the flutterfly is still hanging around...! :O).

  2. Dearest Lynn,
    That was no fun but glad you wore a helmet!
    It sure saved my life on February 21 when that woman hit me on my left chest side at 35 mi/hr. My lung, tear in aorta changed my entire life and I'm still struggling to gain weight. The 3 fractures are healed and also the wounds...

    1. It has been 22 years since I was crushed in a head on
      car wreck by a sleeping driver. 4 years later I got on a
      bike and this is an aggravating end to summer. So I
      understand what you are struggling with.

  3. Oh my, that sure is awful but I'm glad you are as "okay" as can be after all that. Heal quickly.

  4. Oh Lynn... Holy cr@p!!! Oh my gosh!!! I'm so sorry that happened to you. My scraped and bruised shin is nothing to that. I'm sending you tons of healing energy... Please take good care of yourself and don't overdue it, that would only delay the healing. Hugs!!

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your mishap, Lynn! Mishap hardly sounds a strong enough word for all your injuries. I hope you heal well and aren't in too much pain.

  6. oh my cod!!! precious, yoo butter take gud care of yoor mum!!! we hope dee mum feel butter berry, berry soonest!! jus terribul stuff

  7. Lynn, Precious too. This is an awful thing to happen. I am so so sorry that it did. Thank heavens you were able to get back to the car but how bad that had to have been, doing so. My inner wrist was broken some years ago from me running on asphalt and my toe catching. I had 6 weeks in the rock hard cast up to my elbow and it was my right arm. Lynn, I am grateful that it wasn't even worse. Precious whispered to Katie that she will do the dishes for you. Hugs and purrs from me and Her.

  8. Oh, you poor soul. How on earth you made it back to the van is a miracle. You are certainly made of tough stuff. I hope your recovery is problem-free. Take it easy and let Precious nurse you - there's nothing like a warm, purring cat to make one feel better.

  9. Gosh - we send purrayers and Power of the Paw to you and Precious !

  10. Ouch! I am sorry that happened to you. I am sure Precious will take good care of you. Beautiful monarch. XO

  11. Ouch, you poor thing! But you're right, Precious. If she'd stayed home with you it wouldn't have happened...

  12. I'm so sorry this happened to you, I will pray for your speedy recovery and healing. Under the circumstances, the fact you are blogging is amazing to me, so i especially thank you for joining Feline Friday.

  13. So sorry Lynn & gosh it could have been alot worse if you'd broken your knee as well! That sure was some crash! I hope everything mends really well & quickly for you. I think the bike might be parked up for qute awhile! Precious will be pleased that Mum has to stay home for awhile - are you able to still do lap time & brush time I wonder. Take care both of you x0x0

  14. Holy crap, what an accident. It must have been dreadful bicycling back to your van. Thank goodness you were wearing a helmet, but it must have been some landing to break your hand. Now ten weeks in a cast... I hope Precious allows you light duties only. (But it was nice to see some beauty in the middle of all this with the butterfly's appearance...)

  15. Oh Lynn, that is horrible what you went through. It's amazing that you could still bike out after being so badly injured. I hope you have a cell phone so you can call for help, if necessary. I'm sending you healing thoughts for a quick recovery.

    Not that it's very significant, but would you allow me to make a meme with Precious every now and then? Could be good for a laugh, or at least a smile.

    1. You are so kind. Precious and I would be honored. Almost all the kitties I have seen are ones I follow their blog. I could have called for our county pay and ride, but the bike would have been an issue and the length of wasted time I needed to clean up. Life, huh.

  16. Oh my word, you have had an exceedingly bad time of it. I guess this is why cats don't cycle! Jesting asside, I hope you heal quickly and without pain, and soon back on your bike, safely avoiding cracks and the like.
    Precious, you are just going to have to insist on extra you time to make up for the schedule change ;) In the meantime, apply your healing purrs...

  17. Oh heavens! You HAVE been in the wars, haven't you? Thank goodness you were at least wearing your helmet!
    Well, at least you have your own purrymedic to look after you while you are laid up.
    The butterfly is beautiful!

  18. Goodness gracious! Precious we are sending you lots of strength as nursing Lynn back to health is difficult. We are also sending Lynn healing purrs and very gentle whisker kisses and head bonks. We hope she heals well (and quickly) and that the bruising was not too bad. What strength to pedal back that far! Keep being awesome ladies! Purrs Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo and Mom

  19. She and I came to see how you are. I hope you are healing and that Precious is helping out.

  20. Oh Lynn! I am so so sorry to hear about your awful bike accident - I can't believe you had to ride 16 miles back to your van after it happened, wow! You are determined! So thankful you had taken extra precautions with the helmet and knee pads! Precious - thankful you are taking extra time out of your busy schedule to care for Lynn! Love and hugs to you both :)

  21. Oh Lynn, I am so sorry. What a bad fall you had. Hope it all heals real soon. You are just going to have to listen to Precious more, and stay home. :) Precious, that look on your face is, well, just precious. You take good care of your Lynn.

  22. Oh goodness Miz Lynn, I am so sad that yoo had an awful crash. See, this is why kittehs do not bicycle. Gosh, I hope yoo feel better soon, but I am sending vewy pawerful healing purrs that will eventually put yoo back on yoor feet. Please make sure yoo stay on yoor feet. Bicycles are the devil's vehicle. Love, Dori

  23. Oh Lynn, I am so sorry. You were so brave walking all that way. I am glad you were taken care of. Take it slow and easy.

  24. I did a face plant so I understand pain but nothing you have! Please take care and listen to your fur baby. Better get all the rest and relaxation you can. Grateful you were taken care of.

  25. I hope you are healing now and your hand isn't too painful.

  26. I do hope you are getting better. Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

  27. Ouch! We hope you heal quickly. Emily and Willow send healing purrs.

  28. Replies
    1. she's got some finger wiggle meow and she can give me lots of brushies too.

  29. OMG this is just horrible!!!! You poor thing! How are you feeling now? I cannot believe you had to bike 16 miles back hurt like that! you are BEYOND STRONG! I am so sorry this happened to you.....praying for a seamless recovery. Sending you love and many, many hugs.

    1. You are so kind. I have 3 more weeks until next xray and hope it is out of the cast then.


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