Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Bits and Pieces, Bits and Pieces

 "Lynn, are you writing mulligan stew?"

My 18 year old cactus is in full bloom right now.  Back when
Precious moved in lock-stock-and litter box, she was 14 months
old.  After she realized she had the place to herself, she 
started being curious and investigative. She tried eating this
as it was in bloom when she got here.  I quickly got a pot hanger
and put it up too high for her to reach.  However, she spent hours
climbing on the back of the couch trying to reach it.  Now days
she has no interest in the plant, so when I bring it in for the
winter, it shares her window seat for sun.

"I'd rather sleep."

I bought this 25 years ago and have read it over and over.
I just finished it again. I have it memorized and love it.
Precious lets me read in the evenings, but it is not an
easy task. I have to keep my right hand on her chest at
all times, so holding the book left handed and turning pages
can be a challenge.

"I'd rather sleep."

And lastly, my product tester found the flaw in my
crochet bolster.  The stuffing comes out with diamond
sharp claws.  NOT GOOD.  So I took it apart just a bit
and pulled out the stuffing, sewed up a snake like tube
and stuffed it.  Then had to get it into the round bolster.
Took about 2 hours. No more loose stuffing. So I  think
the product tester gets to keep this one.

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you have
turkey, stew or crunchies (like me). I'd still
rather sleep."

Any me, I have all the above and much more to be
thankful for every day.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Night time visitor

"Lynn, I hear someone at the door!  

So here it is at bedtime, when the lights are off and
I'm ready to call it a night.  Then Precious goes for
the front door like a streak of lightening. These photos
are taken with my camera flash, as the inside was dark.

This is Blackie, as I call him.  He lives down the road
and frequents here for making trouble, drinking bird bath
water, and eating Precious's catnip. That is why he is at the
front door, where the nippy is. Protected by a metal hardware
cloth screen and 2 two foot metal posts.  He gets all that grows
through and drips down over.

He's a very handsome fellow. Along the lines of a
pure black Maine Coon and about 6 years old. 
These 2 hiss and spit at each other, but seem to enjoy
doing it for as long as I keep the door open.  It was
cold this particular night, and I only let them visit for
5 or 6 minutes.  I am sure Precious spent a lot of
time looking out the window after I went to bed.

"And Lynn, you thought I didn't have good
ears! I heard him chewing my nippy through 2 doors.
He better have left me some."


Tuesday, November 17, 2020

3 down and 2 to go

 "I'm not sure which one I like best."

So, I have gotten 3 cat beds made so far. With enough
yarn for 2 more. The fake furs were easy enough to sew
up with lots of layers of quilt batting for warmth and cush.
Fleece on the back side, and Precious can't make up her mind
whether she likes fur up or fleece up.  She kneeds her toes in
the fur only. 
Now the crochet was a different and slower bed to make. I just
used 2 strands of yarn together to crochet the bottom and then the
side is a long tube filed with poly fill.  Just my own pattern of
going round and round.  Not sure the next one of yarn will be
like this. I found a pattern on line I will try.

"Oh Lynn, this is so soothing to my poor tootsies, now
you have cut my razor sharp claws. I am just going
to break these beds in a bit for the orphans. I figure if
there is cat fur on them, they won't be afraid to lay on them
and get a good warm nap."

Funny thing is, Precious changes her sleeping
accommodations  every few months.  All
summer long, she has been under the bed by
7 am and stayed there till 2 pm.  Now with the
advent of chipmunks, she stays in the living room
most of the morning and then takes a nap up in
the closet, on one of her 5 beds.  When the chippies
go into light hibernation, I wonder where she'll
sleep next.  Also, she is so worn out now, by
5:30 pm, she wants my legs until I make her
get up at 8:30 pm or so, so I can make a potty

Friday, November 13, 2020

Big help

 "Everyone already knows this is too small, Lynn."

It certainly was not anywhere near finished when this
photo was taken.  However, between household work,
and good weather for biking, it took some time for me
to finish up this one. Just don't count the stitches,
or notice my own pattern on it. Going round and round
to get it full grown cat size is a bit slow.

The week of cold wet weather was when I really got 
going on it. Now I have enough yarn for 2 more.  I
just like crochet and I usually do fine thread doilies for
enjoyment of it. Then in the past, they have gone out to
the yard sale. Don't need a heap of them around. Just my
hobby in the winter. So with yarn it is a bit different. Also
goes just as slowly.

On a different note, my library branch has had to go
back to pick up window only. They have a large room
in the local village municipal building, and the mayor
decided to close the building until at least Dec. 1.
Covid is now as bad in my rural county as in the 
larger cities. And why, do you ask?  Because people
just refuse to wear masks, stay out of large gatherings and
wash hands.  Who knew adults had to be told how to
take precautions!  People just never grow up.  So,
I'm done ranting.  At least I can order books and still
gather them close to home.  However, our governor
is thinking this time next week the bars and restaurants
will have to close. 

"Lynn, this is just perfect size for my tiny self. And look
how soft and fuzzy my photo came out. Real life, I am
just a fuzzie wuzzie."

Monday, November 9, 2020

Nuts for the nutty

"Lookie, Lynn. Chippie is here! Let me at 'em!"

It's the time of year when the leaves are off the trees
and the walnuts and acorns are everywhere in the yard.
This is the time of year Precious is willing to stay awake
during the day and watch the patio for hours.  I gather up
a few acorns and put on the patio on purpose to get the
chipmunks to spend a bit of time close up. Otherwise,
they are constantly just running by with their heads full
of acorns. So funny to see their cheeks puffed out.

Then they get full and just sit and preen for the
longest time, not a care in the world. 

And there is the yard full of squirrels! Oh my. They are
getting walnuts and acorns, and burying them as fast as 
they pick them up.

And this is the only time I can call Precious out of  her
nap time and she'll answer to a word other than "chickie"
(my word for dinner time).
I just use an urgent whisper of  "Precious, chippie,
squirrellie, birdie" and I hear the loud thump of her getting
down from her bunk bed way down the hall to come out.
She is so funny to see, as she comes into the kitchen at a fast
paced crouch as a wild cat on the hunt.

"Well gosh Lynn, any respectable cat worth her
weight in acorns would come running to catch
this thief.:


Thursday, November 5, 2020

What a pleasant surprise

 "Wow, Lynn, another new bag for itty bitty me?"

Well, folks, the carryall is actually a surprise gift to
me, not Precious.  But of course, she is the first to actually
use it.  The branch library finally opened it's doors to allow
people inside on October 5.  And apparently, I was one
of the first 50 people to go in and pick up books.  Each one
of us was entered into a drawing, unbeknownst to us.  
And I was first place winner!  The bag had a red Tshirt with
same logo, and dark blue apron with "Read" printed on it,
ink pen, block of post-it-note paper, hand sanitizer and
bag of M&M's and a cloth mask.  

I'm still ordering dvds and books online and just running
in for a pick up.  The library is still offering to meet you
at the window for a quick hand over, but I look around
the parking lot and if it is practically empty, I like to say
hello to these nice workers. 

It had been 8 days straight of dark and damp and not a bit of
sunshine on the day the librarian called me.  This was such an
amazing pick me up, I couldn't believe.

"I think I'll just use this for a nap instead of the
blue bag, Lynn. Tell the library lady I love it
and I'll send it over to be filled with books
some day. Of course it'll be fur covered by then."

And on a note of time change, how I do not like doing
it Fall or Spring. This past Sunday morn was the usual
difficulty of trying to stay in bed till the "new" 5:30 when
I was awake for over an hour on my "old" schedule. And
then Precious does not understand why she has to wait for
her breakfast. 

"Oh, Lynn, this looks like I'm washing my
breakfast off the whiskers.  I'm really just
trying to get primped for the photo shoot."

Time to move the cat tree

"I haven't been climbing as much as I used to. Not on the tree, just up into the closet.  So let's move the tree Lynn.  After a...