Friday, October 27, 2023

It's MY Story, so I'm Telling It.

 My Monday started out horrible at 5:30 AM, because when I went outside, it was dark and starry and 28. Lynn said the bird bath were froze. So I did not stay out long. When I came in I found all doors were closed to my rooms! I knew instantly what was apaw. 

  I even started caterwauling. I've never done that before. Those Calm Cat treats were OK, but I was not calm. Here's me hiding under the footrest of Lynn's chair listening to the sound of the garage door going up and the Travel Vehicle warming up.

I did scream a bit in the TV but not as much as usual.  And before,
when I git to Dr. Feelbad's office, they gave me a private room
immediately as my singing seems to make the wolfies howl.
Not this time, so I did hide in my PTU and only cry instead of
I got my bloods sucked out, but not my pee. And then
Dr. F squeezed around on my belly reminding Lynn I have
a tubby tummy and he could not feel my kidneys easily.
Who cares! They're my kidneys.
He did say I lost weight. I went fur-om 15.6 to only 15.1.
Dr. Feelbad wants me to weigh 13 pounds, does he have any
idea how much it would run me to git a new grey fur onesie
if I loose 2 dress sizes!
I then got my rabies shot and a steroid shot 'cause he thinks
I am showing signs of allergies. Fur-om outside time, maybe.

Lynn says he has not told her yet about my blood
test.  I may have hot red blood or I may have ice
water in my veins.

Lynn is still giving me Calm Cat treats mostly 'cause
I deserve extra treats.  I felt furry bad on Tuesday and only
went out in the AM dark for a few minutes.  Only ate 1/2 of
my breakfast. Then I stayed under the bed until supper time.
I did eventually give Lynn legs late, 6:30.
On Wednesday morn, I was back to usual.  I even had a 
long visit with a young opossum outside my fence!

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Friday, October 20, 2023

Ha! What goes around comes around, Lynn.

 "I will tell you, Lynn got a bunch of vaccines in the past 9 days. Now me, I would never volunteer and good thing I do not know what is coming my way on the 23rd."

"Lynn has since plugged in the Feliaway bottle since this
picture was taken first.  Me thinking on the PTU and why
it is all of a sudden sitting on the bedroom floor.  I am
guessing I will not like finding out why."

I have called, and Precious will have her breakfast. And
I hope she likes the calm treats and they help.
I am not going to let them use a needle to extract urine,
but I am going ahead with the blood test.

This was taken during early summer.

"It rained here a bit one morning in the dark of 5:30 AM,
and I went out into it.  Got my furs wet and did not really care.
I even got into my bed tent whilst I was damp."

"Lynn got herself an influenza and 2nd dose of Shingles and
her new Pfizer '23 covid shot.  She said she has never had a 
flu shot give her a reaction before, but this one made her ache
and pain and not sleep all night.  Then she got over it the next
morn. She did not get them all in the same day."

Honestly Precious,  I let the pharmacist talk me into some "super"
influenza shot as I am considered old.  I think the regular strength
would have been better.  I will remember this next year!

"I dare you Lynn, I double dare you to tell ev-furry one why
you got those shots.  Oh yes, hoomans, she wanted to
prove to me that shots are OK and not at all bad. 
Look what happened to her.  Ha!"

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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Thank you fur sharing ideas

 "Lynn and I thank you fur yer ideas on calming treat and fur if

I should git food on the day of doom.  Dr. Feelbad visit."

"Since I do not understand what the hulabalu is about
just yet, I am restin' comfortably in my own little world."

Precious goes in for her annual on Monday Oct. 23. 
I appreciate your ideas and input. I do have to tell you
the person who took my appointment phone call was
NOT a vet tech.  She freely admitted to being the on-site
dog groomer and a pet sitter.
Therefore I must decide to call back and ask a tech if
the fasting is truly necessary as Precious has been so healthy.
Also, the groomer did recommend I call in and see if I
could pick up a medicine to relax Precious, pill form
or liquid. I know forcing something down her throat 
before going will just really make her happy.
I going to get out her soft carrier and spray it with
the Feliaway stuff and let it sit out the next couple weeks.
She really just avoids it when she sees it.

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Friday, October 6, 2023

Has anyone used this?

  I found this cat relaxant at a big box store. I plan to use it

when Precious has her next doctor appointment.

I usually go to one of the large cities only once
or twice a year.  All are 50 miles or more away
from our big little city.

I found this in the pet department and decided to
buy it.  It has a shelf date of 2024 and I have not
opened it.

I don't even know if Precious will like the smell
or taste of it anyway.  But if she will eat it that morning
in question, maybe she will be less stressed by the 
trip and the exam.  2 years ago I let them do a thorough
health exam and then 2 weeks later she had her teeth
cleaned.  She was one miserable cat for 3 weeks.

"Lynn, are you talking about taking me out again this
year to see the doctor who thinks I am obese?  And pokes
and prods and pinches and stabs me?  I'll need more
than just a bag of magic treats."

I plan to have her blood tested this year as she
approaches 12.  I skipped last year as it traumatized
her something awful 2 years ago.  The person answering
the phone thought Precious should come in for her
8 AM appointment on an empty stomach.  I did not
do that last time nor did they say.
Any opinions on if I should keep her off her

"I'll tell y'all a cee-curt if you purr-omise not
to tell Dr. Sawbones.  Lynn RODE her bike this past
week.  She said she simply could not miss the last great
weather of the year.  I was in my bed tent after an
exhausting few hours moth catching and I did not even
listen to her tell me until it was too late fur me to stop her."

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Three for Tea Please

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