Friday, March 25, 2022

I bought myself a new cat toy

"Lynn, what is this thing?  It doesn't even smell like wacky

weed!  You take it away."

I only make it to any one of the 3 big cities a couple
times a year.  Each one is 40 or more miles away and
I am not a shopper, so I don't really have much want
or need to visit.
But when I do, I always go into the big box pet stores.
One hosts Humane Society cats for adoption and I always
want to see the cats.  
So I end up looking at "toys" for Precious.  Why oh why
do I bother.  
This one caught my eye because it has a crinkly sounding
skirt.  But no catnip at all.  Thought the noise might make
it fun.  But nope, no interest at all.

It now sits on her unused fancy cat bed in the living area.
But that is OK as Precious uses my legs instead.
Good thing I only waste a few dollars once or twice a year.
It would have been better spent on her food.

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Friday, March 18, 2022

Movie Star

 "All the other kitty blogs have movies out and won Oscars!

Finally one of me!"

Well, I took this a year ago, just to let you know it is
on one of the fake fur beds I made for the orphans.
I did let Precious try out her tootsies on it, though.

Don't feel you need to watch the whole 11 seconds of
it.  I wasn't even sure the phone video would do a 
descent job and I forgot to hit the stop button after
just a few seconds.

"I don't often have my tootsies working so hard 
except up in my high altitude beds, Lynn."

A little Renior artwork I did of Precious.
Thanks to Picture to People website. 

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Friday, March 11, 2022

The (free) gift that keeps on giving

 "You know of all my bags, this is the favorite forever, Lynn"

This free bag cost me hundreds of dollars a year.
Good old cable bill, you know what I mean.

But this bag is the one I keep by my chair in the living area.
And Precious never disappoints me playing in it. It lies there
flat as pancake, and she can just dive into it like it was a wide
open cave.

Then she can simply turn herself around and start to crawl
out inch by inch as she feels like.  This is late after we have had
hours of leg time in the evening, and she has had a bit of left over
supper.  I dole out the food from 5:30 until 8:30, and sooner or later
with the last bite of food, Precious is ready for some fun playing.

"I love my food first, then my frog on a stick and then my bag.
I have my priorities, you know, Lynn."

And every once in a while, Precious makes a deposit of
her breakfast ( she never upchucks dinner for some reason )
onto her blue bag.  She usually gags while on the vinyl
flooring and runs to the carpeted area to let go.
But when she goes on the bag, easy clean up and for
one useless moment I think "Take that you evil
money grubbing cable company."  Not that it does
one iota of good for anyone, especially not for poor
Precious, who then demands her bowl be refilled and
start the day again.

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Friday, March 4, 2022

Bright Spot in the Winter

"Lynn, I've told you, I only want fresh wacky weed plants!

Why do you always get these frilly thingies?"

I have one African Violet in the house.  Precious really
doesn't care one way or the other about any live plant
except her valued catnip.

For me, she and the plant are a bright spot in this
winter time.

And here I am with my shadow, a very rare occurrence

"Gosh, Lynn, you couldn't do a real selfie like
me and the violet?  Ya got thumbs ya know.

And one week ago ice storm. 
Thankfully we were without power for only 4 hours.

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