Precious is in her favorite position, in front of her food dish!  She is so very slowly
losing weight, but I can't get discouraged.  This is the first food in nearly 7 years
with us, that she has NOT gained weight.  But I love every ounce of her.
Back in Precious's skinnier days, when she first came home from the Humane Society.  She was
about 13 months old and only weighed in at 5 pounds.  She now needs to lose 5 pounds!
We are trying!  Of course, she is now 8 years old, so time has changed her.
This is not Precious this morning.  She is in a place that can not be photographed. She is
under the bed for the 3rd day since she had dental work.  Yesterday was the first day she
asked for food, and I gave her canned food to make eating easier.  The her small dry
crunches from before her diet.  She was able to eat them fine last night.  Today it is canned
food for breakfast and just a few of her new dry diet food.  She ate it all just fine before
ducking under the bed again.  The new diet food did make her loose 6 ounces in 3 weeks
and she loves the flavor.  Maybe we will get headed in the right direction as her mouth

Precious wants to wish every one a Happy Halloween.  She hopes all kitties give a cute Trick
and get a yummy Treat.  Herself will not be celebrating, as she will be having her first dental
work done this week.  We know she has one cracked tooth to remove, only hope she does
not have more.  At age 8 we feel she has had good luck til now.  How does she eat those dry
crunchies she loves with a bad tooth! 

So here's her spooky eyes!  Lynn
Precious is embarrassed by her weight, so she is hiding in the bag.  She gets
a weigh in one week from today.  She has her paws crossed the new food is
doing it's thing.
Here's our Precious looking like a princess.  But today she is begging for food and poor girl
is on a diet!  At 8 years old, every bite she takes sticks to her.  It can be trying to keep her
from getting more food from me than she should have.  I love her and must help her to
keep from gaining.  She is weighting in at 17 pounds today.  Hoping the new cat food from
the vet will help soon.