Friday, April 26, 2024

So, here's the thing

 "Lynn, I's sorry, but you know I really only love you.  You are my furiend and safe hooman."

Precious is having another "Woe Is She" week.

The sad bad thing about Precious and I having
a whole week to ourselves, is that she goes into
hiding as soon at my husband gets home.
Even though he is the one to dole out her breakfast 
while giving her belly rubs and she loves it and 
purrs and purrs.  Then she goes straight into one of
her hidey holes for the day to sleep.

When it is just the two of us,  I actually feel guilty
to take time off for myself to go to visit a museum
or bike ride or even spend
a couple hours in the main library.  Because she
does not go to bed for the day.  Rather she stays
up and even if she is no longer really playful,
she is awake and looking outside.

"After 11 years Lynn, I am still yer kitty only.
I'll git up fur supper and legs later on."

The past 10 days or so have been a bit of
Mulligan stew, so we did not post.  Precious said
she was wordless for a change as to all the
going and coming of the man who rubs her belly.
His going and coming with all the packing of camping
gear into the van and out again.
Then the awful storms we keep having with thunder
and torrential rain and tornado sirens.
The mowers back and the power wash fellow
came and cleaned the drive, patio and sidewalk concrete.

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Friday, April 12, 2024

Three for Tea Please

"Lynn,  if you and Dolly git tea and crumpets, do I get tuna juice and salmon patties?"

Precious and I had one of those quiet weeks at
home alone.  
That means party time!
You can see who is queen of the party.

I've had the kitty cup and teapot for so very 
many years.
And the miniature tea set was purchased for
$1 at the gift shop of an old fashion (not then)
hardware store.  This was decades ago when
hardware shops were locally owned and offered
home goods and tools.  Boy,  I love looking for
these kinds of stores in small towns today.  Far
and few between.

"I'll show off the rest of my jewels today.
You can see I have many diamonds fur a girl's
best fur-iend,  next to food and Lynn."

We have had some Spring jewels finally.
I'm seeing the flowering trees budding up and some
are even open.  My grape hyacinths are now showing 
purple and I can only hope the deer don't eat them.
And our Eastern Blue bird couple are unbelievably
feeding 4 babies already!  They started building the
nest in our box just the first of March in miserable 

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Friday, April 5, 2024

Woe is She

 "Lynn, my ear drums hurt! My head hurts! I's sleep deprived!"

"What's with you people!
What do I care if the our tan house is
turning green!  So what if the grass is 
arm pit high!  And why does rain have 
to be so loud!  Thunderbooms non-stop!"

Poor Precious,  she has put up with a lot in the past
8 or 9 days.
We had the house power washed one day, and thankfully
that only took one hour.  But the next evening when
she and I were having our 3 hour leg time, a horrible
thunder storm raced through here and sent her off
hiding for the rest of the evening.
The next morning we got our lawn mowed for the first
time this year (way early by the way).
And now just in week we are
back to serious and loud thunder storms.  We have 
received 5 or 6 inches of rain.  And then it turned 
cold and snowed an inch.
Spring, you say?

"I am recovering a bit.  But now
I am worried about my floofy tuxedo gal pal
Katie Isabella.  She is going to the dreaded v-e-t
and going to have her bloods sucked out and who
knows what else.  I have my paws folded fur her to
git home safe and intact."

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