Friday, April 12, 2024

Three for Tea Please

"Lynn,  if you and Dolly git tea and crumpets, do I get tuna juice and salmon patties?"

Precious and I had one of those quiet weeks at
home alone.  
That means party time!
You can see who is queen of the party.

I've had the kitty cup and teapot for so very 
many years.
And the miniature tea set was purchased for
$1 at the gift shop of an old fashion (not then)
hardware store.  This was decades ago when
hardware shops were locally owned and offered
home goods and tools.  Boy,  I love looking for
these kinds of stores in small towns today.  Far
and few between.

"I'll show off the rest of my jewels today.
You can see I have many diamonds fur a girl's
best fur-iend,  next to food and Lynn."

We have had some Spring jewels finally.
I'm seeing the flowering trees budding up and some
are even open.  My grape hyacinths are now showing 
purple and I can only hope the deer don't eat them.
And our Eastern Blue bird couple are unbelievably
feeding 4 babies already!  They started building the
nest in our box just the first of March in miserable 

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It is much appreciated.



  1. Oh! My! Goodness! Precious..!
    I'll have to watch my 'P's and 'Q's to~day...
    Make sure l spell everything correctly..HeHe!
    Especially as you look lovely a regal...
    Just be careful you don't get any of your diamonds
    in your food...! :).

    I've just got back from town, and the sun's out in all
    it's glory, and it's quite warm, hopefully the ground
    will dry out over the's all just so wet...! :(

    And, l do love your teapot and mug, l've lot's of things
    with pussy~cats on...I buy anything like that...placed
    all over my home...
    You and Mum have a lovely weekend...and keep those
    diamonds sparkling...! :O).

  2. A party fit for a Queen, dear Precious!

  3. I love the miniature tea set - and also the cat tea pot and mug. I hope you had a lovely tea ceremony, Precious - it's always nice to have an opportunity to dress up.

  4. toona jooze and salmon ‼️‼️now yur talkin a total
    lee awesum partee precious 😺😺🐟🐟. lynn’s tea set
    bee awesum two. stuffz sorta kinda may be now then
    again later bloomin heer πŸ€πŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ˜ΊπŸ’™

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for sure you were treated with tuna juice and salmon patties!! I love the photo of you and Dolly and the tea set.
    My daughter had one very much like that. Lynn is over the moon seeing spring jewels I know.
    Happy Feline Friday
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Precious and Lynn, what a delightful tea party! I love that teapot and mugs.

    I just got home LATE last night (bus broke down on the 401 in the dark and pouring rain), so now that it's light, I can see my bleeding heart is up, with little leaves. Yay!

  7. That is such a cute teapot and mug and of course you are as cute as can be sweet Precious!

  8. So sweet, am reminded of the "mini tea set" in my daughter's doll house that year's later became my granddaughter's doll house and eventually was gifted to a young family in our neighborhood ... all those teeny-tiny things, just "precious"!

  9. Precious you sure know how to look regal and indulge in special–teas with Lynn!
    Very cute china wear and no doubt Queen Precious enjoyed her part.
    Happy that spring is budding out n your area now.
    Here things are so lush and green after again very heavy rain yesterday with wind gusts. Had to drive through it for one hour to see Pieter's cardiologist... The afternoon cleared up and today is sunny.
    Mariette + Kitties

  10. Charlee: "Our Dada says he remembers those hardware stores from when he lived in and visited small towns in central New York, especially one in Old Forge, wherever that is. Lots more fun than chain stores!"

  11. That is such a sweet little tea set. Having tea is fun. Maybe your mom can make you some catnip tea. XO

  12. Well you very much suit that Tiara dear Precious. I do hope Mum was wearing one too ... for your tea party. Home alone for a quiet week sounds just about perfect to me!!! I do believe I used to have one of those miniature tea sets. I wonder what happened to mine as I did adore it when I was younger. I am so pleased to read you are seeing signs of spring there now - the new flowers popping through always helps to cheer us up I find. Wishing you both a wonderful weekend x0x

  13. What fun! A tea party is just the thing.

    I agree about the old time hardware stores, they are gems.

    Thank you for linking up with Feline Friday!

  14. The kitty teapot and cup are lovely. I used to enjoy looking around the old hardware shops too, but they are also few and far between here too.
    I hope you got your tuna juice and salmon patties, and enjoyed the tea party, Precious.

  15. We love the kitty teapot and mug and can understand why you treasure them!

    The Chans

  16. Oh wow! I love those kitty tea accessories. They look like they are handpainted. They are works of art, really, as is Miss Precious herself.

  17. Soon, it will be warm enough for tea outside! Precious looks pleased about being the principal participant at the tea-party. And yes, I remember those hardware stores (wooden floors). Like everything else small and locally owned, the people who ran them were much more resourceful and caring than store staff now.

  18. We love the kitty teapot and cup! And the doll's tea service too! Mummy also has a doll's tea set she had as a child. She keeps it in one of her display cabinets.

  19. A very pretty teapot and mug, I used to collect 'cats' but decided to thin them down so only have 8 these days, and I love them still.

  20. I love the tea party you and Precious had! I agree - finding those special kind of stores are few and far between! Our springtime is unfolding here - day by day, more blooms are appearing - and it is so exciting! Many blessings to you!

  21. Miss June loves blue with pokey dots, and she and Dani share things like hats, scarfs and purrses. Dani is so much bigger than June to accomodate other things.

  22. Thanks for coming around again. Your comments are always appreciated.❣️

  23. Oh Precious, I love the tea party! You look fabulous and I can be sure so did Lynn. Your jewels are beautiful and so are you. XX

  24. Precious I hope you and Lynn ok...I came by for my weekley Friday Fix...
    hugs Cecilia

  25. Oh course you get tuna and salmon! What would a tea pawty be without it? :-)

  26. What a delightful tea service. Any lady cat with jewels and tea service, especially one with a tuxedo cat on the mugs, has a high status, in our opinion. We must do lunch some time, Precious. Chicken breast sandwiches for me, please ;)


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