Friday, September 23, 2022

Tales Told by Precious

"Let me tell 'em, let me tell 'em Lynn!"

Okay Precious. I'll put out the photos and
you tell the stories.

"I had to babysit 13 stinky poopy caterpillars fur
2 weeks, while Lynn did the milkweed grocery
shopping. She feeds them all day long while I just
almost withered away from lack of meals. I only get

" So I was so glad when these things flew away.
Lynn used her fingers to count that 12 of the 13
turned into butterflies about 2 a day fur a week."

"Then Lynn rode her bike one mile off 
the bike path to see these things called

"Lynn says local corn, wheat, soy farmer decided to
plant a massive field of sunflowers for the
bird seed industry.  All I know is she buys
hundreds of pounds to feed the birdies. 
Once again, did I mention, I get fed TWO times a day!"

"Then she got excited this 2 year old buck let her get
6 feet close to it.  Heck, at night I have them try to
nose bump me through the window."

"He was still with Mom and her yearlings
and her new fawns. There were 7 deer in this
tiny herd.
And they were eating all day long. 
Did I forget to tell you I only get fed 
TWO times a day!"

"Wait Lynn!  We have to say Happy Birthday
to Willie.  Are we sending him this tin of 
I bet he eats more than TWO times a day."

I don't think they are fresh enough, Precious.
I saw them in a restored Victorian house.

 "Psst, did I tell you only TWO times........."

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  1. HaHa! Thankyou Precious...And..Yes! I do eat
    more than two times a day...Goodness! I would'nt
    survive otherwise...! :).
    Hang on though Precious...2+2+2=6..6 meals day?
    Or did l miss read..HeHe! Bless!x
    Still...two meals a day is depends how much
    you get at one 'sitting' long it's enough to fill your
    tummy up...and l expect you get lots of treats...! :).

    And the butterflies look lovely Precious...nearly as
    lovely as you...Bless!x
    🌷🌸🌷 🌷🌸🌷 🌷🌸🌷 🌷🌸🌷 🌷🌸🌷

  2. So, so lovely, the gardens and flowers and butterflies ~ amazing! A side note to Precious, "I feel your pain as mine Mommy is trying to change me from 3 meals a day to just 2 meals and I am NOT happy at all, so I whine a lot around noontime, sometimes that makes her give in and toss a treat my way, sometimes NOT!"

  3. Precious, your human certainly is very kind and caring to the wildlife. We're delighted so many butterflies made it! We love the deer and the sunflowers, too!

    But only two meals a day is deprivation. Both Derry and the biped say that! :-)

  4. I'm seeing a reoccurring theme here... you only eat two meals a day. Well done.

    You're a most beautiful kitty, Precious.

    We feed the birds here too. Hummingbirds and all the other birds that love it here.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  5. oh mi cod precious, we are deb-ess-stated to heer ob yor de-purr-va-shun ov onlee 2 meelz a day

  6. That's a fun story about the butterflies flying bye-bye and the deer sure are fun to see too! Have a fun weekend Precious!

  7. I feel bad about the thirteenth caterpillar, Precious, but I suspect that so many surviving, indeed, flourishing, out of a baker’s dozen is pretty darn good. Congratulations to your mum on helping those beautiful creatures. And as for sunflower seeds, people eat them by the ton here in Canada. And their oil is very useful and, I think, light, too. That’s probably a smart move on the farmer’s part. Now, don’t worry about the deer - as wonderful as it is to hear about that family - and get something to eat! For gosh sakes, you’re wasting away!

  8. That is great to have 12 of 13 caterpillars turn into Monarchs !
    Us kitties only get two meals a day too. If we are inside we get snacks, but if we are outside we only get snacks if our huMom comes outside in between meal times.

  9. Oh bless! How I enjoyed this! You poor wee thing Precious - wasting away to a shadow you are!! Only being fed two times a day & those stinky things getting fed all day long.
    How wonderful the sunflower paddock looks .. just love them! Enjoy the weekend both of you - dear Precious I hope Mum puts out a really big saucer of food for you today!! xx

  10. Precious, you sure did get me smiling! You have a hard hard life and no wonder you are all starved and stuffs...two times a day...My gosh...that's hard to bear!

  11. pee ess My mommy LOVES reading about the butterflies. And good on you for baby sitting them!

  12. Precious, those are beautiful pictures. Mummy loves flutterbys. But - wait! Did you say you only get TWO meals a day?!
    That can't be right!!!

  13. Precious, you did a good job watching those butterflies for Lynn. I think you deserved at least one extra little meal for being such a good patient kitty. I love all those sunflowers! That was amazing.

  14. Precious! I am so impressed that you babysat and watched all of those wonderful butterflies being born! I like butterflies! SOme of them are furry tasty. My latest outside snack is chasing, catching and eating the grass snakes! Kozmo tells me that Dad was scared of snakes and when he brought any in the house, Dad would scream like a little grrl, I would have LOVED to see that! We have a yard full of deer. Our herd has 2 yearling boys with spikes on their heads, 4 yearling grrls, 2 Moms with fawns and a buck with 4 points. There is a couple of other herds in the village. The young males in our herd are a little aggressive and Mom worries about Cinnamon. We have a bear too! I have not seen him yet, but boy does he stink! We can smell him and hear him splashing when he comes up the river in the middle of the night. Precious, if you are hungry, you should come through the tunnel to our house. We always have crunchies (though we only get wet food twice a day). We love the field of sunflowers! Too cool! We have a whole bunch in our garden, they are about the only thing that survived being eaten by the deer. It is so good to see what you and Lynn have been up too. I, Marv (and Jo Jo and Kozmo) have missed you! Keep Being AWESOME! Purrs Marv

  15. Precious tells a most interesting story, love her perspective, and the fact that she only gets two meals a day! The sunflowers are beautiful!

  16. LOL. Poor Precious. So unfair to only get 2 meals a day while obviously others are eating more frequently. There's some consolation, though, in knowing that you're still sleek and beautiful. :) Hugs.

  17. Precious, you and Lynn sent me the dearest note with your card. I will always have it along with the card. Thank you for the care and love, both of you.


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