Friday, July 8, 2022

Art and Feed Store

"Lynn, you said this feed store sold all foods for all animals.

Where is the cat food?  Whadda ya mean you couldn't carry 

it on the bike!"

The feed store is in a small town 30 miles southwest.
I cheated on the bike ride and did not do the 60 miles.

I parked close to home but only rode 44 miles.

The morning start very chilly for early June, but
clear sunshine and hot by the time I finished.

From last summer until now, this beautiful
local painted art work was added onto the outside
of the white metal pole barn.

They sell cat, cow, chicken, goat, sheep, pony,
horse, llama, alpaca, bird and dog foods.
The classic old red checkboard advertising
Ralston Purina is still on the original barn.

"I think the painter did not have the right colors
for the kitty and the puppy, Lynn.  I've never
seen ones like that!"

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  1. That artwork is something else. Thank you, Lynn and Precious, for your very kind words for us on losing our dear Cleo. I (dad) really appreciate it, and it means a lot. This house is still a sad place. Be well.

  2. I love the artwork, it's fabulous. What a great idea for the building, plus bonus advertising for the artist!

    BTW, "only" 44 miles...LOL. Gees, I feel great doing 5 - 7 miles on my exercise bike. :-D

  3. Gee! That is quite a ride to get to that place!
    Worth it though as the artwork is so cool!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Those are all pretty paintings Precious, Lynn should bring you home a goat!

  5. Very pretty art and pretty kitty.

  6. Well, at least Precious got a plastic bag out of it!

  7. Gee, mum forgot to post her comment earlier ;)
    Anyway, those are pawsome art works on that building!!
    The best picture!!
    Purrs, Julie

  8. WOW Precous. I am so sorry I have been missing but here I am. Not only to see you but to adire your Mom's ability to bike so far. My mom...she's is so lame she never learned to ride a bike. Whatta Maroon!

  9. How fun! A feed store that's also an art gallery. 44 miles seems to be a pretty hefty bike ride! xo


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