Friday, July 29, 2022

Bath Time

 "Hey, Lynn, I'm taking a bath, don't bother me."

It isn't often I'm quick enough to catch Precious in motion.

Normally, as soon as she sees the phone come out,
and I'm trying to quickly get it on and focused,
she just leaves or lays down with her back to me.

How can she even know what I'm doing?

However, blurry or not, I got her washing and sticking her tongue out.

" Really Lynn, do you think these people care about this at all?
Can't I have a bit of privacy out in the open?"

Just a $1 find at the Dollar Tree Store. And pretty much
Precious is my boss.  I'm grateful not to have a human
kind of boss any more.

"Princess Jo Jo had her mom take me thru the cat-port
for Marv's marvelous birthday and Canadian citizenship
celebration.  Lynn refuses to fly any where ever in her
life again.  So she sent me off on my own.  I had a 
most marvelous time in B.C. Canada."

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  1. Love those pics, especially the one with her tongue hanging out. Sorry Precious, you're adorable all of the time.

  2. Good morning, Precious. This is June, mine Mommy has a question for your Mommy (well, it is kind of a question from me to you also!) so we are wondering if you would kindly email us/her ... Ann, zoolatry at gmail dot com. You can wait until you're done wif you baff tho, as I told her for us kitty girls baff's are very impawtent! Thank you, Meow.

  3. Precious! You look marvelous darling! Your bathing photos (blush) are wonderful. Mostly, the last few days with the heat, I, Marv, have been taking dust baths! Mom says she does not want to touch me as I am so dirty, but I roll around in her lap anyway. I am so furry happy you had fun at my pawty! And we found 5 more comments on Facebook so now Mom and Flat Marv will be dropping off $80 for all the strays at Boundary Helping Hands (they got 10 more cats yesterday!). Purrs Marv

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Bath time sure is entertaining for humans! Yes, Marv's party was such a blast!

  6. Well, I removed a comment because I'd misspelled something but my replacement didn't show up! Anyway, I try to capture my lot washing themselves, too, but they always move too fast. The pictures are always a blur.

    1. Funny but I'm thinking misspelled words may make me use my noggin for more than a hat rack.

  7. We turn away from the camera too. Marv's party was a blast. We love that towel!!!

  8. Don't know why we humans find it so much fun to watch you kitty cats take a bath. Smokey has a time tring to reach his back. It is funny. Love you Precious!

  9. Mom has caught me washing quite a few times. I told HER to get a life!

  10. It is funny how often pets stop doing the very thing that makes us want to photograph them once we take out the camera. Cute photos. And I love the towel! xo

  11. Jeepers, this post only showed up Tuesday AM in my Feedly! I thought you were on a little break last week. LOL. Anyway, blurry or not, it's always great to see bath time pics, especially when their tongues are out. I have no idea why we find it so endearing and engaging; we humans are simple-minded, I guess. :-D

  12. Hello dear Lynn & Precious. My apologies - my computer crashed & although I could read blogs on my phone, I couldn't comment on them which was so frustrating. Plus I spent 3 weeks unexpectedly down at my Mums as she was most unwell. June & July just disappeared. I am always happy to watch either of my two washing themselves ... Blackie gets it over with real quick but Miss Pip is fussier & slower. Sometimes He washes her until it ends in a fight. I hope you are both doing well over there ... yes I would much rather have a cat boss than a human boss too. 😉😊


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