Friday, April 30, 2021

Sights to be seen

 "What's with the houses Lynn?  Where have you been

when I'm home sleeping?"

I thought folks might like a look at the big little city, Precious.
The house below has a doll house in the upper window. I felt
that was just a fun thing to see. And the dog on point is concrete.
The house is green, lilac and purple. How colorful it that.

The city was established in 1812 and so many many
homes are Victorian or Georgian or whatever all
those fancy kind were back then. I'm not an architect
just an observer of beauty.

This brick house is complete with postman walking up the steps
to deliver mail.

I thought some might enjoy the walking tour I took one
day this Spring while it was cold enough for a coat, but
warm enough for the redbud and crap apple trees to be 
in bloom. And below is a birds foot violet in the woods
close by home.

"Well, ok, as long as you are now home and I can get
some much needed attention. You humans with your thumbs,
at least you can open my chickie jar."

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It is much appreciated.


WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

Precious! Tell Mum that's a very nice home/house.. would be a home if it had a pussy~cat..! :).
After all..a house is just a house, without a pussy~cat!

But! The loveliest photo of the wide eyed
lovely pussy~cat at the bottom there..waiting for
her chickie jar to be opened..! Bless!x
🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷 🌸 🌷

Smudge said...

Dad says those are some fabulous old homes, and as much as he finds them beautiful the second one, especially, would make an awesome haunted house. The Main Street in the little western MA town he grew up in was lined with such gracious homes. This makes him long for a 100+ year old Victorian he once owned up in New Hampshire, complete with a sharp angled decorative slate roof, gingerbread trim and wraparound porch. Beautiful photos of some very elegant homes, Lynn & Precious! Thank you.

Martha said...

The homes sure are gorgeous but not as gorgeous as you are Precious!

Marvelous Marv said...

Terrific houses! We LOVE the house with the doll house and the dog! And The flowers are terrific And the besting, a photo of you! I hope you get the chicken treats! Purrs Marv

Julie said...

Oh Precious look at your sweet little face - I wish I could reach into my screen & give you a little pat. The houses are amazing Lynn & if I was with you I would walk around with my mouth wide open. How wonderful to live in a city with such history. The one with the dolls house in the window I especially LoVe !!! xx

Katie Isabella said...

I wish I could smooch right between the earsies! I LOVE the tour and I am very interested in the times. I believe I will show some of that type in my own bloggie, not Katies, of the old old homes in Charlotte NC when I go over the mountains to see one of Katie's human brothers.

bread&salt said...

Great Post! Houses look wonderful.

John Bellen said...

I love those old houses; such character! You'd think the blandness of modern residential design would be obvious by the fact that realtors call old houses 'character' houses. Individuality, personality, spirit: it was like each was a person.

And of course Precious with her big eyes is a character herself.

A Joyful Cottage said...

I love to look at old homes like these, Lynn. I grew up in a small town that is packed with Victorian era homes that have been maintained beautifully, just as these have. Today I stopped by a local family-owned garden center, and a beautiful cat that looks very much like Precious came over to help me pick out flowers. Oh, she was so sweet and she was happy to have me pet here. I really wanted to take her home with me. I would love to have a cat just like her. Such a sweetie. Maybe some day I'll have a kitty of my own. Hugs.

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