Friday, October 7, 2022

Trying again for the Oscar Nomination

 "Lynn, you know I have to have my belly rubbed just right.

And in the midst of eating my breakfast.  Yours can just


Precious is very demanding of getting her ears and 
belly rubbed just so-so at 5:45 AM every day.
Right in the middle of gobbling down her crunchies,
she stops and lies on the carpet and waits for the

I don't often get this great job.  I'm usually doing up the
hot oatmeal.  But when we girls have days at home alone,
I do have to tend to her needs before mine.

" Lynn got her influenza and BA4 and BA5
vaccine Saturday.  She drove through the
fairgrounds and they stabbed her arm because 
she had the window down.  Not me, folks,
I'd have kept that window shut tight!
She whispurred in my ear, like it was a securrt
that she did not feel very peppy this week.
Purr-sonally I think it is a cross betwixt shot and old age.
But I'll not tell her that, she'd only give me one
meal a day!"

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  1. Precious...When Mum's rubbed your you rub
    hers in return...HeHe! Bless!x

    I'm getting my Flu jab on Monday....!0am.
    And my Covid booster on the 30th..up at the hospital...!
    And..l had my yearly blood/medical test results yesterday...
    all o.k. So l'm still fit as a fiddle...well..a double~bass
    anyway....! :O).

    1. Willie, we are glad to hear about your fit fiddle. Keep it that way.

  2. Precious, that was so adorable! Not even kitty likes having their tummy scritched, though all of us here (angels Chum and Derry especially) have either loved it or tolerated it. Sweet video!

    We hope your mum feels better soon. The biped is waiting for Pfizer's bivalent vaccine; she had a nasty reaction to Moderna (more than just flu-like symptoms) and won't get Moderna again. She's debating getting the flu shot this year, probably will.

    Take care, have a lovely weekend!

    1. Lynn has just only had Pfizer. I still think she's just getting old.

  3. You sure are lucky sweet Precious to get such wonderful rub downs, enjoy!

  4. Glad your mo caters to you Precious.

  5. Honey, I think you nailed it! We kitties know every iota of our mom's and dad's and there is NO hiding from us.

  6. You seem to appreciate her efforts, Precious ! That is nice,

  7. Oh you are adorable dear Precious - listen to your purr. You are a creature of habit I see. And yes I definately think you deserve an Oscar nomination. I hope Mum is feeling better real soon ... I think I might've kept the window wound up tight too. I hate anything like that but realise they are a necessity in this age we are currently living in. xx

  8. Sounds like a purrfect morning ritual! Stabbed through the car window?!?!?! YIKES!

  9. Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon all roll into bed with Mom at 6:30AM and they each wait for their turn for ear and belly rubs. I, Marvelous, wait for Mom to go into the people litterbox room and then I get a back rub and ear rubs. If Mom is super tired, we bug her every 10 minutes until she gets with the program! Peeps need to know the rules and follow the strict routine! I am so pleased to hear that you Precious, have you Peep firmly under your paw. And Your Lynn eats oatmeal too! Cool! Keep being awesome and have a terrific week! Purrs Marv

  10. Routines must be maintained, right, Precious? It's funny that you want to have your belly-rub in the middle of breakfast...

  11. We also demand attention to Our Needs before Mummy is allowed to have her own breakfast. That is purrfectly right and propurr, after all!

  12. How cute. Precious is one smart and beautiful feline. xo

  13. Precious is aptly named, Lynn! And so pretty!


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