Friday, October 14, 2022

Vet Visit and their Mural

 "Lynn, I am so glad to be home again. You know how going

to the dreaded V-E-T makes me a nervous nellie for weeks."

Don't I know it Precious.  I am so very sorry you must go
through this every year.
And this year I only let the nice doctor give you the 
rabies shot. No blood letting or urine sample.
He did not really agree with this short version, but
that is my decision.

Precious goes to the first appointment of the day. And she gets
an immediate room regardless of who else is waiting.
That's because they want her to stop caterwauling quickly.
Any glass shattering opera singer would be envious of how
long Precious can sing without taking a breath.

Precious is down to 15.6 pounds and to this he says
"13 pounds would be ideal, but losing weight is a concern."
pea-pickin' MIND!
She was 17.2 in 2020 and 16.6 in 2021 and
with strict monitoring of Precious' food she is 15.6.
I feel like he was telling me that 2 years ago she would
have been young enough to lose 4 pounds in one year.
Now he doesn't like it she lost one.

I could not show all of the high mural the office has unless I
would have take 4 or 5 photos.  
Cats are well represented even though the dogs are a bit
more obvious.  And then there are also the rabbits.
I enjoy seeing this every trip, otherwise the event is
so difficult for Precious.  She just gets so worked up.

"Psst, Lynn, just slide my food under the bed."

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and a comment.
It is much appreciated.


  1. Precious, we're so sorry you had to go through that. Derry can relate all too well. 15.6 pounds seems fine to us, Derry is about 12 pounds now and he still looks a bit rotund. I'd rather he didn't lose any further weight, but he IS 15. Age will do it naturally, as will various illnesses of course. I think that unless Precious loses a lot, she's probably fine. ❤️

  2. My first pusy~cat, Darlinga, I had back in 73 when l came back
    to this country hated the vet...l'd hide the basket, so she could'nt
    see it, pick her up, give a cuddle, cover her eyes up with my hand,
    swing round and 'toss' her into the basket, and shut the door as
    quickly as possible...the actual visit..well that's another story...! :(

    Let's hope you've crept out from under the bed by now Precious!
    Over and done with for another year, hope Mum's given you an
    extra dinner, just for your visit..Bless!x

  3. I'm glad your Vet trip is over Precious, they can sure be stressful for some kitties, our Simon is so scared of anything that means leaving home. I hope you are out and relaxing soon.

  4. I've never had a kitty that liked going to the vet, but they didn't sing non-stop. I'm glad you're back home.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  5. Poor baby!!!!! we r sorry dat da v.e.t. finks yoo r phat. we finks yoo r beautiful!!!!

  6. We agree with your frustration about the weight loss ! Doesn't sound that extreme and (erhmmm) most cats lose weight as they get older. We are glad you got through ok Precious !

  7. Oh you dear wee soul Precious .. your little nose just peeping out there. That mural is great Lynn - yes I agree with you about the Vet - he can't seem to make up his mind what he is happy with. Wishing you both a wonderful weekend. xx

  8. Poor Precious. I wonder if a little Gabapentin would help her relax?

  9. Oh sweetheart, I know how it is. Well, I have heard my mom tell me how badly Admiral took it when she had to go. It was horrible, Her screaming and howing was always enough to make mom cry. And she, Admiral, got so sick, she was there every week. Horrible for them both.

  10. I am not a fan of going to the Vet either. I don't say anything, I just try to make myself smaller. My Vet is nice and I don't mind her too much.
    Still, there is no place like home!!!!!!! Glad you survived your visit!
    Purrs, Julie

  11. Lose weight or not lose weight?? Yes, that would be very frustrating. As she ages, Precious will lose some poundage naturally, but as long as it is gradual, and all else remains healthy, she'll be in good shape - even if she has to hide under the bed once a year or so...

  12. Oh, and the screaming is a good way to see the doctor faster. Nice idea, Precious.

  13. Precious, We know just how you feel. We also hate going to the evil V-E-T.

  14. Precious, the only one of us that is OK at the vet is Cinnamon. She LOVES Dr Ruth. Kozmo sings the song of his people on the trip too the vet, but once there he is OK. He LOVES Dr Ruth (and Dr Ruth loves him, she gave him his nick name Kozimoto. Jo Jo doe not sing, but boy oh boy she hates it and hides at the word. We do hope you forgive your Peep soon. And Precious, your weight loss is terrific, Mom says her Dr is ALWAYS badgering her to loose weight. We think it is a Dr thing! Purrs Marv


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