Friday, February 9, 2024

O'Dark Thirty

 "Lynn, look out behind you! I see the turquoise eyes of the herd!"

"Watch were you step too.  You do not want to
step on Petunia the Skunk.  You can not come back
into the house if you do."

"And now I see the pink eyes of the rabbits.
They are almost ready to start cavorting fur making
baby bunnies!"

The routine here every morn in the winter is
Precious and I are up at 5:15, and by 6 breakfast
is over for all.  Precious gets about 15 minutes of
frigid open window time before I go out.
I take 10 bird feeders out by 6:30 and hang them up
so when it is finally daylight, the birds can start feeding
immediately.  If the Cooper Hawk is not perched
close by.
I have to take them down at night as the deer will
stand on their hind legs and knock the seed feeders about.
And last year a raccoon, most likely,  tightrope walked
out 20 feet to swipe a suet feeder, knock it to the ground
and eat the whole block.  At least this time he left me the
wire cage.  A few years ago he did this and hauled the
cage away.
 I wear a headlamp and am often surprised by the
nocturnal wildlife here.  We even have had
years when there was a Screech Owl in the yard
at that hour.

"Lynn, I'd love to see the owl swipe yer tobaggan off
yer head."

"I even got some sun puddles this week fur a few afternoons."

And I got in 4 walks in the sun, too!

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  1. What fun Precious...all that wildlife outside the
    window, and with your pussy~cat eyes you can
    see more than anyone, in the dark..
    Does'nt seem to matter what you do, all the creatures
    outside seem to steal and get away with someone
    else's food...and you have a skunk...Goodness!
    What fun, wish l had one in my garden, all l get are other
    pussy~cats waiting for tit~bits or milk...! :).
    I can hear a lot of wildlife, but, see very it's dark! :(.

    Best get on...second mug of lemon tea is called for, with
    honey of course...
    Then off up to Lidl for a bit of shopping...! :O).

  2. What a nice person you are - I hope the birds appreciate your efforts:-)

  3. Precious, I love those pics of you peeking out of the window.

    Goodness, you have an early start, Lynn, and quite the morning routine. I love that you get to see so many amazing critters, even if some like to steal your feeders. 😁

    Have a lovely day and weekend!

  4. precious we can understand bout de feeders cauz deer iz vizshuz
    ore sew we haz been told… N they R knot any thing like thoz deer santy clawz hirez…any way…90 bazillion gooze be flyin over R headz, want sum? ‼️😾 happee week two ewe all 💙💚🐟😺

  5. That is some routine, and the wildlife outside love it, as well as the 'wildlife' inside.
    We left a carton of cat kibble outside one time, in the very early years of feeding the outside cats, and a raccoon managed to get at the contents AND left the empty thing on our neighbor's roof!
    How embarrassing, but The Hubby used his ladder to get the evidence removed, and after that, we were very careful to never leave food out overnight.

  6. PRECIOUS! I had no idea you had such a fun life with all the stuffs you can see and talk to Mom about! Leg time is full of topics to meow about!! Scratch Owls, Cooper Hawk, deer and raccoons? I admire and really like that your mom takes out feeders for everyone and that she brings them in. I heard my mom complain many many times about the same thing. Do you think it occurred to her to do what YOUR mom is doing? No. So eventually she gave up. She may not be able to feed the hummingbirds this Spring for the first time ever now because the squirrels empty the feeder. The hummers are left with a wrecked feeder. My human brother has the same problem in Charlotte. Squirrels.

  7. WOW Precious, you got lots to see each morning while Mom Lynn makes her morning rounds!

  8. Your schedule is much the same as ours...meal wise. We don't have problems with deer eating birdseed....YET... LOL
    Precious you are appropriately. Brrrr on the sniffing fresh cold air.
    I know the sun puddle is wonderful after that. Lynn yay you on your walks.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. That is a lot of feeding work but we are quite busy as well. Deer are seldom here, but they do visit. Raccoons have been seen as well.
    We added coconut oil pieces to the birds' menu and that is being grately appreciated! Sure the suet gets attacked big time by squirrels. Pieter put a finer wire around so only the birds can get to it now.
    It got taken away and dragged throughout the yard by those rascal squirrels.
    Haven't heard our owl in quite a while...
    Mariette + Kitties

    1. Wildlife is amazing. None of the animals or birds are without skills to survive, fun to us or not!

  10. That is quite the morning routine! Make sure your mom doesn't step on Petunia!

  11. Look at you peering out the window there dear Precious - won't be too long & you can go out again - spring must be just around the corner. I am glad you got some sun puddles this past week. I would send you some sun if I can figure out a way.
    That is alot of bird feeders to bring in & take out Lynn. No wonder you have to start so early! I would still be tucked up in bed at that hour I think. Actually early in the morning is when I have the most energy now I think about it. Wishing you both a weekend filled with sun puddles x0x0x

  12. How nice of you to go through all that trouble for the birds. That is a lot of feeders.

  13. That's a lot of work first thing in the morning! Hope you go back inside and take a nap :)

  14. Precious could have been in a scene from a scary movie! That's very kind of you to provide so much food for the birds; they no doubt appreciate it at this time of year. And I do admire the raccoons for their ingenuity...

  15. I'm heading to work that early, and if work includes critter tending for a client, I'm out with a flashlight feeding birds, too. I do hope you never meet up with a skunk.

    1. And I thank you for linking up with Feline Friday!

  16. That is quite the bird feeding programme! Kudos to your Mum for doing this in the dark every day!

    The Chans

  17. "They are almost ready to start cavorting fur making
    baby bunnies!"

    Precious, what ARE you watching?! It sounds like kitty-porn (mol)!

  18. Precious is a good watch-cat! I love those sun puddles too! Walks in the sun are the best - you and Precious enjoy every moment of it!

  19. Java Bean: "Ayyy, I had a run-in with a skunk once."
    Charlee: "Yes, we remember."
    Java Bean: "It sprayed me pretty good in the face and smelled really bad."
    Chaplin: "Yes, we remember!"
    Java Bean: "Mama and Dada brought me in the house and I had a bath in the walk-in shower and boy did the room stink for a while after that."
    Charlee: "Yes, we remember!!!"
    Java Bean: "Do you all remember that?"
    Chaplin: "YES, WE DO!!!"


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