Friday, February 23, 2024

Singing Prairie Dogs Somemore

 "Lynn, I just don't understand why these lil' doggies do not

come out of the screen and play with me. They keep singing

my name!"

"I know it is not Christmas anymore, and they sing
"Jingle Bells", but they are just so jumpy and hoppy
and happy."

Precious seldom pays attention to the boxed
noise from the computer or the TV. 
She does sometimes pay attention to PBS Nature
shows if the animal life noise catches her attention.

But she loves watching this short video and I 
show it to her just enough she has not lost interest yet.

"What is this giant animal in my video? 
An overgrown prairie dog?"

No, just a wild bison trying to not step on the
tiny dogs.  They actually make his world a better place.

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  1. Bless you Precious...! HeHe! :).
    I had a pussy~cat, many years ago now, Darlinga,
    who used to watch the snooker on TV...sit in front
    the box and watch the balls on the table, every time
    a ball went down a pocket, she'd walk round the back
    of the TV to see where the ball had gone..HeHe! :0).
    She was'nt bothered with anything else, only the
    snooker...! Bless! :)

    ooooO! An overgrown prairie dog...Nice! And nice to eat
    But! It's a bison of course...l have a bison in the down~stairs
    toilet...I was my hands in it...HeHe! :).
    Enjoy your viewing Precious...! :O).

  2. Precious, you can learn so much by watching and listening to videos. Little animals make the world a better place for big animals. Look at bees!

  3. Precious, this put a smile on my face at this very early hour, a nice way to start my day.

    Chumley would watch animals and birds in documentaries on TV, but none of my other angels ever showed more than a cursory interest in the television.

    Have a great day and weekend!

  4. You know, Precious, my mom and dad have tried to get me interested in watching stuff like burd t.v. and all, but as with most things I watch for a bit, then lose interest and go nap. Is there something wrong with me?

  5. How interesting! We kitties pay scant attention to the TV, but Ollie goes crazy whenever he sees a woofie or a kittie!

    The Chans

  6. precious may bee mom can findz de mewsical bye alvin
    and de chip munkz for ewe 😺😺😺‼️ knot reel lee de same
    but sorta kinda all most may bee ….iz πŸ’™πŸŸπŸ˜ΊπŸ’š

  7. That is too cute sweet Precious and I'm glad you are enjoying your special programs!

  8. That looks a good programme Precious. Eric and Flynn weren't often interested, but I once found a programme with a big spider that you moved around with the mouse. They both went crazy trying to catch it.

  9. Prairie dogs are good any time of the year. They are so precious, just like you! Enjoy your video as often as Mom allows.

  10. Precious what an interesting selection of TV and computer show you enjoy. I admire how calm you are looking at the bison he is scary you are so smart you have figured out he is not a threat.
    Angel Milky-Way loved TV...Angel Madi like sitting on her window perch watching the birds and the squirrels. She got pretty upset with the cheeky squirrels would come right up to the back door when she was looking out. They shook their furry tails in her face
    I'm glad to know your mom loves hummers. It is like national holiday here when the first arrive.
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Dearest Lynn and Precious,
    Well, our Spooky boy (2002) would aways watch Animal Planet from the bed, he LOVED it. So that became our baby–sitter whenever we had to go away for some hours. He was happy!
    A dear friend and animal lover gifted him with a kitty video about birds and animals that he loved to watch too.
    Our kitties are fun and a lot smarter than most people think they are.
    Mariette + Kitties

  12. Precious...if you ever slip out of there from Lynn for a few hours, come on over and bring your videos. I have lots for entertainment and noms. Come on over.

  13. Glad Precious enjoys watching. My Rosie recommends, youtube red string for cats. :)

  14. That does look like fun for a kitty, I'm glad she's enjoying it.

    Thank you for linking up with Feline Friday!

  15. Pretty good entertainment, Precious.

  16. I didn't know you liked musicals, Precious. You certainly seem engrossed in this one.

  17. The prairie dogs must be hitting the right notes MOL! Thanks for stopping by to say Happy Birthday!

  18. That looks like fun, Precious. How nice to have them sing just for you!

  19. Look at you peering so closely at the screen dear Precious. You are so sweet. You would not want one of those big creatures to actually come out of the screen though! They are much bigger than you.
    Sorry I am "late to the party" this week - have been away briefly. Wishing you both a great week ahead. x0x

  20. My cats like to watch things on the screen too! I think it is so funny to see them try to catch a bird on the screen. You and Precious take care, and enjoy the last day or so of February - spring is coming :) Blessings to you both!


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