Friday, September 22, 2023

Don't try to adjust your screen

 "Lynn, take a picture quick, of me getting my moths."

This is exactly what I see Precious, when
you are outside at 5:30 AM.

"But Lynn,  I've got moths to catch.
And did you see that bat flying over my head?
Now why is that deer standing right outside
my fence, stomping it's hooves and snorting?
I have not growled at it one time.
Blackie is out here yowling at me.  Just look
at him!  How dare he."

Precious, I am sorry but my human eyes can not
see any of the fun you are having.

Hard to believe, but Precious is willing to give
up belly rubbin's and most of her breakfast to 
go out at 5:30.  Me, I fix my pot of tea and sit
at the door inside of the screen and try to listen
for her.  I have to open the door often for the first
30 minutes or so to make sure I see what flower pot
she is behind.  It is dark enough that she is often
just off the one step!
As it lightens she comes in for a bite and a drink
and then demands to go back out. 
I like to bat watch when it is finally light enough
to see a patch of whitening sky.  I can see two
distinct size bats.

"The moths and bats left me, Lynn.  I guess
that means I need to come in and scarf down my food
and go to bed.
It's a good thing you gave me a warm rug to 
sit my tushie on outside.  The concrete is cold."

Required but removeable.
I'll have this one a lot until mid November.

My hand should be right as rain by Spring.

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It is much appreciated.


jabblog said...

Precious is so sweet. I like her cat food dish mat.
Your hand is taking a long time to heal - so many bones, I suppose. Physiotherapy beckons?

Lynn and Precious said...

Thank you for asking, at this point it is just letting the bones completely knit together and I am doing home therapy with one pound weight and a tough squeeze ball. I believe that will be all I'll have to do.

WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

I'm afraid all l've got on my screen is a big black
square...and nowt else...l clicked it..and it just got
bigger..! :(
Never mind...! :(. All the other pics are o.k.
Unless Mum took the pic..and forgot to turn the
light on..! HeHe! :).'ve been very active Precious, wonder
what sort of bats were they...! :0).

And that sling type thing on Mum's arm, looks a
bit big and cumbersome, still, if she's able to take
it off..certainly a help..! :).
💨💦 💨💦 💨💦 💨💦 💨💦 💨💦 💨💦 💨💦

Kea said...

Precious, I'm delighted you're enjoying your catio so much. I used to keep the back light turned on when the boys were out there in the dark, because I couldn't see them otherwise and couldn't tell what they (i.e. Nicki!) were up to. There's so much that kitties can see than we can!

Hurrah for healing progress! The removable splint seems much better than a cast!

Lynn and Precious said...

All black is all I see out this early when she's in the dark. Hope you had a great birthday.

WILLIE...! =(^..^)= said...

HaHa! That's what l thought....! :).
Yes! Great day yesterday...Started off early with
e~mails, cards, text's etc...Then into town to meet
six friends at Costa coffee...lot's of coffee and cake,
little floor show on my part, nothing new there then...
Back home for twelve...more visitors...light lunch...
And a little red wine...Pussy~cat Fudge enjoyed
himself with a saucer of milk, and a few Dreamie's..
I managed to settle down in front the TV at about
six....Job done...Thankyou! :O).

ZOOLATRY said...

Photo #1: JUNE looked at it very closely and wants Precious to know that she sees all the very same things!
Here's to your hand healing well before spring ... paws together.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Moths and bats are fun to watch Precious, it's a good hobby too. We're glad your Mom's hand and arm are healing.

Katie Isabella said...

Precious, tell your mommy how much MY mommy feels badly for her. Even she only had to have that over the elbow cast for 6 weeks. Your mom is really going through it. Glad]d she is at the lighter stage with the brace. And boy were you having a time of it out there. I wish I could have seen you and I know Lynn wishes SHE could have You had a ball though-- and I'm glad you had your rug to help with the sitting.

Katie Isabella said...

Made me and Mom smile.

The Florida Furkids said...

It sure was DARK!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That was a lot of fun watching those moths and bats, Precious! Flynn liked to go out when it was dark and chase the bats. That was okay until he brought one in and dropped it on the bed!
I am glad your mum's hand is improving.

pilch92 said...

Sorry your injuries were so bad. I am sure Precious takes good care of you when she is not busy outside. :) XO

messymimi said...

They do love to be out early and late, but not in between. I'm glad she gets to see so many critters.

I'm glad you are continuing to heal and hope you don't have to wait that long to go back to doing most of the things you enjoy.

Thank you for joining Feline Friday!

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

You girls are up waaaaay too early!

John Bellen said...

With her grey onesie, Precious isn't easy to see in the dark. It must be a joy for her to be able to come in after all the activity outside, have breakfast and then a long snooze. It sounds good to me, too.

The J-Cats said...

5:30 is a bit early for Mummy to be up - and for Us too, to be honest. But We do expect Our Brekkie at 7am on the dot (mol).

Melissa, Mudpie and Angel Truffles (Mochas, Mysteries and Meows) said...

Precious, we just wanted to answer your question about Mudpie's food. She's still eating Purina One True Instinct Whitefish, but the past few months has gotten a little bored with it so half the time she also eats Fancy Feast dry food, the Savory Farm-Raised Chicken & Turkey flavor. The vet gave her a calorie plan this spring. We aren't being quite as strict as her plan, but have just been cutting back on portion sizes.

Erin the Cat Princess said...

I like that sort of morning, though around here Mrs H leaves the light on outside, just in case, plus we have some infared cameras. Still, sounds like you have way nicer wildlife than I do. Good you have the screen to stop that deer coming in for a closer look!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Lynn and Precious,
Sure, our kitties enjoy nature at the hours before dawn—they can see it!
Happy to hear your hand is healing.

Lynn and Precious said...

Thank you. Yes Precious loves being out in the dark. As soon as it lightens up, she ready for bed, lol.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

whitefish wavez two ewe precious ! we stopped bye frum
bionic basil’s blog. itz veree nice two meet ewe and we think
ewe R one gorgeouz gal. we haz a funnee way o talkin heer
in trout towne, sew if ewe N mum canna figure uz out, pleez
let uz noe and we can commint with plane speech ( we canna
figure out R own speech R own selvez, sew we willna bee
oh fended if ewe say other wize. ‼️‼️) bye de way, we hope
all goez well with mumz wrist…YEOW ….🍀💙

Katie Isabella said...

Lynn...Precious...I wish I had been to that blog you asked mom about but, we haven't been there so we don't know the answer. I hope all is well. XX

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