Friday, November 11, 2022

Caught Red Pawed

 "But Lynn, you know I love my fresh water!"

Caught you in the act, cat.

I keep 6 bird baths and one small livestock
tub full 9 months out of 12.  When the real
freezing weather comes, and I can no longer
keep them open with a hammer,  only one
for the birds stays out.

So for now this means a bucket brigade every
day, as the birds bath a lot year round.
Then the squirrels and chipmunks and stray
cats drink a lot.  The hawks and crows use 
the livestock tub for baths.
And last of all the herd of deer know this is
the place for water.  They lick every thing dry
 So in Precious' bathroom I have been keeping
2 extra buckets at the ready for the early morning
fill ups.  Plus the metal bucket outside by the

But Precious loves a new spot for drinking and
has been using these buckets for the past month or
so they have been inside.

"I've been might thirsty lately, Lynn."

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  1. Ha! Pail water tastes better, Precious. I keep a full pail of water in the basement, for emergency use, and Derry prefers that to all the water bowls around the house. Go figure!

  2. Wow! Precious, your Mom is sure getting her cardio lugging around all that water! Lightening the buckets for her is such a great help! Because we have the river in the back, we don't have to put out water for the burds, deer or for the racoons to wash their food. We LOVE watching them! Tell your Peep she is awesome! Purrs Marv

  3. All of ours would have been right there having a big drink too!

  4. We have a heated water bowl for when it gets cold - but only one because that is the only outdoor plug.

  5. Mudpie would do the exact same thing! She's always been obsessed with water.

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  7. Precious has the courtesy to look a little guilty in the first photograph. That's kind of you to leave water out for the wild ones. Water at this time of year is more important than food in some ways.

  8. We wish Mummy would just leave the tap on, actually. We love running water (mol)!

  9. That little sign at the end is perfect for you dear Precious. You do look guilty in the first photo! That is wonderful that you give water to all the wildlife Lynn - very kind & caring. My apologies for missing your posts - I've been away to Mums again (11th trip this year so far). I am slowly getting around to catching up on my favourite blogs. xx

  10. LOVE every word. Of course you appropriated the waters. And how like us to do just as that sign you showed us said...."Because I'm the cat, that's why"!!!! Precious I already tols mom she will NOT move anything for that stoopit rug she bought. She learned her lesson last time but I am making sure she doesn't this time. I don't nered another"here we go again!" with her! Laid down the law. She's home again and I had serious time with her till she couldnt stay awake any longer and went to bed for 10 hours. I stayed with her every second.

  11. No one I know has a bigger heart for God's creatures than you do, Lynn. You inspire me. Hugs to you and Precious.

  12. Our cats love to drink a lot too. It doesn't matter how much water in different places you leave out, they still like to drink from someplace new. Cats are cats... and that is that! : (Smiles)


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