Friday, November 4, 2022

3 Weeks later goes the story

 "Lynn, I think I finally feel better."

After 3 full weeks, Precious has finally stopped peeing
5 or 6 piddly times a day.  Always in her box but way
too many times.  She's just now back to her twice daily
large pees.  (Would like to know how she can hold it
and I'd learn too, lol.)
Last year I understood her anxiety over the invasive 
older feline exam with too many hypodermics. And
then 2 weeks later her tooth cleaning.

This year was the first in time in a few, that she was
physically examined in front of me.  I did not see
how "invasive" the hands on exams were.  I do not
know if she has still been that nervous or if all
the squeezing of her bladder and kidneys and intestines
bruised somehow and that has led to this constant
litter box use.
He really spent some time listening the her heart
and said it was too fast at 225 beats instead of resting
160. However he conceded it could have been from
stress of the visit.  Well, yes. My hear was racing by
now, too.

I do realize the doctor was trying to be as careful in 
his exam as possible since I willingly choose not to have
her be stuck all over with needles this year.  Just her
rabies.  And that I am disappointed in because she
now must have one every year as they changed something
about the med.  She used to get it only every other.

I can see I am coming off as a neurotic cat person.

"Hey Lynn be sure to tell folks they can order
the 2022 Fancy Feast ornament now.
It's a real cutie for only $3, which is a donation
to Red Rover for feeding animals in need."

"Lynn, Lynn, come quick.  She hatched
today!  I thought you said I'd have to watch
over her 'til Spring!"

Thanks for the reminder Precious.  Just look up
Fancy Feast Ornament 2022 and it'll pop right up
on your screen.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit and a comment.
It is much appreciated.


  1. Stress-induced idiopathic cystitis. Derry is prone to that too. I'm glad Precious is feeling better now. I've been giving Derry UTI-Free (homeopathic granules I get from for oh, at least 8 or 9 years now, twice a day sprinkled in his canned food. Dissolved in water and syringed in when he has a rare flare-up.

    BTW, I have not had Derry vaccinated since he was young, and I question the need (directed by public health or vets or whoever) for an annual rabies vaccine if the pet is indoor-only. I thought they used to be every 3 years? But maybe that's another vaccine. (And I'm not anti-vaccine, I certainly have all mine, plus the flu shot a couple of weeks ago, etc.)

    Anyway, your butterfly is beautiful! Have an amazing day and weekend. :-)

    1. Thank you for the UTI info. i will look into this. And I don't agree with the rabies for inside cats, but the vets will not see patients that are NOT vaccinated!

  2. Trust in Kea, she is very wise when it comes to cat care! Just a side note, even tho June is just over age 2, I give her "gabapentin" before a vet visit, it calms her anxiety/stress and makes it so much easier for me (and the vet) to handle her. Otherwise it is pure madness. You may want to ask for it; a capsule, but I break open and sprinkle on her morning food. So happy little Precious is now feeling better and back to being your precious girl!

    1. I will have to see about this Gabapentin for next year. Thanks

  3. Our Brian has idiopathic cystitis too, for a long, long time. We hope Precious is feeling all better really soon and that she stays that way.

  4. Oh Lynn, I understand how a visit to the vet is more traumatic for the pet mama than the pet! Glad Precious is feeling better.

  5. Precious, going to the Vet is never fun.
    I went there because mum noticed a lump in my belly and the Vet removed it! I am happy to be home!
    Hope you are recovering from your ordeal ttoo!
    Purrs, Julie

  6. I never had a kitty that liked a car ride or the vet. I'm glad you're doing better.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

  7. Hi Precious (Marv waves wildly). I am happy that you are back to being yourself! Its tough going to the vet. We got a ton of snow and we have been watching the Peeps! It was only supposed to be rain and Mom and Alex did not take the cover off the deck. It collapsed and the snow had to be shovelled off the cars and the driveway...and the deck cleared off - what fun! We hope that you continue to feel marvelous! Purrs Marv

  8. Vet visits are stressful for everyone. You're not neurotic at all! Interesting on the pee count - Mudpie has always gone 4-5 times a day, smaller piles, since the day I adopted her. Our neighbor kitty does ONE huge pile each day! I ordered my annual FF ornament the day they went on sale. I've gotten them since the 80s, I think!

  9. We are glad Precious is feeling better !

  10. We hate v-e-t visits. They are FURRY stressful indeed!
    We are glad you are feeling better, Precious.

  11. I was going to write that Kea knows a lot about a stressful cat, but I see she already commented. She and Anne from Zoolatry have good advice. Going to the veterinary hospital is a most anxious time for a cat, and it sounds like Precious experiences that anxiety to the full. I'm relieved that she is calming down now.

  12. Mom can't get gabapentin into me but the first time she did. It is extraordinarily bitter, and while she fooled me with salmon juice the first time, she has never been able to again.


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